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Things to do in St Maarten

Planning a trip to an ‘Island Country’ is one of the incredible things to do in St Maarten. St Maarten is an island country in the Caribbean. In terms of attractions and activities, St Maarten is one of the best island to visit. Many activities like jet skiing, sailing, deep sea fishing, speed boats and kayaking are held at St Maarten Island. Enjoying water sports activities such as scuba diving, kitesurfing, snorkelling, parasailing and windsurfing is one of the best things to do. Explore the marine life with a snorkel. During the evening, enjoy the vibrant and interesting nightlife with family and friends. Spend a night in casinos, cafes, bars, clubs and incredible dining.

Top Things to do in St Maarten:

1) Maho Beach

Things to do in St Maarten

Visiting Maho Beach is one of the best things to do in St Maarten. It is famous for the Princess Juliana International Airport which is adjacent to Maho. Maho beach is a famous tourist destination. As it contains white sand and turquoise water. Those who love the thrill, watch and see watch and see incoming jets landing and gliding. Watching airlines pass over the beach is such an amazing activity. Enjoying snorkelling and swimming is the must to do. The beach offers bars, restaurants and resorts. Capture the images of incoming airlines and enjoy the view.

2) Diving

St Maarten Island offers some great dive sites for divers. Experiencing diving is one of the adventurous things to do in St Maarten. Plan a scuba fun diving in this beautiful island. This island is a best dive destination. Water is so warm and inviting you for the diving. Exploring the wrecks and reefs around the island is a great and unique experience. These wrecks and reefs offer great dives and fantastic photo opportunities.

3) Hiking

Hiking is the best way to discover the Island. On the dutch side, you can go for hiking. There is a single trail and rocky cliffs which are very beautiful and popular. This trail is easy for hiking. You can go around the island along the coral beaches, white sandy beaches and climb the cliffs to enjoy the amazing view. Enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna and beauty of a rain forest.

4) Butterfly Farm

Visiting the butterfly farm is one of the beautiful things to do in St Maarten. This farm houses beautiful butterflies, a small waterfall and lakes with Japanese fishes. Experiencing soothing atmosphere is one of the amazing things to do. Nature lovers must see the butterfly farm. Walk through the rain forest which offers flora and fauna, ponds and a beautiful waterfall. You will learn a lot about the butterflies. Children will be happy to see the beautiful butterflies.

5) Pinel Island

Planning to explore the Pinel Island is one of the amazing things to do in St Maarten. This island is one of the most visited islands in St Maarten. This place is best for snorkeling, kayaking and standup paddling. There is also an exotic restaurant which is best known for its amazing Caribbean cuisine. Take a boat tour to explore its beautiful reefs and wrecks. Enjoy the swimming and sunbathing with your family. There are also some sandy beaches on the island and it is worth visit for hiking.

6) Watersports La Playa

Watersports La Playa is one of the best attractions in St Maarten. It is well worth to enjoy a wide range of water-based activities. Experiencing thrilling activities is one of the best things to do in St Maarten. Enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views, thrill and flight of parasailing. This place is amazing for adults and children. La Playa Watersports offers tubing, snorkeling, jet skiing, banana boat rides and water trampolining for adventure lovers. Enjoy these thrilling activities with your friends and family.

7) Mullet Bay

Visiting Mullet Bay beach is one of the amazing things to do in St Maarten. It is a large white sand beach with beautiful rolling waves. It is an attractive spot for surfers and sunbathers. There are rocks in the east of Mullet Bay which provides snorkeling at some areas. Restaurants and snack bars are also available at this beach where you can have some snacks and drinks. This beach also offers some entertainment such as music bands, volleyball and major parties. Enjoy your vacation at this beach.

8) St Maarten Zoo

St Maarten Zoo is one of the largest zoological parks in St Maarten. This zoo houses a wide variety of birds, reptiles and mammals. There is also the largest playground for children. This park is also available for events like birthday parties. You will see many creatures and world’s biggest rodent which is Capybara. Many animals roam freely like goats, peacocks and lizards. You can also feed the animals.

9) Nightlife

St Maarten features the most exciting nightlife in the Caribbean. Enjoying nightlife is one of the most exciting things to do in St Maarten. There is trendy beach bars, clubs and dance venues where you can enjoy the drinks and dance. Maho village is adjacent to Princess Juliana International Airport which is famous for lights, music, casinos, nightclubs, glitter and sequins. Youngsters will have a great fun at bars and clubs. So enjoy the nightlife to the fullest.

10) Shopping

Shopping is one of the fantastic attractions in St Maarten. The Island is complete with amazing clothing, cosmetics, liquors, jewelry, cigars and more. The cruise ship offers a huge number of stores. Visitors will be surprised by the superb supermarkets on both the dutch side and French. The Dutch shopping centers offer American brands and Marigot present a great variety of European groceries with some gourmet stores. The Island has a wide range of fashion boutiques and luxury. Enjoy your day with lots of shopping.

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