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Things to do in Vienna

The article features best things to do in Vienna. It is a capital republic of Austria and one of the best tourist cities of Europe. All thanks to its splendid location and rich history. The beautiful city lies around the bank of river Danube. The culturally and commercially strong city entices the visitors with its mesmerizing sights and entertaining events. The city is the homeland of legendary artist Beethoven, Sigmund Freud and Mozart. The captivating city welcomes you. Read more, to know best things to do in Vienna.

Things to do in Vienna

Best Things to do in Vienna

1.) St. Stephen’s Cathedral

The cathedral is one of the most prominent structure in the city. The architecture of the holy place is carved with the neogothic style. The major attractions of the cathedral is Steffi’s room from where you can see the view of the entire sprawling city. The North tower, 14th-century catacomb and the treasures of the Cathedral, which contains important artifacts are also a few attractions of the cathedral.

2.) The Hofburg

The monument was the residence of Austria rulers in 12th century. The structure holds numerous building. Each building depicts different phases and role of architecture in every period. The complex unfolds 2,600 rooms, 19 courtyards and 19 groups of buildings. The star attractions of the palace are Sisi Museum, Imperial apartments, Natural History Museum and the Austrian National Library and many others significant venues.

3.) The Belvedere Palace

The palace is the most popular attraction and one of the best things to do in Vienna. The Belvedere Palace houses two magnificent buildings. The buildings include lower Belvidere and the upper Belvedere. The attractions of the building are: beautifully crafted statues, sculptures, and Marbled hall. Other notable buildings of the palace are Winter palace and Baroque building. The Belvedere palace also has mesmerizing gardens and fountain, which connect  both the buildings.

4.) The Austrian Parliament Building

The building is a home of Austria’s National and federal Parliament since the 19th century. The building boasts many marble statues and reefs. The magnificent Palace Athene Fountain with the stature is one of the key attraction of the palace. Don’t forget to add the building in your list of best things to do in Vienna.

5.) The Vienna State Opera House

The opera house of the city is one of the largest and magnificent theaters in the world. It is one of the exciting things to do in Vienna. Many well-known performers, composers, and dancers have performed there. The classic Opera house is built-in French Early Renaissance style. Its interior boasts lavish staircase and exquisite tea rooms with embroidered canvas. The structure is also home place of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

6.) Schonbrunn Palace

The sprawling Palace is one of the top things to do in Vienna. The magnificent  architecture, manicured parks makes the place a worth visit. The visitors get to see lavish garden apartments and imperial apartment. The children’s  museum is a retreat for kids.

7.) The National Theater

The national theater is worldwide famous for its German language plays and performances. It is one of the exciting things to do in Vienna. Many prominent artists have performed here. The exterior of the building is very impressive. It reflects various scenes and decorative figures. The interior of the building is done in French Baroque style.

8.) Maria- Theresien-Platz

The huge monument depicts a scene where Empress Maria Theresa is sitting on her throne and is surrounded by the dignitaries and numerous generals on the horseback. On the other hand, the high relief display the figures from the politics, arts and economic. One of the star attraction of the palace is  city’s festive market, which is one of the best things to do in Vienna.

9.) Vienna City Mall

The impressive Neo-gothic building serves as the Vienna’s  administrative center. It is a huge monument that  stretches 14,000 square meters over the Parade ground. It holds 7 courtyards. The arcade courtyard is one of the largest ground. It is used for the concerts. The entrance and the staircase of the building are quite fascinating.

10.) Karlskirche

The building is an homage to the  saint, St. Charles Borromeo. It is one of the most sacred places in the city. The huge building is known for its 33-meter long magnificent pillars inspired from the Trajan’s column in Rome. The columns depict scenes from St, Charles life. It is one of the incredible things to do in Vienna. The interior includes magnificent frescoes of St. Cecilia.

11.) Vienna Zoo

It is one of the oldest zoo’s in the world and fun things to do in Vienna. The Vienna zoo is a home to more than 750 species of animals. The species include pandas with their cubs and many other exotic creatures. Many cafes and restaurants are also lined within the zoo campus where you can refresh yourself

12.) Hundertwasserhaus

The place is well-known for its nature and human-friendly houses. It is one of the must things to do in  Vienna. The colored buildings are the retreat for the eyes. On the other hand nearby Kunst haus is the best place to explore and have fun around.

13.) Prater Park and The Giant Ferris Wheel

The massive nature park is nestled around the Danube and Danube canal. The gardens are most famous recreational areas in the city. From spills in the Wurstel area to thrills, the place has something for everyone. The star attractions of the park are giant wheel Ferris, Prater museum, and Danube Park. Probably one of the best things to do in Vienna.

14.) Vienna’ Ultimate Café

It is one of the oldest cafe and bakeries in the city. The cafe offers tempting coffee, cakes, and pastries made with century old recipes. And not to forget the splendid architecture of the cafe, which includes special creations similar to characters from the mythology and the history.

15.) Partner Strasse

It is one of the most elegant streets in the city. The Partner Strasse is lined with the cafes, elegant boutiques and arcades. Most of the buildings around the street hold 18th-century architecture. However, the Maltese Church has 13th-century architecture, which makes it distinct from other buildings. Another famous attraction of the  street is Donner fountain.

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