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Things to do in Virginia Beach VA

Are you looking for best things to do in Virginia Beach VA? In this article, we have listed some of the top things to do in Virginia Beach VA. Virginia is best known for its stupendous beaches. Virginia Beach is a retreat for summer sun lovers.It is a perfect vacation spot for your family. Swim and stretch out in the sunshine on the outstanding beach of Virginia. Apart from the beach, there is a lot more to see and do. Those who are seeking to get active and exciting experience, there is no other place than Virginia beach. Those touring in summers are lucky enough to enjoy the beach space and all types of water-based activities. For further exploration, read this article to know more fun things to do in Virginia Beach VA.

Best Things to do in Virginia Beach VA

things to do in virginia beach va

1.) Virginia Beach Boardwalk and Resort Beach

It is one of the top things to do in Virginia Beach VA. If you are visiting in the summer season, don’t miss out the best fun of this place. Most visitors come to Virginia Beach to take pleasure of the glorious beaches. The city’s most well-known beach. It is one of the known beaches in the tourism industry as the “Resort Beach”. This stunning wide section of golden soft sand and packed with the best bunch of people during the summer months. Enjoy this beautiful beach with your friends and family.

2.) Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center

This is one of the important attractions in the country. For an amusing day off the beach, it’s tough to beat the Virginia Aquarium. Situated along the shoreline of Owls Creek. The aquarium is brilliantly positioned, with picturesque outdoor areas and decks on the water. This tourist destination is home to many of the big creatures that include seals, sharks, sea turtles, rays, otters and other sea life creatures. Explore the other fun things with your family and friends. This is one of the exciting things to do in Virginia Beach VA.

3.) First Landing State Park

This is one of the top things to do in Virginia Beach VA. This park is a perfect blend of History and nature. Where you get the opportunity to lie on the beach, paddle the waters, hike in the forest. Study about the history of the first immigrants. You can also go for camping along the oceanfront or even take a cabin for rent in the woods. Today, the park is a leisure haven for visitors and locals. The broad beach stretches along the Chesapeake Bay. Explore this Park with your friends and family to do other fun things at Virginia Beach VA.

4.) Sandbridge Beach

It is situated to the south of the main resort beach, away from the condos and hotels. The atmosphere is more peaceful and relaxed. This is the ideal place for people seeking for the lively vibe of the resort area. This beach also offers a great walking area and a picnic spot. You can enjoy some solitary time while reading a book or just relaxing on a drink. The beach here is extensive and a touch of supple sand. Soak up under the sun and enjoy the family time for a memorable experience. This is said to be the most favorite things to do in Virginia Beach VA.

5.) Back Bay Wildlife Refuge

Following Sandbridge Beach, it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the country. Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, offers you freshwater marshes, forested areas, and dunes. The refuge guards the important home of migratory birds but is also an enjoyable retreat for people. Check out the walking paths, which takes you to the great wildlife viewing occasion. You get to see all kinds of birds, along with deer, otters, bobcats, muskrats, and other critters. Enjoy the fun watching beautiful birds and the stunning landscape of the country.

6.) The Adventure Park

This is one of the top things to do in Virginia Beach VA. The Adventure Park is the perfect family’s day out. The Adventure Park is a huge forested area with platforms and ropes hanging from the trees. Experience the exciting aerial walks and Swinging stairs, all high up in the trees. Challenge your friends to complete the zip-lining obstacle course. A complete training is given to every participant, then set free to discover on their own. Check out the huge trees and Owls Creek, the park is both picturesque and nicely cool, even on hot days. So get ready for the ultimate fun with your kids and family.

8.) Military Aviation Museum

This museum is devoted to military aircraft, with different planes from around the world. You will find over 60 aircraft displayed from WWI and WWII. The aim of the museum is not only to exhibit these aircraft but to renovate them to working order. The planes are usually flown during airshows, but you also get the opportunity to take a short tour in some of this airplane for an additional fee. So get along with your family and friends to enjoy the military heritage and a fun ride in your favorite airplane. This is one of the amazing things to do in Virginia Beach VA.

9.) Chesapeake Bay Beach

Situated in the North of the central Resort Beach. Chesapeake Bay Beach is another well-known stretch of sand. The charm here is more quiet and softer than the walkway area to the south. The waters here are typically low and tranquil, making it an enjoyable area for families and children. First Landing State Park lies beside this stretch, with restrooms and showers for day use visitors. There are also many access points off Coast Drive. At the end of the day, enjoy good dining options within easy range. So enjoy this place with your family to explore other fun things to do in Virginia Beach VA.

10.) Cape Henry Lighthouse

The Cape Henry Lighthouse is an extensive standing momentous on the Chesapeake Bay. Constructed in 1792.  It was the first government-financed lighthouse, and it was sanctioned by George Washington. Visitors can hike the stairs to the highest point of this historic landmark for stunning views out over the shore. Visit this Lighthouse and know the functions and history of this beautiful landmark. This is one of the best things to do in Virginia Beach VA.

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