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Things to do in Virginia Beach

This article is about best things to do in Virginia. Virginia welcomes you for a memorable trip in its heart, Virginia Beach. Things to do in Virginia Beach will help you to zero in the best attraction around the city. The queen of beaches is a perfect place for summer sun seekers and those who love swimming in the ocean and relax in the sunshine. The independent city is located in the Virginia, state of US. Besides beaches, the city has lush greenery in winters. That’s not all. The sprawling city boasts adventure parks for the thrill-loving and museums for history buffs. Plan a trip to the stunning city surrounded by the water. Read more, to know fun things to do in Virginia Beach.

Top Things to do in Virginia Beach:

1.)  Virginia Aquarium

The aquarium is nestled around the shores of Owls Creek. The aquarium boasts scenic outdoor areas and decks with the view of water around. You will get to see an exotic marine world with seals, rays, otters and sharks strolling in the water. And, not to forget the exotic Komodo Dragons named Gloria. The massive complex is divided into two parts, which beautifully showcase how Virginia looked hundreds of years before. This is one of the best things to do in Virginia Beach. It is a perfect place to explore the marine life. The key attractions of the Aquarium are walk-through Red sea tunnel, glass and the exquisite dinosaur display with the mechanical dinosaur that can move around. The highlight of the place is 3D Movie theater and an adventure park for adventure enthusiast.

2.) Virginia Beach Boardwalk

Things to do in Virginia Beach

It is a favorite hotspot of tourism especially in the summers is Virginia Beach Boardwalk. The wide paved broadway stretches along the beach. It is a perfect place for recreations trails such as running, cycling, skateboarding, running and hanging out with the buddies. The beach is lined with numerous hotels, shops and restaurants which offer delicious and authentic cuisines. The ambiance is  casual, with people strolling around taking a sun bath and having a gala time.

3.) Back Bay Wildlife Refuge

The refuge covers 9,000 acres of beach, forested areas, freshwater marshes and dunes. It serves as habitat to migratory birds. The place has much to offer for the visitors. You can go for paddle-board in the water. You can also explore wildlife which includes exotic species of animals such as bobcats, deer, muskrats and migratory birds. False Cape State Park is another attraction around the refuge.

4.) Sandbridge Beach

It is a most peaceful site. Away from the all the condos and hotels, it offers a vibrant ambiance. The place gives you an energetic vibe and refreshes your mind. It is the best place for people who love peace. They can stroll around. The beach is wide, with soft golden sand. The houses are lined far away from the beaches allowing you to enjoy some ‘me time’ in the lapse of nature. Truly its one of the best things to do in Virginia Beach.

5.) First Landing State Park

The state park is a great amalgamation of nature and history. Visitors can have a glimpse of old Virginia and enjoy the recreational trails such as hiking in the forest, paddle the water and go for campaigning  around oceanfront. The beach stretches miles long with the Chesapeake Bay. The Shore Drive separates the park from the forest. In the central of the shore, there are camping cabins and widespread network of trails around the cypress trees, pine trees, sand dunes and waterfront of the Broadway. Each of the trails is unique in itself. Boat, kayaks, paddle-board and Jet ski are available for visitors  in the park.

6.) Military Aviation Museum

The museum pays an homage to the military aircraft, with planes from around the globe. It exhibits more than 50 aircraft from WWI and WWII. Almost all the important flights are featured here. The museum has taken an initiative to restore the aircraft in the working order. The museum hosts an air show where the planes fly. The good news for the visitors is that they can take a ride in some the planes as well.

7.) The Adventure Park

Boost your adrenal at this mind-boggling adventure park. It is a huge forest  area with loosely swinging over the trees, dangling stairs on the trees challenging the participants to ride the rope and stairs with obstacles inserted between the ride. Doesn’t it sounds adventurous? Well, you need not worry about guidance. There is a whole team. They will guide you. However, you yourself have to explore. No matter whether its summers or winters, the park is at best round the year. Probably that’s why it is one of the best things to do in Virginia Beach.

8.) Chesapeake Bay Beach

One of the most peaceful beaches in Virginia, Chesapeake Bay Beach is far away from all the hustle and bustle. One of the best place for couples where no one can disturb them. The water is calm and shallow making it a pleasant area for all the lovers. Around the stretch, there is a First landing State Park with restrooms and showers for the tourist and visitors. It is one of the most delightful things to do in Virginia Beach.

9.) Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art

The museum exhibits various sculptures, paintings and videos of the local and international artists. Virginia Museum of contemporary Art keeps changing the artwork. You get to see different artwork every time. Moreover, it also holds educational programs about various forms of arts. Do not forget to add this site in your list of best things to do in Virginia Beach.

10.) Water Adventures

Yes, you read it right. So all the adventure lovers, what are you waiting for? Just pack your bags and plan a trip to Virginia Beach. It is one of the most adventurous things to do in Virginia Beach. The highlights of this site are whale watching tours, paddle-boarding, kayaking  charter fishing trips and lots more. Each season has some things different to offer. For example, in January and February you can go for whale watching. So make sure you select a correct season for yourself. Another exclusive things which you will get to do here are oyster-farming boat tour that will take you on the Lynnhaven river.

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