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Things to do in Waikiki

Waikiki is known for its world’s amazing beach resort and enchanted with South Sea. This place is a small area of Honolulu and the best tourist attraction of Hawaii. Waikiki is beachfront near Honolulu, situated on the south shore of O’ahu island in Hawaii, United States. And Oahu city forms the part of the Honolulu island. Plan a trip to Waikiki that has an amazing beachfront view and the best beach nightlife. Also, there is a small island Kauai opposite to the island of Honolulu. Thereby Hawaiin island comprises the best of island tourists spots. And such spot is Maui. The place has its coastal charm like any other islands. It has much in its pocket to serve its tourist. So, read the article below that includes all the best things to do in Waikiki.

things to do in Waikiki

Things to do in Waikiki

1.) Waikiki Beaches

things to do in waikiki beach

Being the main tourist attraction of Waikiki city, it comprises of numerous famous beaches. All are good for amazing activities like swimming and other water activity. The Kahanamoku Beach is named after the popular swimming champion. This beach is located in the Hilton Hawaiian Village and covers up to San Souci Beach at Diamond Head in the east. The beaches at Waikiki is overlapping one another smoothly that is very confusing to distinguish it from one another. Plan your vacation during February to spend your Valentines Day on the beach. This will delight your partner.

2.) Queen Kapiolani Garden

things to do in waikiki queen kaliolani gardeen

Queen Kapiolani Garden is a beautiful park worth visiting. It falls in top things to do in Waikiki. It was established by the King Kalakaua and named after his wife “Queen Kapiolani Garden”. It is the oldest park in Honolulu. The serves the pride of Waikiki which is much praised by the locals. Is has a number of good attractions that make this area special. The attraction includes Waikiki zoo and the Aquarium. It also has an amazing garden that is full of beautiful flowers and plants. Those dazzling flowers make it the best spot for photography. It is among the best things to do in Waikiki.

3.) Waikiki Aquarium

things to do in waikiki aquarium

The aquarium is home to rich beautiful colorful Hawaii’s aquatic life. It introduces and educate the tourist and visitors. Their courses include about the coral reefs, shorelines and a variety of ocean creatures. It was established in the year 1904 and is one of the oldest aquaria in the United States. This aquarium particularly exhibits the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. This is the best among all things to do in Waikiki with kids.

4.) Diamond Head Crater

things to do in waikiki diamond head

Diamond Head Crater is a well-known place in Hawaiian. Also, popularly called as Le’ahi. It is the vanished volcano located on the east of Waikiki. The site is counted among the famous landmarks of the city. The view from the beach is only an attraction but visiting this place is the best experience of Waikiki. The best venue to gaze the crater is at Diamond Head State Monument. Here you can visit the crater yourself. An ancient hiking trail starts up from the crater to the summit. That follows a path which eventually changes into stairs. This allows you to admire at the beauty of Waikiki. This is the most wonderful among all the things to do in Waikiki.

5.) Honolulu Zoo

things to do in waikiki honolulu zoo

The Honolulu Zoo is spread over an area of 42 acres. The zoo is home to more than 4000 animals. It has a number of animals including Tiger, Elephants, Lion and Komodo Dragons. It also includes other species like beautiful birds, reptiles and amphibians. This zoo has a wide variety of tropical plants that make it look as a beautiful botanical garden. This makes the animal feel that they are in their natural habitat. It is the best among all the things to do in Waikiki with kids. They will get a chance to learn about the wonderful animals. The zoo also offers the facility of an up close view.

6.) Kalakaua Avenue

things to do in waikiki kalakaua avenue

The main street of Waikiki is named after the king David Kalakaua. That covers an area of 1 mile from Kapiolani Park to the end of Beretania Avenue. The Kalakaua Avenue is known to be the heart of Waikiki, which runs alongside the beach. This will make you feel lively because of its energetic streets. The shopping center is also the best tourist attraction of Waikiki which is located very close to this place. Do pay your visit because it is among the best things to do in Waikiki.

7.) Atlantis Submarines

things to do in waikiki atlantis submarines

It is a passengers submarines that allow the visitors and tourist an opportunity to experience the sea world. It will take you about 100 feet under by an aircraft wrecks and past ship. There are guides available to mention the detail about every beautiful aquatic creature. This is perfect for those who don’t want to choose scuba diving. You will love to experience the underwater world. you can search for your further information over the internet. This is one of the best fun things to do in Waikiki.

8.) Shopping at Waikiki

things to do in waikiki shopping

An international market is a well-known place at Waikiki for shopping. It is the best among all the things to do in Waikiki if you are a shopaholic. You can buy gifts for friends and family, this market is very affordable and happening. You will easily find everything that you can think of to shop. This place has different sections for clothes, eateries, and many more. There are some of the amazing food trucks and restaurants that serve delicious dishes. So plan a trip to Waikiki and try out this amazing place. So, spend your Sunday by shopping at this coastal island.

9.) US Army Museum

things to do in waikiki army museum

This museum is a tribute to the US army. The displays are in a form of this small military historical center. The main highlights include those weapons used in Hawaiian’s in the 18th century during the Vietnam War. You can also view the American warriors’ uniform and additionally enemy’s uniforms. The most interesting art of these weapons is that it’s made up of Hawaiian sharks’ teeth. These were utilized as a part of fights between previous Hawaiian wars. The historical center additionally highlights many shows and exhibits to educate the new generation about its history. It is the most interesting things to do in Waikiki.

10.) Royal Hawaiian Bar

things to do in waikiki hawaiian royal bar

This place is full of energy and fun-loving people. It is one of those places in Waikiki to celebrate the night for no reason. Visit this place tonight to discover the beach life night outs. It serves amazing dining and beer courses in the town. It is popular among the locals and also one of the best tourist attractions of Waikiki. It starts with the sunset and ends till the sun rises. This could be the best things to do in Waikiki. Visit this place with your boyfriend or girlfriend to enjoy the evening. It is the best place where you must take your dancing shoes. So plan  a trip to Waikiki’s amazing spot to spend your holidays.

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