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Things to do in Syracuse NY

Syracuse is a city in the Onondaga County, New York. It is the largest city with the name Syracuse in U.S.A and is the fifth most crowded urban city in the state of New York. The Syracuse was first discovered by Europeans when French travellers came to the state in the 1600s. It is the economic and financial hub of Central New York. It is a big region with over a million population. Syracuse is also well-provided with tourist sites like Onondaga Lake Park, Rosamond Gifford Zoo, and Beaver Lake Nature Center. There are various top things to do in Syracuse NY written in this article. Being in NYC, you can also explore the Mecca of American luxury Manhattan.

Things to do in Syracuse Ny

Top Things to do in Syracuse NY:

1.) Onondaga Lake Park

Things to do in Syracuse Ny Onondaga Lake Park

More than one million tourists come to Onondaga Lake Park every year. The park has fantastic playgrounds and paved trails. As an additional benefit, there’s even a historic Salt Museum and a butterfly garden. The other attraction is the Dog Park that has tunnels, red fire hydrants, and bridges. You can easily spend your full day taking pleasure in Onondaga Lake Park. Time spent in nature’s lap will give you once in a lifetime experience. A leisurely walk in this lake park is one of the top things to do in Syracuse NY. You can experience the city of Buffalo, on the coast of Lake Erie.

2.) Everson Museum of Art

Things to do in Syracuse Ny Everson Museum of Art

Explore numerous ceramics, paintings and sculptures with your family at the Everson Museum of Art. Then, enter to the Art Zone at the bottom level where kids can craft pottery and other historic items. You can click pictures of your family dressing up in outfits in front of different scenery. Look for weekend children events that take place every few weeks. For art lovers, this place is quite interesting to go to.

3.) Rosamond Gifford Zoo

Things to do in Syracuse Ny Rosamond Gifford Zoo

Exploring this place with kids is one of the fun things to do in Syracuse NY. It is habitat to 700 animals, including lions and elephants. Kids of all age group will love spending time at Rosamond Gifford Zoo. Interact with the Zoo-keeper during feeding programs. Learn about the lives of penguins as a course of the Penguin Keeper Talk. The rain gardens at the Zoo is also a major attraction for tourists. You can also explore the Seneca Park Zoo, situated in the city of Rochester Ny.

4.) Beaver Lake Nature Center

Things to do in Syracuse Ny Beaver Lake Nature Center

The Beaver Lake Nature Center is situated just on the outskirts of Syracuse. It has ten miles of natural tracks to allow tourists to enjoy the local wildlife and the lake. The Beaver Lake Nature Center also attracts tourists by conducting exclusive programs throughout the week. The popular programs include informative walks with naturalists, early sunrise canoe tours and night activities in the evenings.

5.) State Fair

Things to do in Syracuse Ny State Fair

The state fair of Syracuse was the first one of its kinds that held in New York. It attracted thousands of spectators. Since then, the fair in Syracuse has become an annual ritual. It has grown into something much more than a regular state fair. Children of all age groups assemble to the cotton candy stands and enjoy the carnival rides. The fair lasts for 12 days and contains live concerts.

6.) Syracuse Jazz Festival

Things to do in Syracuse Ny Syracuse Jazz Festival

The Jazz Festival of Syracuse is held each summer. It is an outdoor and free festival that has a good time jazz music. Music lovers will love to come here and for them it is one of the free things to do in Syracuse NY. The place attracts lots of tourist from all over the world. Going to this place with your own private transport is not a good idea as parking is not free.

7.) The Erie Canal Museum

Things to do in Syracuse Ny The Erie Canal Museum

The Erie Canal Museum holds relevant documents about the canal. It is open to the tourists for viewing. It shows the beautiful nature and history of Syracuse. The museum has important exhibits to teach tourists and locals about the city’s past, future and present. Kids will also like watching a small video on the olden times of the Erie Canal. Entrance to the museum is free of cost, though a small donation is optional. Going to this museum is one of the perfect things to do in Syracuse NY.

8.) Red House Arts Center

Things to do in Syracuse Ny Red House Arts Center

The Red House Arts Center is a charitable organization that produces unique arts and provides district art education. The Center’s aim is to teach the world about the importance of art and its social effect. It also motivates others to participate in art work and teach them about the impact of art on the community. It facilitates the tourists about the latest art culture. If you are an artist, you will definitely get the essence of this place.

9.) Syracuse Opera

Things to do in Syracuse Ny Syracuse Opera

Syracuse Opera attracts tourists from all over the world. It prides itself on moving and colourful productions that are different from any other opera experience in New York. Syracuse Opera creates three different shows every season. It offers public opera courses through the Resident Program. It provides both the chances, either you just experience opera or you can become a participant in opera.

10.) Skating

Things to do in Syracuse Ny Skating

Skating in Clinton Square is the best way for any tourist to spend the quality time while enjoying the weather. Clinton Square provides free skating on Monday night. Children are not permitted on the floor by themselves after dark. Security guards stroll after sunset. This makes the place much safer for children. Skating at this place is one of the joyful things to do in Syracuse NY.

11.) Green Lakes State Park

Things to do in Syracuse Ny Green Lakes State Park

A walk around Green Lake is a supreme thing at Green Lakes State Park. It’s less than three miles walk around the lake. The kids will be surprised what makes the lake green. Bring beach clothes to enjoy splashing in the water and playing on the artificial beach after the walk. Save time for playing golf and Frisbee around the lake.

12.) Freedom Trail

Things to do in Syracuse Ny Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail goes all the way through Syracuse. It was a part of the underground railroad. This trail was formed on the footsteps of the slaves who escaped from the South to New York in search for freedom. Visiting this place is one of the best things to do in Syracuse NY.

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