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Things to do in Williamsburg

Williamsburg is a city of Virginia, United States. The best part of Williamsburg is its way of portraying the history of the city. The city is the perfect place to escape the summer heat with a nice cruise on the James River (extend to the west of Richmond and form a harbour along Hampton Roads). The adjacent Busch Gardens has got many wonderful activities for all age groups. For those who love the decorative arts, there are also plenty things to do in Williamsburg. It was the capital of Virginia  from 1699 to 1780 and now it is well known for its significant role played in the American Revolution. The heart of the capital is Colonial Williamsburg. It is a living-history museum where actors in that period costume depict day-to-day Colonial life in the streets and workshops.

Top Things to do in Williamsburg:

1.) Busch Gardens

Things to do in Williamsburg

It is among the most interesting and lovely park you have ever been to. Busch garden is composed of dozens of thrilling rides and attractions. The park is split up into sections and each section has architecture, food, rides, entertainment, and music that correspond well with it. The major attraction here is the nine main stage shows. To visit this place is one of the most amazing things to do in Williamsburg. The garden is an ideal hangout spot as it contains a wide variety of authentic shops and food. It also contains several magical children’s area so that kids won’t get bored. Busch Gardens is the best place to kick off your tour of Williamsburg. This is a marvelous place for anyone who is visiting Williamsburg, VA.

2.) The Yorktown Waterfront

Things to do in Williamsburg yorktwon waterfront

The Riverwalk marina in Yorktown is a wonderful spot to walk and enjoy views of the York River (includes regions in the coastal plain of Northern Virginia and east of Richmond). Yorktown got its named from the ancient city of York in Yorkshire of England after English settlement. One mile long stroller river walk links Yorktown’s main attractions and stalls lining the walk give tourist the chance to sit and praise the natural attraction of the York River. To stroll around Yorktown is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Williamsburg.

3.) Scenic Drive

Things to do in Williamsburg scenic drive

The 23-mile pioneer Parkway connects the historic cities of Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown. Travel the route to view spectacular views of both the James and York River. James River got its name from “King James I of England”. Virginia Company of London successfully extended the river after getting financial support for English settlement. It had used as ports and early trail heads located at Warwick, Claremont, Scotland, and Smithfield in the17th century.

4.) Governor’s Palace

Things to do in Williamsburg governors palace

It was the original home of the Royal Governor. But, being burned to its foundations it was replaced with its replica around 1934. The palace was the social center of Williamsburg built to impress the locals with Royal authority. Inside the palace, you will see it’s elegantly appointed rooms and a display of old period firearms and swords. On the outer side of the palace, you will be exploring the terraced formal gardens. These gardens include a hedge maze. Look into the kitchen and scullery which allows you to watch how in that period foods were being prepared. It is one of the most incredible things to do in Williamsburg.

5.) Colonial Williamsburg

Things to do in Williamsburg colonial williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg is not small as it looks, it is spread in 301-acre of land. It has few exhibition halls and large numbers of bars and cafes. You should choose a guided tours to soak up all the attractions. Wonderfully restored Colonial Williamsburg will take you back in time to better understand the heritage of America. It is a great family vacations spot in Virginia. You need some more time and energy to take a  full tour of this place. The kids will really enjoy exploring the lovely buildings. Edge of Williamsburg still has a metal forger, silversmith, and brick maker. To visit this place is one of the most delightful things to do in Williamsburg.

6.) Bruton Parish Church

Things to do in Williamsburg bruton parish

It is an apostolic church that has continuously served the meeting for few centuries. Inside the church is a succession of galleries, built for particular groups beneath the soaring ceiling. The real deal about this church is that it is one of the original structures which had remained and not restored.

7.) Williamsburg Parks

The excellence of Virginia is on full display at area parks. One of the great parks to take a tour is “Freedom Park”. The park is spread in 689-acre areas with the open mountain bike, meadows, and hiking trails. This is an 18th-century Botanical Garden and one of the nation’s pioneer free black towns. Another famous park is Waller Mill Park. A 286-acre surface area lake is open for boating, pedal boating, fishing, and kayaking while biking and hiking trails are also available. For spectacular views of Historic Jamestown and wildlife watching, head to Powhatan Creek Park.

8.) George Wythe House

Things to do in Williamsburg wythe house

This is one of the finest private homes in Williamsburg. The house is furnished and decorated in a way that it will give the exact 17th feel of living in the Williamsburg. The house was built by the George Wythe, the most influential man in the revolutionary era. The building is quite elegant not only from inside but also from outside. The house includes a lovely kitchen, stable, and dovecote along with lovely formal gardens. To explore this house is one of the most joyful things to do in Williamsburg.

9.) Go on a Haunted Tour

Things to do in Williamsburg haunted tour

This is quite interesting candlelight tour of the “Ghost of Williamsburg”. The tour begins at the 8 pm from March to December. Guides are full of information regarding local traditions and trivia you cannot find on any other tour through the historic district. The actual tour is family friendly based on the book “The Ghosts of Williamsburg”. There is also extreme tour for adults only, who wants ghostly encounter. The place is quite interesting and unusual from any other place you have ever visited. It is one of the scariest things to do in Williamsburg.

10.) The Trellis

Things to do in Williamsburg The Trellis

The Trellis has now become one of the well-known restaurants not only in Williamsburg but also in the entire Virginia. For over two decades people have been enjoying regional cuisines such as soft shell crabs, pigeon and baby halibut. The varieties of desserts of this restaurant are awesome and you should not leave without trying it. The backyard and the dining room are perfect for dining in a good weather.

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