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Things to do in Surrey

In this article, we are going to discuss the things to do in Surrey. Well, for a traveler or explorer the Surrey is the best place to explore and discover many things. Surrey is a known country in the south east of England, bordering Greater London. Surrey has its best to offer you. Be it walking out, simply relaxing or basking in the sun. There is no place better than Surrey’s parks.

With its wide and quiet lanes, bridleways and footpaths surrey have so much to offer you for cycling and walking. Whatever your choice is you are going to end up rolling yourself around beautiful hills and spectacular views of the countryside. When we come to a family’s day out with kids, there are many things to do in Surrey and experience a lot many things. Top theatres, cafes, tea rooms, shopping, etc. But even if you have limited time, we will tell you the best of Surrey. Read this article to know the best attractions and the best things to do in Surrey.

Best Things to do in Surrey:

1.) Go Ape Tree Top Adventure

Things To Do In Surrey

Talk to the trees and pace down zipping slides. They all are a part of the thrilling course of rope bridges, crossings and Tarzan swings. It is all set high over the forest floor. You can spend your whole day here with kids or try being yourself a kid. There you will have classical and go ape experience. While you fly down through zipping wires, tackle obstacles, and enjoys Britain’s most breathtaking scenery ever. This is not enough, you can even through birthday parties, corporate parties and family party. They take care of everything. The Choice is yours now. This is suggested best things to do in Surrey.

2.) WWF Living Planet Center

Go and visit WWF-UK in the Living Planet Centre. It is one of the greenest buildings in the UK. Discover   the WWF Experience, it offers you a free interactive exhibition that connects the wild to life. Find out more about the marvel of the natural world and WWF’s work. Find  out more about this green building and the sustainable technologies.Things To Do In Surrey

3.) Jolley’s Café

Jolly café is the best place to sit and enjoy a smooth coffee and refreshing drink in pottery’s own ceramic containers. Locally sourced delicious biscuits and cookies are mouth watering. Along with can witness the artist creativity and their stunning pieces. There is no other joy while soothing yourself and mesmerizing the art and the culture of surrey. Café offers seating of 70 people and a patio area too. The specialty of this café is the yummy cake, a fresh salad, baked potatoes and hot seasonal lunch for food lovers. It is recommended as best things to do in Surrey.

4.) Denbies Wine Estate

It is a vineyard. Established in 1986, it is considered  to be the largest vineyard with two hundred and sixty-five acres of vines. It is a must visit place. It gives you the opportunity to visit a unique and fascinating view of producing process.  It also owns two restaurants: indoor garden conservatory and gallery restaurant. These restaurants provide you with wonderful views of the estate. It also offers you a variety of wines, gift shops and garden center. So the estate views are incredible to experience once for all.

5.) Light Box

It is one of the most exciting gallery and museum located in the south-east. If you are adoring about history and art. You are at the right place. It is designed by versatile architects of London, Marks Barfield. The amazing thing about this gallery is it changes regularly. Moreover, it is said to be an interactive museum of town history. If you are going with your kids, this museum has lots to keep them engaged and occupied. The Lightbox is a complete package as you can enjoy around cafes and look for some souvenirs, gifts and a lot more fun, entertaining things.

6.) Guildford Spectrum

If you are looking for a fun activity for family and kids, then don’t miss this place. Guildford spectrum is one of the best places to spend your summer holidays. It includes an Olympic sized ice rink, four pools, play area, 32 lane pin bowl, aerobics studio and sports arena. It has all perfect solutions for entertainment and fun.  It’s great value for fun. Must visit this place.

7.) Crescent Beach

Crescent beach is in the South Surrey. This beach is a fully crowded place at weekends. It is best for relaxing, away from all hustle-bustle life. This beach is great for playing, swimming and to calm yourself. The vibe here is chill and you find most amazing people to be welcoming and heartwarming. One of the best parts of this beach is watching the sunset. The sunset is so beautiful and heart taking. If you are a photographer or an art lover. It’s best to capture some amazing photographs here.

8.) Brookland’s Museum

This museum is not like other museums, where you can only appreciate the work and the art. It is the world’s purpose- built motor racing circuits and best collection of cars, bicycles and motorcycles from the heyday. It represents the wide range of giant cars, heavy aircraft, including second world war Wellington bomber. It is one and only Concorde with public admittance in South-East England.

This museum has lots to offer you like 4D theatre. Which allows you to experience close driving around the Brooklands race track. Another one is The Napier-Railton Experience, just as Sir Malcolm Campbell and John Cobb did in the 1930s. Here, you also have the same opportunity to see, feel, hear and even smell the real banked circuit in a pre-war racing car. Next we have Red Arrows in 3D, a lap of Le Mans in Mike Hawthorn’s Jaguar etc.

9.) Bocketts Farm Park

In Bocketts farm, you have lots of activities to do. It is located in the countryside of Surrey. It includes lots of fun activities, friendly  farm animals and indoor, outdoor activities for all ages. Activities you will love to do are goat milking, tractor rides, pig racing, animal handling, feeding animals and lots of other fun loving activities.

10.) Gravity Force

Well, this is a wonderful thing to do in Surrey, gravity force, just like the name. It is an ultimate trampoline park in the surrey. What makes it best is loaded with hundreds of trampolines tailored for all age people. Where you want to go insane on the tumble tracks or a simple trampoline Dodgeball. It has something to offer everyone. Want to see the gravity force in action? Must visit this place.

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