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Things to do in Wyoming

This article is about things to do in Wyoming. Wyoming is a state in the mountain region of the U.S. Wyoming is rich in Old West history and natural wonders. Wyoming allows its visitors to experience the mesmerising scenic beauty and outdoor recreation. As it offers mountain peaks, wide open plains, wild rivers, pleasant and wild climate. It is known for its sprawling ranches, charming towns and two world famous national parks such as Yellowstone and Grand Teton. These two parks are favourite places for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Wyoming boasts adventurous activities such as camping, hiking, biking, rafting, kayaking, fishing and skiing. Visitors can also explore historic prairie towns, pioneer museums and the historical attractions.

Best Things to do in Wyoming:

1) Yellowstone National Park

Things to do in Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park is one of the best places to visit. It is world’s first and oldest national park. This National Park is home to world’s largest collection of geysers, mountains and animals. One of the most popular features of this park is Old Faithful Geyser. This park comprises canyons, lakes, mountain ranges and rivers. The park is a geothermal wonderland which attracts millions of visitors. The attractions showcase the amazing waterfalls, bubbling mud pots, steaming hot springs, glittering rivers and lakes. Visitors can experience the drive through the park and hiking trails is also the best things to do in Yellow National Park.

2) Grand Teton National Park

Things to do in Wyoming2

Visiting Grand National Park is one of the marvellous things to do in Wyoming. The Grand National Park is one of the jewels of Wyoming due to its Teton Mountain Range. This mountain range is famous for climbing, hiking and photography. It is a wonderful spot with plenty of wildlife, rafting, hiking, mountains and swimming among valleys. Grand National Park offers some other activities also such as camping, boating and kayaking. It’s stunning mountain scenery and diverse wildlife attract visitors.

3) Buffalo Bill Center

Exploring Buffalo Bill Center is one of the most amazing things to do in Wyoming. The Buffalo Bill Center is a combination of five museums, featuring amazing art and artifacts. In the Buffalo Bill Museum visitors can explore artifacts which are based on the life of Buffalo Bill Cody, the legendary American Soldier. The Draper Museum of Natural History is based on the Wyoming wildlife and geology. The Plains in Indian Museum tells about the culture of the prairies first inhabitants through the multimedia show and exhibits. The Cody Firearms Museum features a large collection of firearms. This museum is one of the favourite destinations in Wyoming.

4) Bridger-Teton National Park

Visiting Bridger-Teton National Park is one of the best places to visit. The Bridger- Teton National Park has three wilderness areas. The Bridger Wilderness lies in the wind river mountains which is home to the green river, world’s largest glaciers and Wyoming’s highest point. The Gros Ventre Wilderness comprises fascinating geological features. The Teton Wilderness includes critical habitat for wildlife such as bison, grizzlies and wolves. The Bridger-Teton offers excellent trails and an entire region for hunting, hiking, ski touring, fishing, and mountaineering. It allows the visitors to spot an amazing wildlife.

5) Hot Springs State Park

Hot Springs State Park is one of the largest single mineral hot spring. It is a great place to heal and relax. This State Park is well known for its hot springs which flow at the temperature of 135 degrees F. There are two swimming plunges and the state bathhouse which provides indoor and outdoor pools. You will see a herd of buffalo that roams through the red hills of the Hot Springs State Park. This hot springs park offers hiking trails, flower gardens, petroglyphs and the rainbow terrace where water flows from another stream and falls into the Big Horn River.

6) The Star Plunge

Wyoming offers something for kids. The star plunge is the best place for fun things to do in Wyoming. It is an amusement park that includes indoor and outdoor swimming pools. This water park comprises vapour cave, giant slides, mineral pools, a fountain waterfall, three Jacuzzis and hot tubes. It is a fun spot for the family, especially for children. The indoor and outdoor pools contain warm water from the Big Spring. The vapour cave is cut into a mineral water and mountain. You can also play basketball at the basketball court. Enjoy snacks at the snack bar and take away some gifts from the gift shop.

7) Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole lies between the Teton Mountain and the Snake river. Jackson Hole offers a wide range of activities for the entire family. These activities include skiing, hiking, biking and rafting. There is also a luxury resort where you can stay and have the best food. Enjoying best skiing and snowboarding is a unique and memorable experience for visitors. A snowmobile trip will be a great experience for you and your family.

8) Phelps Lake

Visiting Phelps Lake is one of the most amazing things to do in Wyoming. It is located on the end of the Grand Teton National Park. Phelps Lake offers so many activities such as hiking, picnic spots, swimming, spectacular scenery and opportunity for viewing wildlife. There are numerous hiking trails and a Jumping Rock near the lake. The jumping rock is a popular rock as it act as a natural diving board. Enjoy all the adventurous activities with your friends.

9) Jenny Lake

Visiting Jenny Lake is one of the spectacular things to do in Wyoming. It sits in the heart of Grand Teton National Park. It is famous for fishing and boating. Jenny lake offers incredible scenery and a camp at jenny lake campground. Jenny lake trailheads make this lake popular. There are so many things to do that includes fishing, camping, scenic drives, watching wildlife, climbing and mountain biking. Enjoy your vacations to the fullest at this place.

10) Mystic Falls

Mystic falls is a pleasant waterfall on the Little Firehole River. It is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Wyoming. Mystic falls is the best short waterfall hikes for waterfalls lovers. The hike to Mystic Falls starts at the Biscuit Basin. Then cross the river and continue the boardwalk to the end of the basin. After enjoying the mystic falls, climb up the trail to an amazing overlook of the falls. A spectacular view awaits at the top of the ridge.

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