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Things to do in Thailand

In this article we will discuss various fun things to do in Thailand. Thailand, the Asian beauty, is also considered as the Land of Smiles. It is a gem of Southeast Asia. Bold enough to offer the most comfort. It is yet feral enough to provide off-the-beaten path fun. Thailand is a country filled with opportunity for unique and unbelievable travel experiences. Whether you begin with the top-class beaches in the south or explore the mountain towns in the north, Thailand will not let you down. Cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai are bustling place of activities and business. But, you haven’t really seen the kingdom unless you’ve marched the mountains or experienced some face-time with elephants or the bold monkeys. Thailand’s highlights are diverse and each place offers a rewarding and unforgettable experience in its own way. So, here are some of the best things to do in Thailand.

Things to do in Thailand

Top Things to do in Thailand:

1.) Khao Yai National Park

Khao Yai National Park is among UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is Thailand’s second largest (2,168sqkm). It is also among the most toured national parks. It is stretched across 4 districts, namely, Nakhon Nayok (central), Saraburi (west), Prachinburi (east) and Nakhon Ratchasima (north). The tallest peak, at Khao Rom, is around 1,351 meters above sea level. It is loaded with a mountainous landscape, lush, with pounding cascade, productive valleys and rich biodiversity. Khao Yai is a year-round touring destination. It is just a 3 hours drive from Bangkok. Khao Yai is also housing a rich variety of animal life with 320 types of birds, 66 species of mammals and thousands of various types of plants. A nice place to have in the list of things to do in Thailand.

2.) The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is another nice destination to include in things to do in Thailand. This gorgeous golden capped strings of buildings is more than 200 years old. It is among Bangkok’s most popular destinations. It can make you feel like a visitor trap, but its history and magnificence is noticeable. Since 1782, it has been the official house of the Kings of Siam (former name of Thailand). When you visit, remember to tour the Emerald Buddha and adjoining Wat Pho, a home to the biggest reclining Buddha in Thailand. Wat Arun, the Temple of Dawn, is among other attractions which seems stunning from a distance and intriguing close up. With its mosaic elements, as you walk to the top. At night, the Grand Palace is lightened up, and though you can probably come across the crowd, it’s a very loving experience.

3.) Floating Markets

Bangkok’s vibrant floating markets are common to many through the pervasive photos in travelling guides and books. Dealings are more anxious with tourists rather than locals nowadays. The floating market boats are loaded high with tropical vegetables and fruits, fresh coconut juice and local food prepared from floating kitchens located on the boat. You can try relaxing on a conducted boat tour of the Damnoen Saduak market. Tha Kha, Taling Chan Market and Bang Ku Wiang Market are other floating markets to visit. Exploring the market is one of the most awesome things to do in Thailand.

4.) Railay Beach

Nowadays, on every canny tourist’s list, Railay is among Thailand’s most desired beach areas. Include this in your list of things to do in Thailand. Located on the south of Ao Nang Beach, just around a rocky headland and handy only by boat, offers a peaceful and astonishing world. In just a single mini peninsula, you’ll find beautiful white sand beaches. You will also get to enjoy the beautiful viewpoints, caves, elevated limestone cliffs and a lagoon trapped inside the cliffs, twisted and nourished by the changing tides. This is all under your own steam.

5.) Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi districts, a place full of flourishing forests and a retreat for backpackers. It has a gloomy past. Here, you’ll encounter the start of the wicked Death Railway (which links to Myanmar/Burma). Also, the bridge built over the River Kwai. Both are evocative ruins of WWII. They were built by prisoners of war. It’s a frightening spot. But a must on any Thailand journey. Nearby, you can see the Tiger Temple. It has been the center of attention of some damning animal welfare evidence. This is one of the most amazing things to do in Thailand.

6.) Pai

Thailand’s status as a country of gorgeous sceneries and welcoming people is credited mostly to the world-class southern beaches. Many people do not recognize that the huge north is also housing awe-inspiring landscapes. Although these are of a diverse nature completely. Northern Thailand, especially the western part around the Burmese limit, is marked by rocky jungle terrain that is both craggy and stunning. Pai, situated in the Mae Hong Son district, is an ideal place to enjoy the nation’s natural beauty and also the well-known Thai hospitality and catering. This small town has earned a reputation as a top spot for hippies and backpackers. The place is much popular among locals as well. There is a little nightly strolling street market, an array of western and local foods. Also, there is an easy way to adjoining temples, waterfalls, and the inspiring Pai canyon. There is a wave of joyfulness and recreation as you stroll through the small town center. It is this feeling which continues to attract crowds season after season. Going to place will prove to be one of the most fantastic things to do in Thailand.

7.) Sunday Walking Street, Chiang Mai

Most of Thailand travelers look forward to have some cheap and tasty food. It is available in loads at Chiang Mai’s Sunday Night Walking Street. Sellers sell all sorts of delights such as chicken satay, crab cakes, samosas, pad Thai, sweet rotees, fresh fruit shakes and fried bananas – mostly for less than $2 a piece. When you’ve pleased your culinary desires, you can explore hundreds of stalls selling a variety of innovative goods. These goods include hand-dyed, all-natural soaps having the distinct patterns of native hill tribes, essential oils and incense, paintings, musical instruments, wall hangings, and much more. This truly going to be one of the most amazing things to do in Thailand.

8.) Khao Yai National Park

Elephants are revered in Thailand, and statues and paintings of them can be seen everywhere you go. There are a number of touring groups and elephant camps throughout the country. They allow you to spend a day or more with the creatures, trekking through the jungle, bathing them, and even getting to help out with their morning feedings. But perhaps, more exciting is the chance to see them in their natural environment. Khao Yai National Park provides a great opportunity to do just that. You’ll see elephants roaming near waterfalls, exotic birds of prey, monkeys, and plenty of other tropical creatures that call the park home. Kids are going to love the place. This is one of the most fun things to do in Thailand with kids. If a one-day stay isn’t enough to take it all in, it’s possible to camp out at the park. Get up early enough to watch the sunrise over the lush landscape.

9.) Shop Till You Drop

From road stalls to busy markets, you can shop at each turn in Thailand. If you are in Bangkok, go for the following markets like Weekend Market (on Sat/Sun), Chatuchak (JJ Mall), Asiatique Night Market along riverside. They open at 4 pm to midnight every day. If in Northern Thailand, walk the streets of Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, every day from 6pm and the Wualai Walking Street Saturday Market, which opens from 2 pm.

There are arrays of markets and local shops all over the north and northeast. These markets expertise in local handicrafts, silks, furniture, pottery, silverware and wooden carvings. Korat and Khao Yao in Nakhon Ratchasima, also has a famous night market.

10.) Historic City of Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya gives a peep into the magnificence of early Thailand. Guests can walk the evocative but idealistic ruins of the past capital. After the Sukhothai era, the city was the most significant in Thailand. The old temples and palaces are set as a testament to this. There are also numerous foreign communities, where you can learn a better understanding of the effects that other nations had on Thailand at the time. Ayutthaya can be reached by a short bus trip or train ride from Bangkok. It is suitable for a day tour, if lacking time. But, if you have time, try spending several days at the ancient place. You can also hire a push-bike to explore both the new city and the old city.

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