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Things to do in the Poconos (Pocono Mountains)

This article is about things to do in the Poconos. The Pocono Mountains are located in Pennsylvania, U.S. Poconos overlook River Delaware and the peak of the mountains is covered by the cloud. Poconos is a perfect place for canoeing, biking, hiking, cycling and fishing. Moreover, it has a beautiful landscape. Far from the fast-paced life of the city, the mountains offer you a peaceful environment. Do plan a trip to Poconos once in your life to experience the picturesque destinations of the mountains. Read more, to know things to do in the Poconos.

Things to do in the Poconos

Top Things to do in the Poconos (Pocono Mountains)

1.) Bushkill Falls

One of the best things to do in the Poconos is a visit, to Bushkill Falls. The Bushkill Falls are also known as “Niagara of Pennsylvania”. It is one of the famous scenic attractions of the Keystone state stone. The falls are the amalgamation of eight different waterfalls. It lies deep in the wooded Poconos. The Bushkill falls can be accessed from the finest network of bridges and hiking trails. Both the attractions offer a beautiful view of the waterfalls and the forest around. You will definitely fall in love with this mesmerising place. Do plan a trip to Poconos to experience the natural vistas.

2.) Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor

The corridor is an ideal example of nature at its best. Surrounded by the lake and forest Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor offers you a picturesque experience. It is nestled in the eastern Pennsylvania. Whether you choose a car or bike ride or strolling around, in any way, you will defiantly love the scenic beauty.  The green forest and cool climate make the place one of the top  things to do in the Poconos. It is one of the peaceful place and resembles to heaven.

3.) Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm

One of the fun  things to do in the Poconos is a visit to Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm. The Pennsylvania farm was established in the 19th century. The farm honors the preservation and education of rural farm life. It is an open air museum. It portrays the life of Johann Zepper and his family (who lived in the farm  from 17th to 19th century) through live demonstrations and stories. The farm offers summer camps, educational programs and workshops. It is one of the best  things to do in the Poconos. Especially for those, who are seeking for a sneak peek into the history of the mountains.

4.) Penn’s Peak Concert Venue

The entertainment hub is located in the Poconos Mountain and Lehigh valley. It offers numerous events. The highlights of the venue are performances by big bands, musicians, orchestra and luncheon shows. After tapping your foot on the mind-blowing performances relax at a restaurant bar. The gigs will surely blow your mind. After watching the array of natur’s sights, treat yourself with some delicacies.

5.) Buck Hill Skytop Music Festival

Your trip to Ponocos is incomplete if you haven’t been to the festival. Buck Hill Skytop Music Festival is a must for all the music lovers. The big day unfolds the performances of the renowned musicians. The best part is it does not offer a regular music, instead a variety of music is displayed. Pop, Jazz, cabaret and chamber music are to name a few genres of music performed here.  It is surely one of the top things to do in the Poconos. You will definetly have a good time with your friends and family in this festival.

6.) Downtown Jim Thorpe

Downtown Jim Thorpe is a historic Victorian’s town. It was a homeland to the first railroad in the US. It is one of the incredible things to do in the Poconos. The town is a home to public attractions. Some of the attractions are Mauch Chunk Museum, Mauch Chunk Opera House, Old Jail Museum and many more. It is one of the premier destinations for shopping, museums, mountain biking, river adventures, old jail tour and not to forget the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway.

7.) Seven Tubs Natural Area

Want to relish in the lapse of nature? If yes, then do visit Seven Tubs Natural Area. It is one of the breathtaking things to do in the Poconos. The area holds all the elements of nature that stem the glacial meltwater with beautiful flora-fauna around. The main highlight of the place is a stream called Wheelbarrow Run. It flows through a narrow gorge where smooth tubs in gritty sandstone are lined up. The place is a retreat for the eyes. You can swim, do birds watching or simply sit and observe the falls here.

8.) Pocono Mountains

Give your adrenal a rush! Go for rafting in the whitewater of Pocono Mountains. It is one of the fun things to do in the Poconos. The adventure sport will defiantly give you a unique memory. Rafting in a tube with your friends, crossing the rapids and catching a glimpse of the wilderness around, isn’t it a unique experience in itself!

9.) Hickory Run State Park

The huge park is expanded across the Poconos. It is an ideal place for all the fun things to do in the Poconos. You can go for hiking, swimming in summers, ice scatting in winters, hunting, fishing and many other recreational activities.

10.) All-Terrain Pinzgauer Tours

Want to do something unique? Then try Pinzgauer Tour once. It is the best way to explore the site. Pinzgauer is a military vehicle that takes you around the Poconos. You will get an opportunity to view some of the mind blowing mountain vistas. Also, you will be  briefed on the history and the lifestyle of the place. It is a 10 minutes trail which also offers drop down at “ Hades Hollow”, the mountainside. Make sure that you book your trip in advance so that you don’t miss this. It’s one of the incredible things to do in Poconos.

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