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Things to do in St Lucia

This article provides you a broad collection of things to do in St Lucia. St Lucia is an Island country in the Caribbean sea. It is situated between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It is famous for its beaches which are amazingly beautiful. There are the two twin iconic Pitons where visitors like to climb. These Pitons are the natural highlights of the St Lucia. The national cuisine of St Lucia is Saltfish and Green figs. Enjoying St Lucian Cultural festivals is the amazing things to do. You will find the best attractions in this place. Some of the popular attractions are Sulphur springs, a drive-in volcano, the rain forests, the botanical gardens, the pigeon island national park and many more.

Things to do in st lucia

Top Things to do in St Lucia:

1) The Pitons

The Pitons is one of the most popular attractions in St Lucia. The two mountainous volcanic plugs are the Pitons. The larger Piton is known as the Gros Piton and the smaller Piton is the Petit Piton. These two twin peaks seem to rise out of the water. Enjoy the incredible views of the Pitons. Pitons are the most famous attractions for climbers and hikers. Divers can explore them as underwater cliffs. These two amazing volcanic plugs can be best seen from the water. These are the most photographed mountains on the island.

2) Marigot Bay

Visiting Marigot Bay is one of the most beautiful things to do in St Lucia. It is situated on the Caribbean Island. It is surrounded by the forested hills. Marigot Bay features yachting & water sports, shopping, entertainment, restaurants, accommodation and so many activities. These activities include diving, fishing, boat trips and hiking. You will find it the most happening place in St Lucia. Spend your day at this beautiful bay.

3) Sulphur Springs Saint Lucia

Visiting Sulphur Springs is one of the most interesting things to do in St Lucia. It is considered as the only Drive-in volcano in the world. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in St Lucia. The water at the center of the springs boils and creates large plumes of steam. The spring water contains high amounts of sulfur and iron. Hot springs and mud bath is blessed with volcanic minerals, which is good for the skin. Visitors can walk over the crater which is secured with a thin crust. Visit sulphur springs and make your trip unforgettable.

4) Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island is one of the most popular historic sites in St Lucia. It consists of many forts and now it become a national park. The Pigeon Island National park has numerous attractions such as two beautiful beaches, museums, restaurants, pubs and forts. The view of the ocean is so amazing from this island. Visitors are allowed for hiking, fishing and swimming. Pigeon island is mountainous and volcanic in nature which attracts numerous visitors. Visiting this island is one of the must things to do in St Lucia.

5) St Lucia Botanical Gardens

The St Lucia Botanical garden is one of the most stunning places in St Lucia. It is situated at the foot of the Pitons. It is known as the diamond botanical garden and considered as the oldest garden on the Island. This garden features mineral baths and a fine waterfall which comes from the sulphur springs and underground hot springs. The mineral bath contains the essential minerals which are good for your health. The main attractions are an old mill, a waterwheel and a nature trail. This place is heaven for birds and insects. Visitors will find lots of trees, tropical flowers, shrubs, fruits and vegetables. Enjoy the beauty of this diamond botanical garden.

6) Enbas Saut Waterfall Trail

The Enbas Saut waterfall trail is one of the most amazing places. Visiting here once is one of the must things to do in St Lucia. Enbas Saut Waterfall Train lies in Edmund Rain Forest Reserve. It is at the foot of the highest mountain “Mount Gimie”. At the head of the Troumassee river, it has 2 waterfalls and pools which are a popular spot for swimming. It is well maintained through dense rain-forest. The trail is used for hiking. Along the way, hikers will see birds such as St Lucia parrots, samplers warbler, St Lucia oriole and St Lucia wren. Most of the visitors access the trails in four wheel drive.

7) Scuba St Lucia

Visiting Scuba St Lucia is one of the most happening things to do in St Lucia. Anse Chastanet is a beach a which is popular for scuba diving and snorkeling. It is one of the amazing places for diving. Diving is one of the fun and exciting things to do in St Lucia. You can explore the underwater world as you swim among the colorful exotic fishes. For beginners and experts, all the safety measures are applied.

8) Rodney Bay

Rodney Bay is one of the most popular bay on St Lucia. This beach is too amazing and its water is clear and warm. It offers beautiful resorts, numerous restaurants and thrilling activities. This area is famous for tourist activities. The view of the gorgeous beach makes your day memorable. The night clubs and exciting bay casinos are also there for enjoying the nightlife. This is the perfect place for experiencing the beauty of Saint Lucia.

9) Castries Market

After doing so many adventurous activities, this is the time for some shopping. It is a colorful market, which includes handicrafts, fruits and vegetables. This market also offers designer jewelry, watch brands, hand silk screened and hand printed fabrics. You will get everything at this Castries market.

10) Doolittle’s

Visiting Doolittle’s is one of the most exciting things to do in St Lucia. This place is used for shooting the movie Dr. Doolittle. The view of the bar and restaurant is very adorable. You can enjoy your meal by seeing the crystal water of Marigot Bay. But the view during the night is wonderful. You can see the wildlife of Marigot bay and graceful rays gliding through the water. This restaurant provides delicious foods like mahi-mahi, kingfish and conch.

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