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Things to do on Valentines Day

This article is about how to celebrate Valentines Day and Various things to do on Valentines Day. With Valentines Day is approaching, it’s the perfect time to show your partner how much he/she means to you. Some of you may treat Feb 14 as a day to express your love, whereas others take it like any other normal day. Valentine’s Day isn’t limited to being celebrated between couples who are dating or are in a relationship. Valentine’s Day can be celebrated with anyone you love or are close to. You can celebrate it with your family members, good friends, your teacher. You can celebrate it as a start of a new relationship. You can also confess your love for someone. Surprise her/him by asking them to go out with you. Tell them that they are always on your mind. So, plan some fun things to do on Valentines Day around your town or at home. Here are some of the fun things to do on Valentines Day.

Things to do on Valentines Day

Top Things to do on Valentines Day

1.) Plan Everything Beforehand

First and foremost important thing is to plan everything in advance. This way you will not miss anything that you were thinking to plan. So, take a day off and make a list of things to do on Valentines Day. Arrange everything accordingly. Buy gift, make a reservation if you are planning for a lunch or dinner.

2.) Ask for Suggestion

For some, it can be their first time to celebrate Valentines with their partner. They can get confused while deciding what things to do on Valentines Day. The best way is to ask your friends or family to help you out plan things. After getting all the suggestions, choose what’s best to surprise your partner with. And, always keep your partner in mind whether your partner would like the things you are planning or not. As some suggestions might seem nice, but your partner may not like it. So, plan well.

3.) Give Them a Greeting Card

One romantic thing to do on Valentines day would be to look for some nice greeting card. You can even make a card yourself as well. Write them a handwritten note. Some of you may not be so expressive verbally. So, express it with some beautiful lines. Keep it by their bed so that the first thing they see in the morning is your love inked in the card. This is a perfect way to start your love day.

4.) Prepare a Breakfast

One of the nice things to do on Valentines Day is preparing breakfast. Serve it to your partner right on the bed with a kiss. You will love the smile on his/her face. Doesn’t matter whether you are good at cooking or not, even a coffee and some ready to eat snack will also work. After all, what matter more is your love and feelings with which you have served it.

5.) All Time Favorite Flowers

Valentine’s Day is probably among the first romantic holidays that you and your girl will have together. In such case, sending a bouquet to her workplace will really make her day. When she receives them, not only the colleagues make her feel special and loved, but definitely, she’ll surprise you with something romantic in return.

6.) Plan a Picnic

Most of the people don’t remember about lunch on Valentines Day. But it can be an ideal way to have some fun. Prepare a picnic with all of your favorite foods. Look for some picturesque place to enjoy lunch. Feed each other, spend the time talking. Don’t forget to include a yummy dessert. A picnic without it is virtually incomplete. You will definitely have a memorable time.

7.) Make Some Clues and Hide

Write several love notes, with hints about your plans. Hide them in various places like in the fridge, on the bed and also in their work bag. It’s among the fun things to do on Valentines Day. It will add some excitement to the normal, ordinary Valentines Day. Especially if both of you are working.

8.) Learn Something New

Either learn to dance, sing or to make chocolates, join a class doing something totally new together. This way you can have a lot of fun, and can learn a new skill. If you are unable to afford a course, order a chocolate making set online, or a dance tutorial DVD. You can even learn just cooking a meal you haven’t attempted before. But, choose the thing which you both would prefer doing together.

9.) A Romantic Night Out

One of the best things to do on Valentines Day is to spend a romantic night together. Invite her to a dinner at a restaurant that you enjoyed where you met for the first time. After ordering your meal, take some time to write down some of your memorable memories from the past time. Then share your notes and cherish those moments. Present her a gift that you have bought for her. After that, take a walk back home instead of driving. You are sure to have a lovely night.

10.) Massage Your Partner

Massage is an excellent art, for both the receiver and the giver. It’s also free, which is great if you are running short. Just browse online on different types of massages. Choose your favorite. Arrange some towels, perfumed candles, and scented massage oil. Massage each other in turns. This is an ideal way to celebrate, romantically.

11.) Spice Up Your Sex Life

After a certain time, maybe you’re craving something different and it may feel like your girl too. It’s normal for your sex life to become less wild the longer you date. But you can add variety into it by cooking dinner at home and making the evening all about her. A hot oil massage, fuzzy bathrobe, a bubble bath for both. Watch an old classic. Take your time going down on her and make sure she is warmed up and ready to go. This way you can make the sex hotter.

12.) Surprise With Photographs

You can complete your Valentines Day by surprising your partner with some old photographs of you both or her single as well. You can also capture her photos secretively while you spend your Valentines Day with her. Print them in poster size and present her with them. You will love the words which she would say after seeing them. A perfect way to make your Valentines Day more memorable.

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