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Things to do in Warwick

If you are looking for things to do in Warwick, you are in the right place. Warwick is a county town of the Warwickshire, England. It is situated on the River Avon. The county town is known for its wonderful castle and historic appeal. The spectacular Warwick Castle has been dominating the principal town of Warwickshire for many centuries. The origins of the town date back to 915 AD, when the daughter of Alfred the Great built a fortress. Later, the powerful Warwick earls controlled the land surrounding their impassable fortress.

During the late Middle Ages this trading settlement, defended by the fort, became prosperous. But the fire destroyed most of its medieval structures in 1694. The town thoroughly restored the old structures. At present, visitors can walk around the market stalls in Jury Street and Old Square or browse through one of the town’s various antiques shops.

Warwick enjoys an almanac of varied and exciting events all round the year. It includes the famous Thai, Folk, and Literary Festivals, along with Retro Warwick and the well-known Victorian Evening.

Here are some of the top things to do in Warwick.

Things to do in Warwick

Top Things to do in Warwick

1.) Warwick Castle

One of the top things to do in Warwick is visiting Warwick Castle. This amazingly preserved Warwick Castle is the biggest attraction in town. The castle is well preserved with splendid towers and ramparts. The various attractions vary from dungeons to the Great Hall, the Royal Weekend Party, and State Rooms. Visitors can visit some of the towers and watch the well-presented exhibitions. Most of them consist of wax figures. Warwick is known to have the best-maintained castle in Britain. It has been inhabited always since the Middle Ages. The castle is now under the Tussauds Group, the company which owns Madame Tussaud’s in London.  Tussauds Group has carried out an extensive restoration of the castle. Visiting Warwick Castle, is one of the best things to do in Warwick.

2.) Charlecote Park

Home of the Lucy family since the 13th century, Charlecote Park is a magnificent Tudor mansion built by Sir Thomas Lucy. It is located beside the River Avon, on the foundations of an earlier medieval house.

Charlecote Park is approached through a long trail which leads under a striking Tudor brick gatehouse. Behind the house, you can see a small formal garden terrace. Beyond this garden terrace is a huge deer park, designed by Capability Brown. Here a group of deer still roams.

One of the most interesting features of Charlecote is the Tudor chimneys. These chimneys are best seen from the back of the house. The house interior is mostly Victorian. Visitors can walk downstairs to imagine the life of servants who kept Charlecote running. There are several outbuildings on view, including cider press and a kitchen.

3.) Avon Bridge

Picturesque Avon Bridge is most wanted with photographers. The bridge across the River Avon presents the most stunning views of Warwick Castle. On the south of it lies the Bridge End, a fascinating row of houses with stone and half-timbered buildings dating from the Middle Ages.

4.) Royal Leamington Spa

Royal Leamington Spa is located around two miles east of Warwick. It is popular for its magnificent medicinal springs and gardens. While here, visitors can take a walk through the gorgeous Jephson Garden, the Pump Room Gardens and the idyllic tree-lined avenues with their Georgian and Victorian architecture. The town is also known for its several specialty shops and restaurants.

5.) Market Hall

The head office of Warwickshire Museum Service is located at the Market Hall. Market Hall is a 17th Century building in the heart of Warwick. Here you can find displays related to natural history, geology and early history of the county. Highlights comprise the second biggest early Roman coin hoard in the country, the Sheldon Tapestry Map of Warwickshire, live observation bee hive, and the famous Irish deer. The museum also hosts exhibitions and exciting events all round the year.

6.) Chesterton

Chesterton includes an attractive windmill established in 1632 by Sir Edward Peyto, Nicholas Stone, and Inigo Jones. It was supposedly built to be used as an observatory. But, later it was used to grind corn. Another attraction here is the 17th-century monument to Sir Edward and his wife. It is located in the village’s St. Giles church.

7.) Warwick Drive-In Movie Theater

If this is your first time to a drive-in, you should not miss it. Watching a movie in Warwick Drive-in Theater is one of the fun things to do in Warwick. This is an excellent and unique experience, a beautiful place for summer movie watching. The staff is very welcoming and friendly. This theater shows first run movies so the prices are on par like other theater. But, the advantage is that if you come for the first show you can even see the second movie with no extra cost. Visitors can watch the movie on the grass as well but, bring a blanket, sheet or chair and a jacket as it gets windy sometimes.

8.) Hill Close Gardens

Hill Close Gardens is a charming network of reconstructed Victorian gardens with tall hedge between the picturesque summer houses, fruit trees, and flowerbeds. Plants and different varieties of fruit and vegetables are offered for sale. The visitor center provides refreshments at the cafe and exhibits about sustainable gardening practices.

9.) The Mill Garden

At the end of Mill Street, you will see the Mill Garden. Mill Garden is famous for the quality of its planting in an incredible setting. It was formed over a period of around 60 years by the late Arthur Measures. He made it a personal expression of his affection for plants.

On one side you can find the river and the remains of the medieval bridge. The roads of this bridge once led across can be seen where there are now several lawns and flowers. Sometimes swans nest in its shelter. On the other side, you can visit Caesar’s Tower. The stone walls of the castle present one of the most spectacular backdrops for any garden.

10.) Old Town

Most of the Warwick’s old town streets still contain charming 17th and 18th-century buildings that will attract tourists. Such buildings include the Landor House, the Court House with its Georgian ballroom, and the gorgeous Shire Hall with its octagonal tower lantern.

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