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Things to do in Tokyo Japan

Tokyo is counted among the world’s most populous metropolis. It is the capital of Japan. The ancient name of Tokyo used to “Edo”. Tokyo is home to numerous tourist attractions ranging from religious sites to historical museums. It has architectural wonders to lush green gardens and parks. You don’t need to search for attraction in Tokyo as the city itself is indeed an attraction. From Tokyo tower to Tsukiji market there are lots of things to do in Tokyo Japan.

Fun Things to do in Tokyo Japan:

1.) Tokyo Tower

Things to do in Tokyo Japan tokyo tower

To visit Tokyo Sky tree is the best way start your trip to Tokyo. It is a huge 635 meters tall telecommunication observation tower rising like a giant rocket ship. The tower was originally planned to be taller than the Empire State Building in New York City. It is world’s tallest freestanding tower. The place has turned into the most visited tourist attraction. The structure is truly incredible since it opened in 2012. Visitors to Japan can’t miss this man-made marvel and one of the landmarks of Japan. The scenes from its observation decks and restaurant are picturesque. The design of the base is the form of a massive tripod, includes a 350-meter mark, and a 450-meter point. Visiting the place is one of the best things to do in Tokyo Japan. Its antenna got bent in the 2011 earthquake and was rendered outdated by the digital age.

2.) The National Art Center

Things to do in Tokyo Japan The National Art Center

The National Art Center is one of Tokyo’s excellent museum. It is a home to an extraordinary curvy glass structure in the city’s Roppongi district. Since its opening, it has gained a well-deserved reputation for its fine everlasting collection of paintings from the 20th century. The main attractions here are valuable pieces of modern art as well as regular visiting exhibitions. You should also check Mori Art Museum on the top floors near the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, famous for its regular exhibits of modern artwork from around the globe. It is one of the most joyful things to do in Tokyo Japan.

3.) Tsukiji Market

Things to do in Tokyo Japan Tsukiji Fish Market

The experience at Tsukiji Market is truly unforgettable even to the non-sushi connoisseur. Vegetables, fruit, flowers and meat are also sold here. But Tsukiji is most famous for its seafood variety. You will see here the huge first step in feeding Tokyo’s massive population. You can reach the market by taking public transit and deboard at the Tsukijisjijo metro stations that surround the market. The market is open for every day except Sunday. You can explore the outer market. This market is quite different from other markets and that’s why visiting this market is one of the most delightful things to do in Tokyo Japan.

4.) Tokyo Disneyland

Things to do in Tokyo Japan disneyland

Although actual Disneyland is in the Anaheim of California, United States. The Tokyo Disney Park opened for public in 1983. Tokyo Disneyland is located in Urayasu, Tokyo. It is an iconic attraction in Tokyo with a wonderful experience for visitors. Tokyo Disneyland is comprised of seven themed parks namely, Critter Country, Fantasyland, Toontown, Western land, Tomorrow land, World Bazaar, and Adventure land. The park is designed for family based attraction. It is one of the most amazing things to do in Tokyo Japan.

5.) Mt. Fuji

things to do in tokyo japan mount Fuji

Winter is a great season to tour Japan since you lose the crowds and humidity of summer. Weather at the Mt. Fuji is decent. A Mount Fuji stand 12,389 feet, is the highest mountain in Japan. Just 62 miles from Tokyo, the Mt. Fuji is within view of Japan’s capital on a clear day. It is a landmark of Japan. And one of the most exciting things to do in Tokyo Japan.

6.) Tokyo Dome City

Things to do in Tokyo Japan dome city

Tokyo Dome City is easily accessible from the central location of your serviced apartment at Citadines Shinjuku Tokyo. Situated in the downtown Tokyo, it is the heart of entertainment. One may discover a lot of attractions all packed into one. The dome city is best for the whole family enjoyment and a trip to this district is one of the best things to do in Tokyo Japan that no one will want to miss.

7.) The Imperial Palace

Things to do in Tokyo Japan

The Imperial Palace is the chief attraction of Tokyo’s Marunouchi district. It is a wonderful 17th-century park enclosed by walls and moats. The Palace stands on the site where the Feudal Lord Ota Dokan established the first fortress. The Nijubashi Bridge is also as famous as the Palace due to its leading interior structure called “double bridge” from its reflection in the water. Other renowned highlights include the wall surrounding the palace and its gates, which lead to the East Higashi-Gyoen Garden, areas open to the public.

 8.) Yakatabune Boat Trip

Things to do in Tokyo Japan yakatabune boat trip

Yakatabune is actually the roof of boats. They are supposed to resemble traditional Japanese homes. Many companies operate Yakatabune as joy boats in Tokyo Bay for the groups who like to do their socialising at sea. During summer, trip on Yakatabune is a great way to see the firework festivals. The views of illuminated Rainbow suspension bridge and the island of Odaiba are literally awesome at night. It is one of the most exciting things to do in Tokyo Japan.

 9.) Ueno Park and Zoo

Things to do in Tokyo Japan ueno park

Ueno Park is like paradise in the heart of busy Tokyo. It is the city’s largest green space and one of the most famous tourist attractions. It not only has a lovely ground but also includes a zoo, numerous temples, museums and aquarium to explore. Another major attraction in the park is a cruise on a small boat on the reed-fringed Shinobazu pond, around a small island. Ueno Park Zoo is Japan’s oldest zoo, popular for the pandas offered by the People’s Republic of China. You will also find here Asia’s largest aquarium called Aqua-Z00. It is one of the most incredible things to do in Tokyo Japan.

10.) The Meiji Shrine

Things to do in Tokyo Japan meiji shrine

Tokyo’s splendid shrine is dedicated to the Empress Shōken and Emperor Meiji. The shrine built in 1920 but sadly destroyed in World War II air raids. Later it was rebuilt in 1958. Meiji-Jingu feels same as other Japan’s authentic postwar reconstructions. The entry gate is remarkably towering 12m wooden torii created from the old Taiwanese Cyprus.

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