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Things to do in Torquay

Torquay is a home of beaches. It is a seaside resort town located in the South West England. You can discover a lot in an exquisite place like Torquay. So, if you want to develop cherishing memories then this place is a must go. You may explore a lot of different places like extensive gardens, shops, cafes, marina and much more in Torquay. The main features of this town include Torre Abbey, Meadfoot beach, Kents Cavern, Princess Theater, etc. This article will guide you regarding various things to do in Torquay.

Things to do in Torquay

Things to do in Torquay:

1.) Babbacombe

You may explore a lot in this wonderful place. Babbacombe is full of wonderful sites and places to visit. You may enjoy in the restaurants, shop, promenade, theatre, and hotels of Babbacombe. You may also experience the world-famous Babbacombe Model at this place. You will lose yourself in the most magnificent and stunning coastal views of this place. The Babbacombe beach is a place where you may enjoy fishing and know about the fishing industry. It is one of the most incredible things to do in Torquay.

2.) Kents Cavern

This is the oldest human settlement in Europe. The Kents Cavern tours will take you to an incredible world of Stone Age. There are many other places to explore near the caves like woodland trail quest, hands-on cave art walls, kids archaeological dig area and much more. This cave remains open every day. So, if you are eager and you want to discover a new historical land, then do visit the Kents Cavern. It is one of the most interesting things to do in Torquay.

3.) Rivera International Centre

This place is full of amusement and entertainment. It offers plenty of places for family fun. If you are a party person, then do visit Rivera International Centre. Many events take place in this centre. Moreover, it is a great place to eat, party, arrange family gatherings and meet people. You may also hire a private pool and enjoy unlimitedly at this place. It is one of the most exciting things to do in Torquay.

4.) Meadfoot Beach

This is the perfect place to enjoy the splendid view of the beach. You will simply lose yourself in the sea breeze. You are definitely going to enjoy the sweet sound of the sea lapping against the shore. The splendorous views of this beach will keep you captivated. Even the best guesthouses and hotels of Torquay are located at this place. It is one of the most amazing things to do in Torquay.

5.) Oddicombe Beach

This is the place made for the people who are looking for a relaxing day out. Enjoy the spectacular views while lying on a deck chair in Oddicombe beach. It is so placed that you can stay away from all the buzzing sounds of a city. You will enjoy the most magnificent views while walking on the seashore. It is one of the most delightful things to do in Torquay.

6.) Living Coast

It is an award-winning coastal zoo of Torquay. It is also a beautiful aquarium that is the home of different species of sea animals. You will discover a magnificent array of marine life in the living coast. You may enjoy the company of playful penguins and seals. You can also explore 20 species of fish. It is a place that offers the people to come closer to the animals. Even you may perform various recreational activities and play different games. You can even make the seals dance. It is a great place to explore marine and wildlife. So, visit Living coast in Torquay as it is one of the most interesting things to do in Torquay.

7.) Princess Theatre

This theatre was opened on 7th June 1961. It is the most entertaining place that offers a huge variety of entertainment. You can simply enjoy the comedy shows by hilarious comedians. You will experience the best music by fine musicians. So, if you really want to experience entertainment then do visit Princess Theatre. It is one of the most entertaining things to do in Torquay.

8.) Torrey Abbey

This place is inspired by the life of crime writer Agatha Christie. You can discover hidden mysteries at this place. Explore different gardens and tearoom at this place. The garden is designed in such a way that you will simply lose yourself. It is designed for entertainment and to discover more about the medieval abbey. You will also notice tombs of monks, best dahlia collection and palm house at this place. So, explore Torrey Abbey as it is the fascinating things to do in Torquay.

9.) Bygones

Look at the time of Victorian era at Bygones. It is an unexpected land to discover the pure nostalgia. While stepping into this place, you will wander back in the Victorian era. It is an authentic place that contains amazing sweet shops, apothecary and much more. You can explore a lot in the station cafe for tasting the real home-made cakes and refreshments. It is simply a magical fantasy land where you may return to your childhood days and play with a 28th model railway. So, visit this place to discover the 1940s and 1950s shops and gift shops. It is one of the best things to do in Torquay.

10.) Torquay Harbour

Torquay Harbour is located on the North shore of Tor Bay. It is a busy and commercial Devonshire port. It is situated on the fringe of town; hence, it is a place that provides an easy access to shops, bars and different restaurants. Enjoy lovely anchorages, and safe haven for boats at this place. You may also explore various beaches around Torquay Harbour. Even the Goodrington beach that lies on the south brings you the best picturesque fishing experience. You may also discover different fine restaurants at this place. It is one of the most joyous things to do in Torquay.

So, let your heart sing out to the endless sea. This place is the best destination to relax in the cooling sea breeze. Torquay is one of the best places to enjoy on wonderful beaches of South West England.

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