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Things to do in St. Louisiana

The article is about things to do in St. Louisiana. This state is located in the southern region of the United States. It is one of the prominent attractions in the New Orleans. This place offers numerous fun activities such as fishing, boating, kayaking, canoeing, water boat ride, etc. It is a perfect place for a family vacation. Not only you will enjoy the leisure activities here but also get a lifetime experience by feeling the nature so closely. This place also offers various educational museums which will give you a glimpse of the history of the city. The flora and fauna found in this region make the place so vibrant yet peaceful. Read more, to get to know things to do in St. Louisiana.

Top Things to do in St. Louisiana

1.) Crescent City

The beautiful Crescent City has everything which you won’t find in another city normally. From the romantic architecture of New Orleans (the oldest neighborhood), the French quarter to the grand mansions and not to forget the pristine yards of the garden district, the city has everything. This city is a home to rich history. And if you love treasuring unusual stuff then you should visit the French community market. Not only this, if you want to dig in the city’s history you can go to Jackson Square and Louisiana State Museum. This is one of the best things to do in St. Louisiana.

2.)  Aquariums and Zoos in St. Louisiana

This place has no age bar for anyone. Whether you are 6 years old or 60 years old, you will be mesmerized with the world class zoos, wildlife experience and nature exhibits in the city. Visiting Zoos in Louisiana is going to be a memorable experience as you get the opportunity to see the exotic animals coming live. Some of the renowned zoos in the city are Global Wildlife Center, Shreveport’s, Friends Alligator Park, Chimp Haven and Cat Sanctuary. You will get to ponder in the life of the exotic animals and birds which are incredible in itself. Do add this in your bucket of things to do in St. Louisiana.

3.) Alexandria

Alexandria and adjacent Pineville is situated in the hearts of Louisiana, near the Red River. Explore the city with your family and treasure the elements of the north and south Louisiana neighbors. “Cajun Bonhomie” and annual “Mardi Gras” celebrations are the prime attractions of the modern Southern city which you can thrive for. The “Alexandria Levee Park” is a hub of festivals. You can go for boat tours at “Lake Buhlow” in Pineville and enjoy the peaceful lifestyle in Central Louisiana.

4.) Lake Charles

Things to do in St. Louisiana

It is the another tourist attraction in Louisiana. The lake is surrounded by the glitzy casinos, renowned golf courses, city festivals and lots more. It is one of the best places in Louisiana to visit. The vibrant surrounding of the place is what everyone die for! And if this is not enough, then world famous cuisines, wildlife sanctuary, art galleries, and the historic district is something which you should try once being in this city. Add an entertainment quotient in your trip and do visit here for fun things to do in St. Louisiana.

5.) Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is the biggest celebration which takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana every year. It begins with the Christian feast of the Epiphany and ends before Ash Wednesday. The event is also known as “Shrove Tuesday” since the celebration finishes on Tuesday i.e. before Ash Wednesday. The gala session is marked with a parade, balls, and street celebrations. People wear masks and different costumes, dance performances are held. The celebration will be a retreat for you and your family as well. It is one of the most exciting things to do in St. Louisiana.

6.) Old State Capitol

The building resembles an old castle and is set on the hills. It has a political museum which showcases political system of the Louisiana. The state has gothic-revival touch which makes a dramatic impression on the people visiting it. The castle is situated in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S.A. This place draws most of the tourists in the city. You can surely think of visiting the capital with your family and friends. Definitely, one of the best things to do in St. Louisiana.

7.) Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium

If you are thinking to take your kids on an educational trip then this one should be on your list of things to do in St. Louisiana. The insectarium is a live insect zoo and museum which showcases live insects and various species of arthropods such as cockroaches, beetles, ants, bees, grasshoppers, etc. You get an opportunity to know these insects more closely.

8.) Southern Food and Beverages Museum

You must have visited various museums but have you ever heard of a museum which showcases different foods? If not then, this one does. The southern food and beverages museum is unique in its own way. It is a non-profit museum based in the New Orleans, Louisiana. The place throws a light on the culinary history of the American Southern States. It displays various cuisines and foods unfolding cultural traditions to the basic recipes. Give your taste buds a check of all these meals! Another must things to do in St. Louisiana.

9.)  Atchafalaya Basin

Atchafalaya Basin is the largest wetland and swamp in U.S.A. This place is the combination of wetlands and river delta area where Gulf of Mexico and Atchafalaya unites. It is the most peaceful place surrounded by the water and greenery. The place offers you the following fun things: airboat tours, wild animals around you and scenic beauty. Don’t forget to carry your camera to treasure the moments. It is one of the best things to do in St. Louisiana.

10.) French Quarter

The French quarter is a hub of various activities. Some of these are live music concerts, dance performances, the celebration of different cultures, exclusive dining adventures, shopping marts and much more. Also, you get to discover the history of the country. Take your partner on a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride through the charming streets of the city. To conclude from this place is perfect for a family or a couple trip. One of the must things to do in St. Louisiana.

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