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Things to do in Stockholm

This article is about the best things to do in Stockholm. In this article, will let you know what this captivating capital of Sweden has to offer. Stockholm, sometimes also called “Venice of the North”, lies on a number of islands and cape at the outpouring of Lake Mälar into the Baltic, which here creates a deep cove. The attractions of this place lies in the mélange of land and water. The reefs fringing the shores, the ridges nurturing up from the sea and the complex pattern of watercourses surrounding the city. This capital has 3 unique UNESCO World Heritage sites – Drottningholm, Woodland Cemetery and Birka. Along with the above mentioned, other things to do in Stockholm includes galleries, theaters, top-class museums, and the Nobel Institute. The Tunnelbana (T-bana), an excellent underground railway system, will take travelers just about anywhere in the city. An extremely proficient and regular bus network fix in any gaps between places. Other than that, take some time to stroll instead, as Stockholm is a great city to feel, on foot. You will also like the efficient bicycle lane network. Natives gladly call the city a “levande stad”, or alive city, as a big part of the diverse, sophisticated population still live in the city center regions. The list of things to do in Stockholm is never-ending and there are over a hundred attractions to choose from. Below we are suggesting some of the best things to do in Stockholm.

Top 10 Things to do in Stockholm

Things to do in Stockholm

1.) The Vasa Museum

Visiting Vasa museum is among the best things to do in Stockholm. It has the only conserved 17th century ship in the world. The 95 percent of this distinct art treasure is original. It is bedecked with hundreds of carved sculptures. This 69 meter long battleship sank on its maiden passage in the center of Stockholm in 1628. It was recovered 333 years later in 1961. For nearly 50 years, the ship has been restored little by little, consciously and carefully to its original glory. Presently, the Vasa Museum is among the most toured museum in Scandinavia, with more than 1 million visitors annually.

2.) Sverige’s Kungahus or The Royal Palace

Other fun things to do in Stockholm is visiting the biggest palaces in Europe – The Royal Palace. It is the official center of His Majesty, the King of Sweden, with more than 600 rooms. The Palace welcomes public and offers around 5 museums. The Palace was mostly built in the 18th century in the Italian decorative approach. It is located where the “Tre Kronor” castle was burned in 1697. See the reception rooms with impressive interiors from the 18th and the 19th century. You can also visit the Treasury, the Tre Kronor Museum and Gustav III’s Museum of Antiquities.

3.) The Globe Sky View

Located on Stockholm’s southern border, SkyView can take you to the top of the world’s biggest spherical building, the Ericsson Globe. Ericsson Globe is among the Stockholm’s contemporary landmarks. This 130 meters above sea level offers an unforgettable view of the whole city. After seeing it, you can spend some time at the restaurant and souvenir shop. It will prove to be one of the most fantastic things to do in Stockholm.

4.) Boat Sightseeing

The sea water runs through the veins of Stockholm, and at the time of summer, the city is flooded with boats of all forms and dimensions. Many city residents own summer homes on the isle of the skärgården (archipelago) and spend most of the weekends here. No other travel compliments like this Friday evening commute. Keeping all this in mind, to enjoy Stockholm from the water is definitely a must-do for any traveler. Board a trip under the bridge of Stockholm or cruise away for an hour or two on the Royal Canal Tour. You can also opt a hop-on, hop-off tours from tour organizers.

5.) Djurgarden

The lush island of Djurgården, near to central Stockholm, is preferred by both Stockholmers and tourists. A nice place to add to the things to do in Stockholm. Djurgården is a tranquil oasis that has been royal land since the 15th century. There are great areas to stroll around Blockhusudden and the Djurgårdsbrunn canal. Djurgården is also comprised of several of the city’s best attractions and museums, as well as pleasant restaurants and cafés. It’s easy to get to Djurgården on foot, by boarding the Djurgården ferry boat from Gamla Slussen/Stan, by bus or by tram from Norrmalmstorg.

6.) Af Chapman

Af Chapman must be among the Stockholm’s most gorgeous hostels. Located on Skeppsholmen, the 100 year old ship has the most excellent location in town and spectacular views to wake up to. During the summertime, you can also enjoy a drink on its deck in the bar, offered by PSB. Since 1937, Af Chapman has been a popular landmark. So if you are planning a trip during summers, visiting this place is one of the best things to do in Stockholm.

7.) Gamla Stan

The Old Town, Gamla Stan is among the biggest and best conserved early city centers in Europe. It is also among the leading highlights in Stockholm. This is the place where Stockholm was discovered in 1252. All of Gamla Stan and the neighboring island of Riddarholmen feels like a living pedestrian-friendly museum filled with lots of attractions, sights, restaurants, cafés, pubs and bars and places to shop. It is also famous fro fanatics of handicrafts, souvenirs and curios. The fine winding cobblestone lanes and buildings in various different shades of gold, gives Gamla Stan its distinctive character.

8.) Fotografiska Museet

The Fotografiska is Stockholm’s museum of modern photography. It provides a diverse mix of exhibitions all along the year. There you can find a restaurant, souvenir, and a book store. From the top you can experience one of the most desirable views of the city. In recent times, the museum has seen a vast increase in tourist numbers. It is now recognized among the world’s premier photography venues. The Bistro on the top is among the city’s coolest restaurants. It is one of the most awesome things to do in Stockholm.

9.) Royal National City Park

The Royal National City Park is a 6 mile long, lush area adjoining Stockholm. It is also the world’s first national urban park where locals and tourists visit to relax. The forest is inhabited by deer, moose, foxes and numerous winged beauties, as well as rare birds. There you can find a lot of things to see and do. From castles, theaters, museums, and hotels to sports amenities, and historic structures. This is going to be one of the most outstanding things to do in Stockholm. Nature lovers can explore wilderness regions. These regions have centuries-aged streams, marshes, oak trees, bays, lakes and canals, isolated swimming areas, and stony hilltops. You will not be able to believe that you’re in the center of a flourishing capital city.

10.) Ostermalm

If you are after Stockholm designer chic, then you must add Ostermalm in your list of things to do in Stockholm. Ostermalm is the most fashionable district in the city. Elite international brands rub shoulders with top-class Scandinavian design. On Biblioteksgatan, there are plenty of flagship outlets and designer boutiques. The area around Stureplan provides lots of posh shops – some with huge price tags. Art and interior design admirers will love Malmstenbutiken and Svenskt Tenn, at the starting of Strandvägen close to Nybroviken. A lot of Sweden’s best antique dealers are located around the Kommendörsgatan. Remember to visit Östermalmshallen for the best Swedish fresh food and produce.

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