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Things to do in Whitby (England)

Whitby is situated at the seaside and is considered as the most charming town in Yorkshire. It is a major attraction as it offers a range of things to do and enjoy. The ancient maritime town of Whitby, with its lovely houses, old cobbled streets, and sandy Blue Flag beach is proof that sometimes the best things in life are free. Here in this article are some of the top things to do in Whitby. Located in Yorkshire, Whitby is one of the most beautiful seaside resorts. Enjoy some of the top things to do in Whitby around town’s gorgeous harbor and charming history. You can enjoy lovely mix of old and new traditional fishing boats.

Things to do in Whitby (England)

Top Things to do in Whitby

1.) Whitby Beach

Whitby Beach provides something for every taste. Those love paddling can go to Blue Flag waters and local marine life lover head to rock pools. The story does not end here as for explorer’s cliffs steeped in geological history is waiting for them. Those who want to relax and soak up the atmosphere can rest on clean sandy beaches. You can also try 21 miles trail along the old rail track which takes you to the North Yorkshire Moors National Park and including glimpses of the North Sea along the way. It is one of the most fun things to do in Whitby.

2.) Live the Past on a Steam Engine

Things to do in Whitby

The North Yorkshire Moors Railway steam engine train ride is the best way to kick off your trip in Whitby. It will give you a completely unique feel of the former railway system. The ride is not only amazing, but the scenes through the window are just magnificent. Once get in you are going to wish, the journey never ends. Don’t miss this lifetime opportunity of getting an ancient feel. It is one of the most valuable things to do in Whitby.

3.) Whitby Abbey

The sumptuous ruins of Whitby Abbey dominate the town of Whitby. The remarkable ruins of Whitby Abbey have breathtaking scenic views of the surrounding coastline and the town of Whitby. From Whitby Harbour, the abbey can be reached via the 199 Abbey Steps by foot. You can also reach here through the churchyard of St Mary’s Church. The parking here is paid close to the abbey ground. Close to the abbey are the ruins of the Cholmley family estate. The awesome classic facade now houses an award winning visitor’s centre. The centre exhibits interesting finds from medieval, Anglo-Saxon, and the Cholmley periods. It is one of the most interesting things to do in Whitby. It offers many interactive activities and audio tour for more interesting information. You can all the information regarding Abbey like opening timings, access, and prices.

4.) St Mary’s Church

This is the most beloved church in Whitby which is settled high on the east cliff. It is a small squat church gives great views over the town and out to the North Sea. The views are truly remarkable from the churchyard. On a clear weather, most of Whitby’s west side is visible with the scenes over the harbor and along the shore to Sandsend. If you are getting tired then sit on the benches along the cliff top to view and enjoy the scenery. It is one of the most exciting things to do in Whitby.

5.) Whitby Harbour

This port has been a safe harbor for passing ships since the 1600s offering shelter on a rather rugged shoreline. The estuary of the River Esk was the ideal location for shipbuilding and shipping. The bridge always opens, to allow fishing yachts and boats to sail from the upper harbour, and is a beautiful feat of engineering providing an extraordinary sight for visitors. The only shipbuilding still existing today is a family run business located on the east side of the river called Parkol Marine. The stories relating this harbour is just never ending like its beauty. To visit this place is one of the most incredible things to do in Whitby.

6.) 199 Steps

The name “199 steps” seems little peculiar, but it is not like that as from here there are exactly 199 steps to reach St Mary’s Church. It is one of the major tourist destinations that draw numerous national and international visitors. The views from the top of 199 steps are just remarkable. It is one of the unique things to do in Whitby. The cliff is little steep to climb, but the views will worth it. Don’t forget to count the steps along with observing the panoramic views.

7.) Pannett Park

Pannett Park is pretty calm and quiet place in the Whitby. It has a beautifully kept gardens, lawns, and new play park for children, and wooded areas to enjoy for all age group. A chess board made from a jet offered by the park attracts both children and adults alike. The pathway in the garden is quite innovative made up of distinct colors to represent the depth and age of the rocks. The park would take you millions of year back in Jurassic time. It is a must visit site and one of the most fun things to do in Whitby.

8.) Fishing and Boat Trips

Some people say Whitby is a synonym for fishing and this indeed true. Whitby offers various types of fishing which incorporate a 3-5 day fishing trip, to a 2 to 3 hours fishing trip. This place is also perfect for children who love fishing and you will find children fishing near the Old Swing Bridge. It is one of the most delightful things to do in Whitby.

9.) Festivals and Events

You will always find a feast on ‘The Festival Coast’ that suits all interests. Remember it does require anything special to celebrate here.  Over 600 events annually includes dances, concerts, singing and dancing take place in most of the local bars, with street entertainers and more. It is one of the most fun things to do in Whitby.

10.) Green’s

The classiest restaurant in town is situated to take its best pick of the seafood freshly landed at the harbour. The lunch is just awesome in the ground floor bistro which includes sausage and mash, mussels and chips, fish and chip. For lovely sophisticated dinner, head to upstairs restaurants. It is one of the tastiest things to do in Whitby.

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