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Things to do in Virginia

Virginia is a coastal country. It is the first state to be clubbed under the colonial possession of mainland British America. The state was nicknamed “the Old Domain” because of its colonially possessed status. Generally, Virginia has known to be the gateway to the South. This is due to its location in the midway of New York and Florida. The state displays a perfect weather being not too hot nor too cold. Hence, It owned the name of “Goldilocks Climate”. The western part of Virginia covers the mountainous region. The popular names include Allegheny and Blue Ridge, Shenandoah Valley. The best mountain ranges can be found in Roanoke city. The tourists attractions can be divided into four sections, viz. Western, Central, Northern and Coastal. Virginia has a rich cultural heritage that is displayed in its architectural remains. The state sparkles in its own vibrant personality. It offers museums to gardens, shopping centers to art centers, theaters to entertainment zones. Thus, experience the different vibes is the best things to do in Virginia. So read the article till the end and find all the nearby places that must need your visit.

things to do in virginia

Things to do in Virginia

1.) Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is the oceanfront city in Virginia.Visiting this city will give you the perfect beach life experience. The city offers a wide range of sightseeing, fun activities. The scene of entertainment changes when the sun goes down. During the daylight indulge in the water sports activities. And when the evening approaches set your mood for a romantic beach-side dinner or for a beach party. Feel the evening magic of the city in the air. Due to this reason many couples love to celebrate their Valentines Day at Virginia Beach. The beach will give the best in terms of fun things to do in Virginia.

2.) Historic Sites 

Virginia holds the icon of American History. Every corner of the country depicts its historical heritage. During the framing of the American Constitution, ‘The Virginia Plan’ was submitted by the people of Virginia. Also, the civil war has left behind its significance in terms of Virginian historic sites. There are many sites to visit when in Virginia. It comprises military memorials, battlefields, African-American Heritage centers, etc. Williamsburg also form the part of Virginia rich historical past. And if you love to explore museums then visit the Chrysler Museum of art. It is located in the city of Norfolk.

3.) Kayaking

Virginia Beach is one of the largest salt marsh habitats on the East Coast. It is almost an undiscovered ecological jewel still to be explored fully by its visitors. The longest waterways take its formations and turn like a snake. The waterbodies form into rivers, bays, marsh areas, lakes rolling down into the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean. Thereby, its one of the best ways to experience this jewel is by Kayaking.  This is the best fun thing to do in Virginia for adventure lovers.

4.) Horses at the Beach

Horse riding at the beach will give the best pleasure to enjoy the scenic view. Try this fun activity with your kids. This will give them the unforgettable moments of Virginia. Try to go for longer ride to cover all the best spots of the beach. There are a number of service providers and they charge very minimum for a ride.

5.) Adventure Park

Adventure Park is the symbol every city possess in its entertainment zone. Thereby, you can visit any of the cities like Richmond, Virginia Beach, West Virginia to enjoy the adventure rides. Here you will find lots of activity and things to do in Virginia. The park has every entertainment from kids to adults and groups. You will also enjoy a lot by visiting to this park at Virginia Aquarium. This will give a chance to see the natural world so closely in a thrilling new way at the The Adventure Park. Plan a trip to Virginia this place is worth to experience.

6.) Virginia Aquarium

The Virginia Aquarium is situated in Virginia Beach. You can visit this place even from the city of West Virginia. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a marine lover or not. There’s a lot of fun things for all at the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center. Come by and experience over 800,000 gallons. These are ranked as one of the best aquariums in the country.

7.) Fishing

Fishing in Virginia Beach is an incredible experience. Located on the coast of the Chesapeake Bay, the Atlantic Ocean, and a number of freshwater waterways. Virginia Beach is uniquely diverse which also has a variety of fish and is very popular for its fishing activity. This place is full of a fantastic mix of natural beauty, coastal species and adventures in freshwater. Virginia Beach is also termed as  an angler’s paradise.

8.) Shopping

Virginia Beach is the best place for a coastal shopping paradise. It is full of amazing and wonderful things. The shopping zones include Town Center to the wonderful attraction of local boutiques. There’s a lot of things to do in Virginia in terms of shopping. It has many affordabale deals to be found. So search out your shopping bags and fill them up with a lot of coastal things.

9.) Military Aviation Museum

Virginia Beach is known for five military installations. It includes Naval Air Station Oceana. The Military Aviation Museum is situated at the Virginia Beach Airport. It is residence to one of the largest private gatherings of Korean War era fighters and World War II, bombers, trainers and seaplanes. Number of aircrafts have been fully kept to their World War II condition. Entry to the museum takes fee. It takes $12 for adults, $6 for youth (6- 18 years old), 10$ for seniors (65+) and free for children under the age of 6. Group visits are also allowed here.  And the rate include $10 for adults and $5 for youth (6-18 years old) for groups of 10 or more.

10.) Amusement Park

Enjoy the thrilling rides and games, perfect for the whole family. There are variety of fun zones for kids. This place is one of the best things to do in Virginia with the kids. It is located near the resort area on Atlantic Avenue. The Virginia Beach Amusement Park is known for the ‘Skyscraper’ extreme thrilling ride. Entry to the park is free and ride ticket costs from 70 cents to $1.

11.) Heritage Homes

The city is home to Historic residences. It offers a glance into the lives of Virginia Beach’s ancient time. The “Adam Thoroughgood House” was established in 1608. There are still other historic building on Virginia Beach. Those were established in the latter colonial periods. The Ferry Plantation House (1740), Lynnhaven House (1725), and the Francis Land House (late 1700s) are among those. All the above places are the best tourist attraction of Virginia. It also organizes a special programs throughout the year.

12.) Virginia Fest

Virginia Beach celebrates a variety of festivals. As it believes in celebrations of festivals and cultural events throughout the year. Dance with your girlfriend or boyfriend to the rhythm of meringue, salsa, mamba and bachata tunes. That is performed by the best regional and national artists at the annual festival. Visit and experience the diversified genres of African music during Blues and the FunkFest at the Beach festival. This can be the best among all the things to do in Virginia for Music Lovers.

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