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Things to do in Zurich

This article is about best things to do in Zurich. Zurich is situated in north-central Switzerland. The country’s exceptional rail network makes it a good foundation for a trip to Zurich. It holds an important place in the country’s economic and educational center. It is one of Europe’s main economic and trade capitals. Zurich is full of tourist attractions that include dozens of museums, a well conserved old town packed with medieval and resurgence buildings. Zurich is quite popular among couples for their honeymoon and valentines day celebration. The other tourist attraction includes Switzerland’s wonderful Alpine scenery, ride trains to mountain tops, visit postcard villages, explore into history, take lake cruises, and respect extraordinary waterfalls. You can travel around lovely Lucerne and cruise its lake in a genuine paddle-wheel steamboat. The other famous city of Switzerland is Geneva. There are various best things to do in Zurich.

Things to do in Zurich

Best Things to do in Zurich:

1.) Lucerne

Things to do in Zurich Lucerne

Lucerne was a significant medieval trading town and retains many of its old features in its dense centre. It stretches along the shores of the river ‘Reuss’ as it runs out of Lake Lucerne. Most tourists head straight to Lucerne’s most admired landmark the Kapellbrucke. It is an enclosed wooden bridge built in 1333. Inside there are more than 150 pictures of saints and town’s olden times. The octagonal Wasserturm next to it is a 13th-century water tower from the town’s ramparts. The place is full of crowd on Sundays. Visiting Lucerne is one of the fun things to do in Zurich.

2.) Mount Titlis

Things to do in Zurich Mount Titlis

It’s not just a stunning 360 degrees Alpine view that waits for you at the 3,238-meter peak of Mount Titlis. At the top are the charming ice covering and deep crevasses. You can observe up close from the Ice Flyer chairlift. A trip downward the Glacier Park snow slide turns this frozen mountain into a massive natural playground. For more excitement and views, walk over Europe’s highest suspension bridge. You can also just look up the scenery from a cafe on the mountaintop sunny terrace. Exploring this mountain is one of the coolest things to do in Zurich.

3.) Rhine Falls

Things to do in Zurich Rhine Falls

The Rhine River flows through a gorgeous green valley before dropping over the Rhine Falls and flowing in the direction of Basel. The best falls in the Central Europe flow over a limestone of 150 meters across and up to 21 meters high. There are two high rocks positioned in the centre of the river. The flow of water is at its maximum in summers, after the mountain snows melt. The falls are easily observed from both sides. You can see them from underneath on a 30-minute boat tour. Experiencing it is one of the joyful things to do in Zurich with your family.

4.) Swiss National Museum

Things to do in Zurich Swiss National Museum

There are various things to do in Zurich but visiting the Swiss national museum is one of the best. A fort like structure houses an outstanding museum showcasing the traditional history of all Switzerland. It is by far the most significant collection of Swiss famous and cultural artifacts. It has more than 8,20,000 artifacts covering a wide variety of subjects from ancient history. The archaeological gatherings with artifacts revealed in Switzerland that date from about 100,000 BC to about 800 AD are among the best in Europe. Entire exhibits show works of gold and silversmiths. The textiles, costumes, metalwork, jewelry, watches and clocks are also one of the major attraction.

5.) Zurich Town Hall

Things to do in Zurich Zurich Town Hall

It is a popular waterside shopping lane. There are numbers of stylish old clubhouses with luxurious interiors reflecting the wealth of the clubs which governed the town until 1789. Constructed between 1694 and 1698, the gigantic Late Renaissance building has prosperous sculptured adornment and a Baroque ceremonial hall that is well worth seeing in Zurich. Visiting this hall is one of the top things to do in Zurich.

6.) Zurich Zoo

Things to do in Zurich Zurich Zoo

If you are on Zurich tour with your kids then exploring the Zurich zoo is one of the nicest things to do in Zurich. More than 360 diverse animal species live in the striking world of the Zurich Zoo. It is one of the best in whole Europe. Animals live close to their own atmospheres as possible: snow leopards in the middle of the rocky Himalayan landscape, penguins swimming in the chilly water, and you can spot foxes from a sheltered walk in the middle of 13,000 square meters of tropical rainforest. The place offers facilities for birthday celebrations. Visiting this zoo with your kids is one of the perfect things to do in Zurich.

7.) Mount Pilatus

Things to do in Zurich Mount Pilatus

The trip to Mt. Pilatus gives you an experience of the various achievements of Swiss engineering as well as an opportunity to test both the cable cars and the mountain cog railways. The journey from Zurich went through Lucerne before reaching Kriens, where you get on a panoramic glass box, then an aerial cable car to just below the 2,132-meter peak of Mount Pilatus. From the terrace are panoramic scenes of central Switzerland and the Alps. Short tracks lead to the various peaks of this rocky limestone, for even broader views. Experiencing this lovely trip is one of the joyful things to do in Zurich.

8.) Uetliberg

Things to do in Zurich Uetliberg

The Uetliberg is the most northerly peak in the Albis ridge, rises to a height of 871 meters. The Uetlibergbahn, a mountain railroad, sprints year round from Selnau station to the upper station from where it is a 15-minute walk to the top. The wide walkway is well lit at night and leads to the peak restaurant, a glass-enclosed space with stunning views of the city lights below. Daylight views from the sentry tower extend across the Valais, Bernese, and the Glarus Alps, with the Black Forest to the north and the Santis to the east.

9.) Museum Bellerive 

Things to do in Zurich Museum Bellerive

The amazingly broad anthology of Switzerland’s most significant museum of applied arts is shown in exhibitions that discover a variety of topics and themes. It is mainly strong in works across all mediums from the Art Nouveau era, with particularly precious examples of earthenware. Another area of expertise includes textiles, modern earthenware, and ornaments by 20th-century artists. There are 200 historic musical types of equipment.

10.) Confiserie Sprungli

Things to do in Zurich Confiserie Sprungli

The Sprungli house was opened in 1856 for people, and today, the confectioner’s cafe on Paradeplatz is a much-loved stop for locals and tourists. One look at the tons of chocolates in the window, and you’ll be attracted inside to at least feast your eyes on the wonderfully displayed truffles made fresh each day, bonbons, cakes, and their signature macaroons, called Luxemburgerli. The shop is on the ground floor while the upstairs cafe shop offers breakfast, lunch, and afternoon desserts in beautiful background. Eating bonbons, truffles, and other snacks is one of the best things to do in Zurich.

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