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Things to do in Richmond

Richmond still retains its authentic culture with a touch of modernity sprinkled into its atmosphere. The capital city of Virginia is one of the oldest city in the United States. Richmond was once home to the seat of first “Afro-American Governer”. And the first electric streetcar system was launched in this city. Also counted among one of the best tourist attractions of America. The city has a collection of fine art, literature and natural beauty. The structures of the city display its historical significance. The old city is a delight for the history lovers. Richmond is also famous for the local tour. Here you can take your family and friends to the beautiful landscape gardens, walkways, etc. There are numerous activities in Richmond so plan a trip to Richmond. The tourist attractions of the Richmond range from a museum, sports events, art’s gallery to amazing spa center. For food lovers, the city has lots in store. You can enjoy the delicious food at best deals. Read the article further to find more about things to do in Richmond.

Things to do in Richmond

Things to do in Richmond

1.) Canal Walk

Things to do in Richmond canal walk

The riverside with wild greenery and giant rocks is impossible to navigate. The Canal Walk is the best amongst all the things to do in Richmond. The canal connects with the river James where you can simply walk on the canal or try boating. This relaxing experience will take you among the city’s history and amazing architectures. The noise of the highway will add the background music to this wonderful tour. Enjoy the beautiful scenes and historic buildings. This place looks more stunning at the night so plan it tonight to visit the city’s canal. This is the best tourist attractions of Richmond to start your trip with!

2.) Capitol Square

things to do in richmond capitol bank

The Capitol Square  symbolize the city’s uniqueness. It is situated very close to the public square. The monument is one of the best attractions of the Richmond. The amazing starting point is with the beautiful structure of the Bell Tower, it was a guard house in the year 1824. Nowadays, it also includes some historic sculpture. The most famous among all is “Thomas Crawford” which was built in Germany in 1857. But unfortunately, Crawford died before the setup of this sculpture.

3.) Hollywood Cemetery

things to do in richmond hollywood cemetery

The beautiful Hollywood Cemetery has a landscape view. The perfect picturesque makes it one of the famous places in Richmond. The setting of this place is so perfect that it could have been a golf course if this had not been used for a cemetery. There is a stunning 90-foot pyramid made up of stone to memorize the soldiers who died in the civil war. This is among the best list of things to do in Richmond.

4.) Old Town Hall

things to do in richmond Old Town hall

The Old Town hall was established in the year 1894. It was designed and build by architect Elijah Myer. After the civil war, it was the initial construction project of the Richmond city. Later in the 1890s, the town hall was refurbished. And now its houses the local studies collection, information and reference library, the museum of Richmond and riverside gallery. The site is also included in the list of the national register of historic places to visit in Richmond. Do pay your visit to this amazing place.

5.) Art Space

things to do in richmond art space

The art space was established in the year 1988. It is an association of artists who regularly use this venue for the exhibition of their work. These exhibitions help them to reach the wider audience in a perfect manner. Any art lover will find it interesting to explore the innovative styles of the visual art. The art includes work in prose, poems, drama, dance and music. Do pay your visit because many a times the history and culture of the city is displayed through the artworks. There is also a gallery which is set to show first quality show in an innovative way. This exhibition hall organizes different shows on a regular basis, so you can visit this place throughout the year. You can even visit with your boyfriend or girlfriend if they are an art lover.

6.) Adventurous ride

things to do in richmond adventerous ride

Richmond is known for its scenic beauty. Take the pleasure in nature’s delight through the adventurous activity like hiking and biking. There are some good stores that offer bikes for every kind of rides. Richmond plane rides are the major attraction for the tourist. Try to make most of it on a Sunday as some other places might not be open. You can enjoy the thrilling experience of riding some planes from the past. Biplane sightseeing flights, WWII planes, aerobatic biplane thrill rides, ultimate biplane rides are available here to excite you. In addition, to the thrilling experience, you can also grab an opportunity to be a fighter pilot for a day. These are few of the ways to gaze at the Richmond beauty.

7.) Boulevard Garden

things to do in richmond Boulevard Gardens

It is a family owned well-known garden in Richmond. It is located in South Chesterfield, Virginia. The main attraction of the garden includes nursery stock, floral arrangements, organic herbs. It also has event space where you can plan special events like wedding and birthday party. This place will not only mesmerize you with its beauty but also will educate you about the plant species. The scenic beauty retains its charm even during the summer. It is among the best things to do in Richmond. Before visiting this place you can even go through the internet to know more about this place.

8.) Maymont Park

things to do in richmond maymount park

The park is devoted to a rich couple and was established in the year 1900. The park has a beautiful garden that will catch your eye surely. Visiting the park is among the best things to do in Richmond with kids, as it includes small landscape and a zoo with some animals. There are also some amazing rides that can be enjoyed both by kids and adults. This is an ideal place to spent a lazy afternoon in Richmond.

9.) Arena Racing

things to do in richmond arena racing

Richmond has gradually earned its fame for its popular sports activity. You will definitely enjoy this place as will not be bored being here. It offers some of the excellent sports like the golf course and car racing. Richmond sports can entertain everyone, no matter what your age is. The most famous “Arena Racing” is the best tourist attraction of Richmond. Here you can enjoy car racing in the high-banked racing tracks in the Richmond Coliseum. This is a perfect place to give you the joy of sporting spirit as its one of  the best things to do in Richmond.

10.) Church

things to do in richmond st johns church

Any place is incomplete without visiting an age-old episcopal cathedral. St. Johns Church is one of the oldest structure in the city. It was established in the year 1741. Yes, you got it right it was the place where the Patrick Henry made the famous slogan “give me the liberty, or give me the death”. So plan a trip to this Richmond attraction if you are interested in the American history. This place is the best where you will get a lot of information about the ancient America.

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