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Things to do in Tokyo

This article is about best things to do in Tokyo. Tokyo is a Japan’s most busy capital. The city boasts breathtaking attractions such as skyscrapers, cherry trees and temples. The wealthy Meiji Shinto Shrine is recognized for its high gate and nearby forests. The Imperial Palace sits in the middle of sprawling public gardens. The city is famous for its vibrant food scene. And not to forget its Shibuya region that is the heart of its trendy teen fashion scene. Tokyo has many theatres for the drama and performing arts. Many diverse festivals take place throughout Tokyo. Tokyo also has numerous museums. In Ueno Park, there is the Tokyo National Museum, the country’s biggest museum. It concentrates on conventional Japanese art. The National Museum of Western Art and Ueno Zoo also attract tourists. Read the article to know different things to do in Tokyo.

Things to do in Tokyo

Things to do in Tokyo

1.) Tokyo National Museum

Tokyo National Museum

The Tokyo national museum comprises of buildings around a courtyard. It is one of the world’s great library of East Asian art and archaeology. In total, the museum has some 87,000 items in its permanent collection. It has several thousand artefacts from shrines, temples, and private owners. The larger Heiseikan, at the back of Hyokeikan, was built to honour the wedding of crown prince Naruhito in 1993. It now stores Japanese archaeological exhibits. Exploring this museum is one of the best things to do in Tokyo.

2.) Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower

The architecture of this communication and observation tower was apparently influenced by the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France. The visitors get to admire a 360 degree Tokyo scene from the top viewpoint. There are many towers, however, this one is the symbol of Tokyo. This iconic tower is a tribute to the rapid growth of the country and industrialization. It serves both as a telecommunications hub, and a tourist attraction. Planning what to do tonight, just have a walk around it. In night it exhibit various lights like orange, blue and white.

3.) Visit Harajuku


Harajuku is the place to check out by youth culture and street fashion. The Harajuku’s cooler cousin, Shimokitazawa, is a travel secret. On the Sundays, Harajuku is likely to be crowded with tourists of all around the world. The Shimokitazawa is the place the locals usually go. The streets are crowded with second-hand shops, selling clothes and accessories. The other items available are vintage and retro items. Shimokitazawa also has lived music, small theatres and cool bars. These can be found scattered around its small zigzag streets and thin alleyways. A visit to this place is one of the best things to do in Tokyo.

4.) Great Buddha Statue in Kamakura

Great Buddha Statue in Kamakura

The massive Buddha statue in Kamakura is perhaps the most famous daibutsu in Japan. Kamakura is an easy day trip from Tokyo. For those who wish to wait in the city, though, there’s a slightly smaller daibutsu in Tokyo itself. The Tokyo Daibutsu is a little-known secreted treasure in Itabashi-ku. It is set up in the grounds of Jourenji Temple. Jourenji was first built in Nakayado, and moved to its present location in 1978. As well as the 13-meter tall Tokyo Daibutsu, there are many other unique statues situated within the temple grounds. It’s a very calm place to roam around, away from chaotic central Tokyo. Exploring this statue is one of the top things to do in Tokyo.

5.) Gundam Front Tokyo

Gundam Front Tokyo

Gundam Front Tokyo is a theme park featuring the trendy Japanese animated series Mobile Suit Gundam in Odaiba. The theme park shows animation fans with loads of Gundam features. It includes an 18m tall sculpture to welcome them. Found in the Diver City Tokyo Plaza, there’s strange shopping and exploring for those not fascinated with the animated character. There are other plenty of opportunities to take a photograph and add to your Tokyo albums. Going to this theme park with your kids is one of the amazing things to do in Tokyo. You can celebrate your kids birthday here.

6.) Ogle at Parasites

Things to do in Tokyo Ogle at Parasites

This is an exclusive parasitical museum. This museum provides research facilities. It was established in 1953. It is divided into two floors. The museum gives a common overview of parasites and complex details of the parasite life cycle. There are more than 300 preserved specimens on the show. The highlight of the show is 8.8 meter-long tapeworm. Strange T-shirts featuring tapeworms, and other parasite-related goods are available in the gift store. Watching these strange specimen is one of the best things to do in Tokyo.

7.) Eat Okonomiyaki

Things to do in Tokyo Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is Japan’s greatest culinary secret. Whereas sushi, teriyaki and different Japanese dishes have become across the world. Only a small number of people know about okonomiyaki outside Japan. It’s kind of an omelette with cabbage in combination with different ingredients of your choice, such as pork or prawns. The blend is brought to your table uncooked before the waiter cooks it in front of you on a grill fixed into the table. Once cooked, it’s sprinkled with Japanese mayonnaise, special okonomiyaki sauce, seaweed sprinkles and katsuobushi. Katsuobushi are wafer-thin fish flakes that ‘dance’ in the warmth of the food. Tasting this great cuisine is one of the coolest things to do in Tokyo.

8.) Cherry Blossom Festival, Japan

Things to do in Tokyo Cherry Blossom Festival

Cherry blossom is a symbol of Japan. The blossoming trees mark the end of the winter and welcome spring. It is being celebrated all around the country. In Tokyo alone, there are a number of parks, where the blossoming trees attract locals and tourists to admire the incredible trees. It is the best time to visit Tokyo. There are numerous dance performances displayed by various popular artists. These performances attracts locals as well as visitors in large numbers. Exploring this festival is one of the coolest things to do in Tokyo with your Girlfriend or Boyfriend.

9.) Jindaiji Temple

Things to do in Tokyo jindaiji

The streets of Old Tokyo are full of stalls selling conventional food and sweets. It also hosts an ancient temple enclosed by trees. The temple Jindaiji is impressive, though simple and surely worth checking out. The real basis to visit this area is the monsters or Yokai in Japanese. Chofu, the city where Jindaiji is situated, became renowned following the success of a TV drama series. The series featured the wife of Shigeru Mizuki, the manga artist who created GeGeGe no Kitaro. Visiting this location is one of the fun things to do in Tokyo.

10.) Ryogoku Kokugikan

Things to do in Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan

The Tokyo’s National Sumo Hall is an another spot where tourists can have their real Japanese experience. In addition, to actual wrestling, there is a whole parade in the ceremonial clothes. There is a classic move expression by the former champions. It make a real sumo feast. Ryogoku is known as the heartland of sumo. Rikishi wrestlers are an ordinary sight in the neighbourhood and around the train stations. Getting to this Sumo hall is one of the fun things to do in Tokyo.

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