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Things to do on Gold Coast

The article deals with the best things to do on Gold Coast. It is a coastal city in the southern east Queensland on the east cost of the smallest continent that is Australia. The coast is known for its sandy beaches, surfing, islands and waterways. The place is a shelter to the leading attractions such as dreamworld, sea world, wet n wild, valleys, rainforest and exotic birds. To know more about the things to do on Gold Coast read the article.

Things to do on Gold Coast

Top Things to do on Gold Coast

1.) Entertain Yourself at Dracula or Jupiters Casino

Though it is not a capital city but still it holds some of the amazing and renowned casinos such as Jupiter and Dracula. Entertain yourself with the mind blowing performances, magic shows, live musical artist  cabarets, dance troupes and lots more amazing activities in the theater. The casino showcases several dance themes that are tap dance, Brazilian dance troupes, Elvis-era Las Vegas tributes and lots more. The casino theater is one of the top things to do on the Gold coast. Read more, to know things to do on Gold Coast.

2.) Go for Whale Watching

The Golf Coast is the best whale watching destination in Australia. It takes you close to the whale especially the annual migratory whale watching season when you can see the whales dancing around for regular trips to the east coast of the country. Retreat your eyes with various species of the whales. Moreover, the city holds shallow and large bay that is an ideal location for the whales to rest. If you are planning for whale watching then you must visit the city in the May, since it is the main whale watching season. It is one of the best things to do on Gold Coast.

3.) Thrill Yourself with Jet Boat Rides

Take yourself a noche forward and thrill yourself with jet boat rides. It helps you to explore water, islands around, and marines. And if you are adventurous then you can also perform water-based stunts. The best part of this activity is, it provides a view of local landmarks and the scenic beauty around. Isn’t it amazing so this vacation you surely know what things to do on Gold Coast.

4.) Relax at Cruise

If you want to go away from the noise and looking for a place where you can just pamper yourself in the lapse of nature then a cruise is the best option to go with. The vibrant nightlife will boost your mood. The cruise has everything from shopping centers to the nightclubs and the bars. The surfer paradise is a hub of bars, nightclubs and leading attractions. Do not forget to add this to your list of things to do on Gold coast.

5.) Retreat yourself at Beaches

The Gold coast is mainly famous for its beaches. Go for sunbathing or relax at the beach. Since there are numerous beaches so you have to decide which beach you want to visit. It also depends on where you are staying. The list of famous beaches unfolds Currumbin, Duranbah, Kirra, Coolangatta, Nobby Beach, Palm beach and many more. The beaches are very clean, you won’t find a single dirt there. Some of the above beaches offer barbeque, cafes, restaurants and picnic areas and walking tracks that give you an opportunity to explore the coastline. Indeed, it is one of the best things to do on Gold Coast.

6.) Visit Hinterland

The greenery around the hinterland makes you feel like in the lapse of nature. Though the place is few minutes’ way from the Surfers paradise still it is not explored much. Discover the caves, cascading waterfalls and mountains. You can either roam around the Hinterland in a car can also choose the road and off-road tours or can also simply walk around.

7.) Venture Sky Point Deck Atop the Q1 Building

The building is one of the highest towers. The 77th floor of the building is  named as a sky point  observation deck since you can  view all the amazing sights such as oceans. Paradise skyline, hinterland and other attractions of the city as well. To preserve the natures beauty don’t forget to bring your camera and click, click, click!

8.) Explore Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Entry

Another  popular attraction in southeast Queensland is Currumbin Wildlife sanctuary on the Gold Coast.  Explore the native Australian wildlife. Exotic species of wild animals such as Koalas, Kangaroos, snakes, crocodiles, wombats, Tasmania Devils, Dingoes and many more animals around you. Not only this they also organize special presentations and aboriginal performances. And the Segway safari tour is the icing on the cake.

9.) Shop at Robina town Centre

For all the shopaholics, this one is a must to visit. There are more than 350 restaurants and shops. You can enjoy many activities under a single roof.Have fun with your family and friends at AMF Bowling and M9 Laser Skirmish or entertain yourself by watching latest blockbusters at Event cinemas. And the best thing is that you can conveniently roam around in the shuttle bus.

10.) Trip to Villages of the Gold Coast

If you are planning this vacation Australia then you should make a trip to the village. Each village has a distinct infrastructure, vibes and things to offer. All you have to do is hire a bike and roam around the places. It gives you a chance to experience the main tourist  attractions on the Gold Coast as well, which includes Old Burleigh Road, Surfers Paradise, Chic Broadbeach, cafes, beaches.

11.) Visit Gold Coast Top Resturants and Cafes

Gold coast is a hub of restaurants and café that offers you the array of food items with different flavours giving your taste bud a roller coaster ride. Not only this, the restaurants surrounding by the beaches are the best places to be in Gold Coast. Imagine yourself in the restaurant, enjoying your meal and the beach view. Doesn’t it gives you an amazing feeling!!

12.) Try your Hand at Golf

The beautiful golf courses around the Gold Coast gives you a chance to try your hand at golf. The resort course like Palmer Gold Coast and Royal Opines Resort are so huge. Moreover, they offer access to Sanctuary’s clove. You can also give a shot to public courses such as Parkwood International or something which excites you more.

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