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Things to do in Surfers Paradise

In this article, we will discuss all fun things to do in Surfers Paradise. It is a fantastic place for the whole family vacation whether it is a summer break or romantic gateway. It lies on the lovely Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. The city only has large surf beaches but also numerous high rising buildings that offer a marvelous panoramic view of the Coast. The city has a vibrant nightlife with lots of shopping options. At Surfer’s Paradise, you will find plenty of accommodation options. There is numerous hotel to choose from depending on your budget and preferences.

Top Things to do in Surfers Paradise

1.) Cavil Avenue Beach

Things to do in Surfers Paradise beach

As the name suggest, it is time to grab your swim gear and head down to the beach at the Cavill Avenue (a street and a pedestrian mall). The foreshore area has recently undergone a multi-million dollar facelift, and now become the much more impressive area to “hang out”. There are plenty of new public toilets, showers, and seats also the relaxing is far more enjoyable than before. The beach is regularly patrolled by the vigilant lifeguards who often busy in watching over careless tourists. To visit the beach (Cavil avenue) with your girlfriend or boyfriend is one of the most fun things to do in Surfers Paradise.

2.) A Duck Tour

Things to do in Surfers Paradise

A duck tour to explore the city is one of the most unusual things to do in Surfers Paradise. The first thing visitors to surfers paradise will see is the series of huge “duck” vehicles rolling through the city streets. The duck tours have become a famous staple of the city. This is a well-balanced tour which takes visitors through the heart of the city and onto the Gold Coast Broadwater. The ducks are huge vehicles that sit high up and thus offer a great viewing position for the visitor.

3.) Visit the SkyPoint Deck

Things to do in Surfers Paradise skypoint deck

A visit to any city can’t be complete without a birds eye view of that place (observation deck). The Surfers Paradise has no exception as it offers the full view of the city from the Sky Point Deck. The Q1 building is as tall as some traditional “tower” type construction here. It offers the top views of the Gold Coast. The Sky Point Observation Deck is on the 77th floor of Q1 building. The tower provides views that extend from Byron Bay to Brisbane in the north. The deck has got one of the fastest elevators, you’ll likely come across and it’s quite amazing as how fast you actually ascend to the top.

4.) Jet Boating

Things to do in Surfers Paradise jet boating

Jet boating is one of the most exciting things to do in Surfers Paradise. Now you have guessed that Surfers Paradise is a perfect travel destination from above-mentioned details. Jet boating in this lovely city is another highly popular tourist’s choice. Hop on a turbo-charged boat, it is a fun and refreshing rush on a hot day. The jet boating will not only bring excitement but also offer some fabulous sightseeing opportunities. The expansive waterways of the Gold Coast make enough space for jet boating. The boat operator will take you at a gradual speed such that you will not miss the regional highlights.

5.) The Infinity

Things to do in Surfers Paradise the infinity

One of the most unique and mind-blowing attractions on the entire Gold Coast can be found in the heart of Surfers Paradise. The ‘Infinity’ attracts visitors by its visual tricks and optical illusions divided into various different sections. Every section is designed to aim a different game on your senses. It (The Infinity) is easily accessible by transit service provided in the city. It is suitable for adults, teen, and kids. However, it is designed keeping teenagers and kids in mind. The place has the variety of “mazes” and trickery rooms. Those looking for something different would definitely love this place, due to its unusual design. To visit this place is one of the most interesting things to do in Surfers Paradise.

6.) Cruise the River

Things to do in Surfers Paradise cruise the river

The city’s canal network is way longer than both Amsterdam and Venice combined. This is truly incredible fact and would tempt you for a river tour. The extensive waterways give you a wonderful sightseeing through the “back side” of the city. The river cruise will give you access to even those parts which are inaccessible by foot or vehicles. A tour with you boyfriend or girlfriend will be one of the most fun things to do in Surfers Paradise. The area gets populated with different morning cruises with cake and coffee. You can see some impressive mansions and other waterfront highlights along with local attractions such as Marina Mirage and Sea World.

7.) Night Club or Bar

Things to do in Surfers Paradise nightclub or bar

Lets! rock tonight in one of the best Australia’s party destinations. The several years of construction and efforts, the nightclubs and bars of this city are truly awesome. It is the country’s best stop to “let loose”. As far as the bar is concerned there is the large selection of them. The majority of bars have larger establishments instead of small. To enjoy nightlife is one of the most joyful things to do in Surfers Paradise.

8.) Whale Watching

Things to do in Surfers Paradise whale watching

Whale watching is one of the most delightful things to do in Surfers Paradise. The Gold Coast is one of the best spots to view Humpback whale. The tours allow visitors to head out on the water based stable. The whale watching boat tour provide an excellent viewing angles of the whales. The region never too crowded such that you will able to have a decent look at these huge marine mammals.

9.) Ripley’s Believe It or Not

Things to do in Surfers Paradise Ripleys Believe It or Not

It is one of the oldest and longest-running tourist attractions in the heart of Surfers Paradise. Ripleys offers a small and compact, yet interesting and intriguing look into the weird and wonderful aspects of life. Beside other fun things to do in Surfers Paradise, Ripleys aims to be entertaining mainly for the kids.

10.) Browse the Boutiques

Things to do in Surfers Paradise boutique

Without interesting shopping opportunity, the city wouldn’t be Surfers Paradise. It is not a home to large shopping mall, yet there is an enormous range of boutiques and other small stores. The malls and shops sail everything from cheap to high-end brand electronics and accessories. Shopping is one of the most fun things to do in Surfers Paradise with your loved ones.

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