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Things to do in Toronto

Toronto is considered as the most vibrant city in Canada. The place displays a perfect blend of multicultural and multi-linguistic flavor spread over the city. Toronto depicts the meaning of the word “Cosmopolitan” in its nature. Due to its charming character, the city has won the bid in hosting the “Pan Am Games 2015”. According to the travelers, it’s the best place to spend an amazing holiday. The city has a lot to offer to its tourists. The attractions include some of the wonderful places like Ontario Science Center, Zoo, CN Tower, the Annual Festival and many more. These amazing things to do in Toronto will make you feel to never return to your busy life. The old city of Toronto mostly covers the downtown. Besides the winter season, Toronto is a blast to enjoy a fun and lively vacation. Plan your trip during the summer. Read the article below to know more about things to do in Toronto.

things to do in toronto

Things to do in Toronto

1.) The Wide Blue Yonder

things to do in toronto cn tower

CN tower is the pride of Toronto’s architectural ventures. Once it was considered among the wonders of the modern architecture. It is a tall building with its height of 553.33 meters. It was initially used for broadcasting signals for “Canadian National Railway Company”. This landmark is the best amongst all the things to do in Toronto. It was one of the tallest buildings in the world but still holds an impressive view. Walk into the amazing place to see the wonderful view of this building. The tower’s ‘Lookout Level’ is 346 meters, ‘Glass Floor’ and ‘Sky terrace’ is at 342 meters. The highest peak of the Skypod with 447 meters.

2.) Air Canada Centre

things to do in toronto air canada centre

Sports enthusiasts are going to love this place. Hockey and basketball lovers will have an amazing time at the fun zone of this sports complex. The “Toronto Maple Leaf” drags a big crowd being the iconic team of Canada. The fan zone features interactive sessions for hockey and basketball fans. The best part comes when you get to watch one those match live in the sports complex.

3.) Horseshoe Falls

things to do in toronto horseshoe falls

This place is just 90 km away from the city Toronto. The falls holds an impressive view to mesmerize you. The wonderful waterfall is of 750,000 gallons that runs down the curved cliff. You are allowed to view it from the top center. The Table Rock gives an amazing opportunity to stand hardly a meter away from the edge of the ‘Horseshoe Falls’. If you are looking for adventure rides you can also opt for the helicopter ride over the falls that will allow you to experience the bird’s eye view. Its one perfect location you would not want to miss to click pictures. And try to utilize your Sunday visiting this falls that will give a pleasant end to your weekend.

4.) Royal Ontario Museum

things to do in toronto museum

This museum is among the best tourist attraction in the world that represents a natural history and a culture of Toronto (Canada). It is a perfect blend of Universal culture and natural history. This museum will offer a wide variety of experience to the tourists. It will make you realize sincerely that humanity and nature are tangled. It is one museum you will not be bored when you get to explore. This is one of the best among all the things to do in Toronto.

5.) Shopping Spot

things to do in toronto shopping

Toronto city is one of the best spot for shopping. A shopping spree would love to invest all its time in shopping as there are plenty of options to choose from. It is the place which says shop until you drop! The “Toronto Eaton Center” has a lot of eye catchy shops from well-known brands to locals of Ontario. You can get new arrival and antiques at the St. Lawrence Market. If you are visiting this place with your boyfriend or girlfriend they are definitely going to love it. Toronto also has a best independent books store for a good reader. This is the best things to do in Toronto if you are a book lover.

6.) Take your Tummy on Trip

things to do in toronto food joints

You can experience multi cuisine at Toronto because more than half of the population of Toronto is from outside Canada. So you can try every specialty without going out of the city. There are many food attractions that serve mouthwatering food. Some of the famous are Chinatown, Little India, Little Italy and many more. There is a Greek restaurant named “Taste of the Danforth”, it is very popular in the city. As it celebrates the history of Greek and everything while serving you delicious palates. There is also some of the amazing food trucks that provide delicious and fresh food.

7.) Casa Loma

things to in toronto casa loma

Almost every big and beautiful city has a large building, typically of the medieval period. The city of Toronto also exhibits one its old architecture. Casa Loma was established by grandiloquent in the year 1914. This masterpiece also has beautiful marble work on the floors, in the stables and a lavish room. So visit “Spadina House” and Gardens to see the lifestyle of the rich and famous people. It is one of the best tourist attraction and things to do in Toronto.

8.) Party & Fun

things to do in toronto entertainment district

There is an Entertainment District well known for its amazing party scenes in the world. There are huge numbers of tourist who claim that the purpose of visiting Toronto is to enjoy at this District. It altogether includes more than 30,000 clubbers on every Saturday night. One of the famous venues is ‘The Hoxton’ to party on Friday or Saturday night. It is definite that the DJs and the live band will make you dance till midnight even if you are not a good dancer. This is best among all the things to do in Toronto if you are a party lover.

9.) Amusement Park

things to do in toronto amusement park

If you want to get amuse do pay your visit to the land of an amazing roller-coaster ride. There is an amusement park located just outside the city that includes most of the fun that you can think of. Try to visit this place during mid-week to avoid the crowd. You can also proceed to Ontario Place which is a beautiful lakeside park. It includes world’s first IMAX Theater which is located on the water. The rides and attractions will make you wet. At the end of your tour visit this park to drag down your tiredness and to have some fun. This is one of the best things to do in Toronto with kids.

10.) Drink at Best Toronto Pub

things to do in toronto pubs

This is the place where best pubs are located in the city. The Distillery District is one of the largest distilleries in the world. It is well known for its night life. This place is crowded, full of shops and art galleries. There are many famous restaurants and patios all over the city. The entertaining attractions make this place happening for tourists and locals. It also allows you to chill at its cool pubs. Besides, these pubs serve you the best cocktails at a very reasonable price. Get yourself drunk tonight with the unique flavor of cocktails that you are going to miss at your place.

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