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Things to do in West Virginia

It is an eastern United States city surrounded with the Appalachian Mountains. This is one of the best things to do in West Virginia. It is well known for its place called Harpers Ferry, where the Potomac River meets Shenandoah. If you are not aware of  the fun and good things to do in West Virginia we are here to help you as a guide to tell you all the amazing places to visit in West Virginia. There are many attractions that include right from the fun activity like rafting, kayaking to some amazing nightlife bars. Read below the list of fun things to do in West Virginia with kids and family.

things to do in West Virginia

Things to do in West Virginia

1.) Frontier Cultural Museum

TheFrontier Culture Museum is an outdoor living-history museum re-creates agricultural life in America. The four well-known illustrative farms American, Scotch-Irish, German, and English, were moved from their original sites and brought on the museum grounds. An American Indian village and a West African village are also among the exhibits. The livestock and plants here showcase the historic breeds and varieties. Special events and activities are regularly held throughout the year.  This is one of the perfect things to do in West Virginia.

2.) New River Gorge

It is considered to be one of the oldest United States’ rivers. It was protected by the government of United State and also the surrounding was renovated. This place offers lots of adventurous things to do in West Virginia. That includes hiking, camping, kayaking and biking. It offers spectacular views of coal mines, natural beauty of the city and some beautiful historic sites. There is also a Bridge, which is the longest in the world made up of steel in an arch shape.

3.) The Mothman Statue

The Mothman statue is one of the best amongst all the tourist attraction of West Virginia. It is a 12-foot tall steel sculpture with red eyes. The red eye was added during the second Annual Mothman Festival in 2003. The eyes were meant to be ignited at night, but that effect did not come true due to a lack of funds. The statue was built by artist and sculptor Bob Roach. It has now become a one of the famous landmarks of West Virginia. It is the best amongst the things to do in West Virginia.

4.) Adventure

The beautiful rivers, streams and serene lakes are the charms of southern West Virginia. This  waterway offers plenty of adventurous things to do in West Virginia. That includes Whitewater rafting, fishing adventures and family floats. For adventure lovers, this is one of the best tourist attractions of West Virginia. The amazing “aerial forest park” is located in between the Marsh Pavilion and the Bay & Ocean Pavilion.

5.) Valley Falls State Park

This place covers an area of 1,145 acres. The valley falls state park is waterfalls that create a spectacular view of white foaming water. This is one of the best natural scenes of West Virginia.  You will enjoy a lot gazing this beauty and is the best-known tourist attraction of West Virgina. The Valley State Park is a perfect place for outdoor activities like hiking. It is considered as the most popular place for hiking.This attraction has a clear deep pool where you can have lots of fun with kids and family. It is also one of the most romantic destinations of this place. So plan a trip, West Virginia.

6.) Beach

It attracts everyone very easily, it is one of the best things to do in West Virginia. You will enjoy the fresh air on the beach and fun things. There is just something magical in this air, which bring people back again and again. The whole beach is full with the friendly-faced locals. You can taste some amazing meals in the world-class restaurants that serve good food items.

7.) Aquarium

The Virginia Aquarium is situated at Virginia Beach. It doesn’t matter if you are not a marine lover, there’s lots of fun and things for all at the West Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center. Come by and experience a spectacular view of the best aquariums in the country. The aquarium offers 300 hands-on exhibitions. It is a great spot to learn, discover and entertain at the Virginia beachfront. The adventures also include Games and contests right on the beach. It is the best amongst all the things to do in West Virginia with kids.

8.) West Virginia Shopping Center

Sophisticated to classic, Virginia Beach is the coastal shopping paradise. It is full of amazing and wonderful things at reasonable prices. It includes everything right from the urban appeal of Town Center to the wonderful attraction of local boutiques and shopping centers. This is the best of all things to do in West Virginia. You will find many affordable deals at this place. So go and get your shopping bags and fill them up with a lot of amazing coastal things.

9.) West Virginia Fest

Virginia Beach celebrates many festivals. This allows you to enjoy the celebrations, festivals, and cultural events throughout the year. Dance to the rhythm of, salsa, mambo and bachata tunes that is performed by the amazing regional and national artists at the annual fest. Experience the different African music during Blues and the FunkFest at the Beach festival. This can be the best amongst all the things to do in West Virginia for Music Lovers.

10.) Amusement Park

This amazing place gives an unforgettable thrilling rides and games, perfect for the whole family and especially for kids. This place is the best things to do in West Virginia with kids. It is located near the resort area on Atlantic Avenue, the West Virginia Beach. Amusement Park is very known for the Skyscraper extreme thrill ride. If you are looking for adventure there is nothing like a day at The Adventure Park. You can experience adventure on trees both with family and friends. The park offers the perfect outdoor activities to enjoy and thrill you. Entry to the park is free, but ride ticket costs from 70 cents to $1. Do pay your visit, it is one of the most entertaining places in West Virginia.

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