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Things to do on Maui

This article will suggest you so things to do on Maui. Maui is an island which is part of the State Hawaii. It is the second largest Island of the Hawaiian Islands in the United States. Visiting Maui Island is one of the best and beautiful Island in the world. Maui Island is famous for its dramatic scenery and wonderful climate. Maui Island is one of the most visited islands in the world. You will find so many things to do on Maui such as restaurants, beautiful beaches, waterfalls, adventure, nightlife, and events. Maui offers so many activities such as hiking, amazing water activities, mountain biking, whale watching, jet skiing, snorkeling and many more. Visit this island and create memories with your family or partner.

Top Things to do on Maui

Here are the top attractions on Maui.

1) Hana Highway

things to do in Maui

Everyone loves a long road trip. Taking a day trip driving is one of the most popular activities in Maui. Hana highway is a popular tourist place in Maui. Hana highway is famous for its road trip and natural beauty of waterfalls and landscapes. Along the way, you will see many waterfalls that look spectacular. you can live your day by swimming under a waterfall and hiking through a bamboo forest. It  is a fun adventure on Maui. Traveling over many historic bridges and follow the winding road is one of the incredible things to do on Maui.

2) Haleakala National Park

Venturing to Haleakala National Park is one of the most popular attractions in Maui. It is on a volcanic area and above the magical island of Maui. This park offers beautiful views of sunrise and glimpse of local birds. Seeing lava flow is one of the amazing things to do in Haleakala. It is a place of the geological and historical culture of Maui. It offers backcountry trails, volcanic landscapes and rain forest zones. You will find a wide range of plants and animals. The most  popular activities that can be experienced are hiking, enjoying sunrise and sunset and camping.

3)  Maui Ocean Center

Enjoying marine life is one of the amazing things to do on Maui. Enjoy the marine life with family and friends. The Maui ocean center offers sea life, Hawaiian culture and educational displays about ocean ecology. This aquarium is also well known for its sea tunnel, huge indoor shark tank with tiger sharks, hammerhead sharks, white tips and a variety of deep water fish. Explore the sea world in Maui ocean center.

4) Jaws Surf Break

things to do on Maui Jaws surf break

Jaws is a famous tourist attraction on Maui. Jaws is one of the strongest and largest surf breaks in the world with huge wave sizes. If you are a surfer then you should visit this place. This is the best place for surfing.  All the safety measures are applied while surfing. Surfing is one of the most adventurous things to do on Maui. Winter is the best time for surfing in Jaws. There are so many events held at jaws that you can enjoy in the night.

5) Makena State Park

Makena beach is one of the best beaches in Maui. Makena beach is the famous spot for body boarding and sunbathing. Makana State Park lies on the coastline of two beaches- big beach and little beach. The Makena beach offers many activities such as surfing, shore fishing, and swimming. Big beach is one of the most famous spots for skimboarding and bodyboarding. This is a fantastic beach for enjoying body surfing and sunbathing. The big beach offers three entrances which are lifeguards, parking lots, and public restrooms. The Little beach is a small beach which is located in the north of the big beach. This beach offers swimming, sunbathing, fire dancing and drum circle parties.

6) Ohe’s Gulch Pools

Ohe’s Gulch Pools is the most visited place in Maui. It is a wonderful place which is referred to as the seven sacred pools. The seven sacred pools mean that the seven swimming holes are connected by waterfalls. It is hidden in the bamboo forest of Ohe’s Gulch Pools. The area is fully natural with a string of waterfalls and pools. This place is surrounded by mountain  valleys to the pacific ocean coastline. The lower pools are easily accessed by those people who want to jump into the pools. Ohe’s Gulch Pools are part of the Haleakala national park system which hosts public restrooms, parking lots, a ranger station and camping facilities.

7) Front Street

Visiting front street is one of the best things to do in Maio. The front street is situated in Maui’s historic Lahaina Town. Hanging out with family and friends in the front street is a must do things in Maui. You will find a great variety of art, clothing boutiques, restaurants, galleries, surf shops and lots of Hawaii crafts. One of the most interesting thing about the front street is that it is one of the richest historical places on Maui. This front street is full of adventurous activities, popular little hubs and great people watching. Enjoy the amazing pacific ocean views.

8) Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum

Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum is one of the famous tourist attraction in Maio. This museum is adjacent to the largest sugar factory. This museum has a wide collection of exhibits and historical knowledge about Maui’s agricultural history, sugar production, and Maui’s colonial past. The sugar museum consists of 6 separate rooms such as the human resources room, the mill room, the geography room, the plantation room, the water room and the field room. Those who are looking for the gifts for friends and family, there is a little gift shop. You can experience everything about the museum within an hour.

9) Kula Botanical Gardens

The kula botanical garden is open to all visitors. It is a wonderful place to visit. The environment at the botanical garden is relaxing and peaceful. You will able to see an array of vibrant colored plants and flowers. This botanical garden is beautifully landscaped. There is also a bird sanctuary for the native Hawaiian birds. There are picnic tables and chairs for those who want to enjoy lunch at the botanical garden.

10) Ho’okipa Beach Park

Ho’okipa Beach Park is one of the most popular beaches in Hawaii. You can see the gorgeous reef formations and powerful shore Maui coastline. This beach offers one of the best places to snorkel and explore the sea turtles which decorates the coastline. Enjoying the view of glorious Maui sunshine is one of the amazing things to do in Maui.

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