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Things to do in Taipei

Planning for a trip to Taipei? But not aware of what fun things to do in Taipei. No problem this article will help you get familiar with this place and also recommend you various adventures and fun things to do in Taipei. Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan. Today it is  slowly becoming one of the hottest destinations in Asia, due to its rich culture, spectacular landscapes and awesome street food. Influenced by Japanese, Chinese and Western in regard to its culture, food, folk arts and architecture. Taipei has lastly accepted that it’s a mix and all this works well for it and, how can we forget to mention the iconic Taipei 101, which was once the tallest building in the world (now 2nd after Burj Khalifa). This small, friendly city packs a wallop when it’s about fun, adventure, bustling night markets, full of mouth-watering street food and much more. Got curious to discover this fascinating city? Here are the various fun things to do in Taipei-listed below.

Things to do in Taipei

Top Things to do in Taipei

1.) Witness the Charm of Taipei 101

One of the best things to do in Taipei is visiting Taipei 101. Taipei 101 was the tallest skyscraper in the world from 2004 to 2010 when it was outshone by Burj Khalifa, Dubai. Designed, beautifully and smartly (being eco-friendly), which you will notice immediately that it is architecturally influenced by the bamboo plant, which is native to China. Here you can shop in the mall found at the base after visiting the tower. Built to endure typhoons and earthquakes, this architectural wonder will surely blow your mind and make your visit a truly unforgettable experience.

2.) Taroko Gorge Full-Day Tour from Taipei

Explore one of the 7 wonders of Asia, the Taroko Gorge. Just board a train ride to Hualien from Taipei to witness this amazing wonder, among the best things to do in Taipei. This dazzling gorge is acknowledged for its utter marble cliffs, deep, snaking tunnels, and the Liwu River, which flows from the stony landscape. Pass through Swallows Grotto, where the part of the highway runs through tunnels fixed into the marble vertical side of the gorge.

3.) Northern Coast Half-Day Tour with Yehliu Park

A dream tour of the Northern coast will help you to discover the harbor city of Keelung. On this 4 hour tour from Taipei, you can take a 40-minute drive from the Northeast of Taipei to reach Keelung. Keelung is among the Taiwan’s international seaports. Here you can witness the enthralling natural rock formations of Yehliu Park, where you will find out the renowned rock formations of the Queen’s Head and Fairy’s Shoe, a mesmerizing place for a perfect day trip.

4.) Yangmingshan National Park and Hot-Spring Tour from Taipei

Looking for a relaxing hot spring bath? Visit this Yangmingshan National Park and Beitou (Peitou) on this expedition from Taipei. Visit this hot spring and fumaroles. You can enjoy the serene lakes and gorgeous grass fields on this soothing half-day tour from Taipei. The Beitou Hot Springs are considered to alleviate all ailments from muscle pain to even nervous tension.

5.) Soak in Hot Springs

Taiwan is well-known for its numerous hot springs, so why don’t you give this therapeutic pastime? The warm water of the hot spring soothes and revitalizes your body and mind. The water of this miracle spring is heated by earth’s own energy. Some part of this spring has been converted to spas, facilitated with private pools and bathrooms. The spas also offer traditional treatments. The beautiful Beitou district is housed in a collection of hotels and spas for almost every price range, so it’s the ideal launch pad for your Taipei adventures. Visitors can visit the Hell Valley to see the source of springs in the bubbling sulfur of the valley. Visit the Bathhouse Museum, this bathhouse was the original spa once used by the Japanese.

6.) Elephant Mountain

One of the top things to do in Taipei is visiting Elephant Mountain. This mountain, in fact, has its own MRT (Mass Rapid Transit). It is also known as Xiangshan, which means Elephant Mountain. Just find a way out and follow the signs for about 5 minutes to the trailhead. Elephant Mountain gives a perfect view of all the classic sights of Taipei 101 so expect a sheer trail up. On weekends, it gets much crowded, mainly around sunset. So, plan accordingly if you want to avoid the rush.

7.) Taste Some Beef Noodles

Don’t go away from Taipei without slipping into a sweltering bowl of beef noodles. Combine soft chunks of beef and thick noodles with a flavorful soup to make a mouth-watering national dish. Every restaurant makes its own special recipe, so remember to try a couple of joints to acquire the complete experience. If you’re possessed with the dish, this city, even hosts an International Beef Noodle Festival every year, which you can check out. For noodle lovers, this should be one of the things to do in Taipei.

8.) Private Tour of Sun-Moon Lake

Take pleasure in a picturesque day trip and speedboat cruise around the clear bright green waters of Sun-Moon Lake, Taiwan’s major body of water. Discover the area, including beautiful Lalu Island, it is elected as a National Scenic Area and among the 8 Wonders of Taiwan. You can get a personal local guide. When traveling by bullet train and a private vehicle from Taipei, you’ll be able to visit beautiful places like Tse-En Pagoda and Wenwu Temple. Learn cultural insight into Taiwan’s local cultures as you reach the Ida Thao Village and dine on an indigenous cuisine.

9.) Raohe Street Night Market

Visiting this night market is among the fun things to do in Taipei. Raohe Street is Taipei’s oldest night market, which has a single pedestrian lane fallen between 2 complex gates. In between, you’ll discover a great collection of Taiwanese eats and treats. Go for pork ribs in herbal soup, oysters and vermicelli, steamed bun and spicy stinky tofu. Indulge in the street food in Taipei for a taste to remember forever.

10.) James Kitchen

When you are in Taiwan you should not miss the Taiwanese food. And what can be better than this James Kitchen. James Kitchen is Taipei’s best place for Taiwanese food. Although James Kitchen offers a tepid down-home setting, the management, cleanness and freshness of each dish are remarkable. Give a try to oysters along with bread sticks, the bean curd mushroom rolls, the bamboo shoots, or any other thing which catches your eye. It’s best to reserve in advance. If you find this main restaurant closed. There is also a 2nd eating area at 42-5 Yongkang St which is just around the corner.

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