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Things to do in Texas

In this article, we will discuss some of the best things to do in Texas. There are various fun things to do in Texas. Texas is the second largest state in US. It is also known as the “Lone Star State”. It comprises a wealth of cultural attractions and natural resources. Geographically, its south central location gives a variety of scenery. It comprises of deserts, cave systems to mountains, canyons and the marvelous coastal scene down to the Gulf of Mexico. Its top-class cities are are loaded with tourist attractions. Tourist attractions include San Antonio’s excellent River Walk, the museums and galleries of Dallas, Houston and Fort Worth. It also has the Space Center in Houston and the State Capitol in Austin. Texas is also among the most multicultural states. Particularly the Spanish influence is still prevalent. Credit to its position as a former colony of Spain. The Lone Star State possesses plenty of attractions worthy of tourists from all parts of the world. Maker of such enchantment as the first suspension bridge, Dr. Pepper. It also include the very first word spoken on the moon “Houston”, the big state of Texas provides rich history and loads of natural landscape. Here is the list of fun things to do in Texas.

Top Things to do in Texas:

Things to do in Texas

1.) Space Center, Houston

Just 30 minutes drive from the center of Houston, the Space Center is among the state’s most famous tourist attractions. It’s an abode to NASA’s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center and Mission Control.  The observation center for the agency’s manned space flight. It’s an interesting insight into the function of the world’s biggest space program.  Being filled with films, model displays, astronaut related artifacts and sample of moon rock on exhibits in the tourist Center. Other attractions comprise objects compiled during the Apollo, Mercury, Gemini space programs. You can also get a chance to dress up like an astronaut. And to see real rockets and experience a space simulator.

2.) The Alamo

Alamo is located on the eastern border of San Antonio. It is among the most significant historic sites in America. Part of a mission station was put up in 1718. It was built by the Franciscans in 1744, later converted into a fort by 1836. It became popular during the Texan War of freedom. When a tiny force fenced themselves against an overpoweringly bigger Mexican army (around 3,000), all the 187 defenders got killed. Today, over 2 ½ million people visit this place yearly. Tourists visits the reinstated mission buildings and the monument memorializing the fallen Texans.

3.) Natural Bridge Caverns

Reach here through a small drive from San Antonio. The stunning Natural Bridge Caverns are part of a huge underground network. It comprises of over 10,000 different stalactite formations. It is the biggest such cave network in US.  It comprises attractions such as the 40 ft tall King’s Throne, an enormous wall of stalactites situated in one of the biggest caverns, the Castle of the White Giants. Taking its name from the massive 60 ft limestone bridge across the entrance. It also gives a number of other amusing activities. That includes theme-based tours like the excellent lantern tour, which is a real thrill.  A treetop climbing activity is also organised. It is right across an extensive network of rope-ways, zip lines and platforms. A must visit place to add in your things to do in Texas list.

4.) President Kennedy and the Sixth Floor Museum

The 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas is marked . A deadly shot was fired which took President John F. Kennedy’s life. Now, it is home to the Sixth Floor Museum. This high red brick building gives a thorough account of the assassination, along with Kennedy’s inheritance. Attractions include records of his presidential campaign and term as president. It has everything supported by historic footage, artifacts to photos. Also, worth a visit is the close by John Fitzgerald Kennedy Memorial. A big monument devoted to President Kennedy unveiled in 1970. An important place to include in your list of things to do in Texas.

5.) San Antonio’s Spectacular River Walk

Extending for several miles alongside the San Antonio River, the marvelous River Walk takes right through the center of San Antonio. It’s passing through the city’s top shopping areas, hotels, restaurants and attractions. Constructed below street level, this stretched pedestrian pathway hugs the river as it breeze and interlace through the city. Also famous among locals as it is for travelers by day and night. Among the best ways to start the sightseeing is to aboard a river cruise upstream. You can even take a walk back to your original point. Halt for a bite to eat or a museum visit along the line.

6.) Big Bend National Park

Another interesting place to include in things to do in Texas. You can even feel the wild in Texas.The  “Big Bend National Park”, located in the southwestern region of the state, bordering with Mexico. It covers the big bend in the Rio Grande from which it found its name. Resting at a height of between 1,870 ft and 7,875 ft, it’s made up of 3 different zones. The desolate landscape comprises of the Chihuahuan Desert, the Chisos Mountains and the Rio Grande valley . Credits to this variety that the park is home to over 400 species of birds, including roadrunners, golden eagles, along with over 1,100 species of plants. The park possesses 240 miles of hiking tracks. It varies from the 5 mile long Lost Mine Trail with its gorgeous views to the 17 mile long Window Trail through the Chisos Mountains. Other great attractions include the 3 canyons on the Rio Grande – the Boquillas, Santa Elena and the Mariscal canyons. And, the Chisos Mountains is of 7,835 ft height  covering Emory Peak. Its natural gorges, gentle valley and steep rock faces.

 7.) Fort Worth Stockyards

The Stockyards National Historic District remains is Fort Worth’s major attractions. Established in 1866, the place took its name from the cattle industry. Here millions of cattle were sorted, rested or shipped out to other parts across the state. The last existing facility of its kind in the US. These historic stockyards have been turned into a superb attraction spots. That includes all types of fun things to be a part of like concerts, theatrical performances, rodeos and western theme based shopping. Attractions include cattle driving demo and a option to saddle up for trail riding. Remember to visit the Stockyards Visitor Center and the Stockyards Museum. Both of these attraction offers information regarding current events and also the history of this fun area of Fort Worth.

8.) Galvestone Island Trip

Even a short tour can be long on fun, food and fascinating history on Galveston Island. Let your taste buds fell the seafood flavor. Body surfing is fun in the Gulf’s pleasant warm waters. You can also wander along “The Strand”. The Strand is an avenue of 19th century warehouses. It is now housing restaurants, shops, cafes and art galleries. Either a pre-cruise escapade or a weekend away, 2 days in Galveston are a time well invested.

9.) State of the Arts: Texas Galleries and Museums

Texas features several excellent art galleries. Covering almost everything from the big Masters of Europe to contemporary artists from the US. Along with a modern work from the Lone Star State itself. Among the most inspiring collections is that of the Dallas Museum of Art. It was built in 1903. It displays over 24,000 works, including art from ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome. The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston is center to a huge assortment of works from North America, Africa, Europe, and Far East. It comprises works of the French Impressionist movements and the Italian Renaissance. Some other museums you can visit here are – Amon Carter Museum of American Art, the Kimbell Art Museum, and the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. If you are fond of museum and history, going to the place will prove to be one of the most delightful things to do in Texas.

10.) The USS Lexington, Corpus Christi

Take a few minutes’ walk from the heart of Corpus Christi to the great USS Lexington. It is among the biggest surviving vessels to have served in WWII. This significant aircraft carrier was launched in 1943. Now transformed into a naval museum. Attractions include a great collection of vintage aircraft, along with an option to visit the crew quarters and bridge. Other fun includes simulators and games, also a 3D movie, which puts you in the pilot’s seat. This is one of the most finest things to do in Texas.

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