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Things to do in St Louis Mo

The article is about things to do in St Louis Mo. Talking about the city. It is the port in the Missouri, state of United States. St Louis is around the Mississippi river and the great plains. The city is known for its taste of beer, baseball and bowling around the globe. And how can we forget the cult Gateway Arch that you must have cherished in many Hollywood films. Well, the place has much more offer in the reality. Also, the land has been a home for the legends like Chick Berry, Miles David, tina Turner and many more musicians are known worldwide. Read more to St Louis Mo.

Top Things to do in St Louis Mo:

Things to do in St Louis Mo

1.) Jefferson National Expansion Memorial

The first things to do in St Louis Mo is a visit to the memorial, popularly known for gateway arch. The Jefferson national memorial is park situated in St Louis Missouri. The main highlight of the park is gateway arch which has become  a symbol for the city. The silvery, shimmering gateway arch is the center of attraction. It is the largest arch in the world. It is 630m ft. high and coated with the stainless steel. The monument  is built in the form of an inverted thus it is known as a gateway arch. A tram ride will  let you see the monument from very close. This place should be must visit on your list of things to do in St Louis Mo.

2.) Anheuser-Busch Brewery

People who love beer and look for the places from where they can get good quality  beer must plan a trip to St Louis. The city is world famous for its beer and Anheuser-Busch Bravery is a place where world famous beer is made. The bravery is serving beer from the last 150 years. If you want to know how the beer is made and more about the place take a tour of the Bravery in Sourland and taste the best quality beer.

3.) Fox Theater

The magnificent Fox theater is a hub of cult plays and movie cinema. The art center is located in the downtown Detroit, Michigan around the Grand Circus Park History district.The area around the theater is named as the Foxtown. It is the oldest and largest movie palace. The venues hold famous live shows, performances, concerts, dramas and it also has its own movie cinema which is  huge and spacious. Famous artist has performed there. All you have to do is choose a show which you want to see and book your tickets.

4.) The Missouri History Museum

People who are interested in the history of the city and are eager to know how the city shaped the way it is then they must visit the Missouri history museum. The monument showcase every prominent event of the city’ history whether the world’s flair, Lewis or Charles Lindbergh’s flight across the Atlantic, the museum has all. Also, it exhibits the artifacts, culture and everything else that took place in the city in the past. The building is huge and has eye catching interior which takes you back in the old era.

5.) The St. Louis Science Center

The St. Louis Science Center is a lifetime experience in its own. The center takes you back in the era of the huge animal i.e dinosaurs. It is a family destination and one of the top attractions in the St. Louis. You can explore exhibits and various experiments. Visiting the St Louis center is one of the free things to do in St Louis Mo as the entry is free. If you are planning a visit to the center then do visit during first Friday since its a monthly free  effects which give you an opportunity for telescope viewing, OMNIMAX movies, and lots more exhibits under one roof.

6.) The World-Class St. Louis Zoo

Entry in the zoo is one of the free things to do in St Louis Mo is making a visit to this world class zoo which is the shelter for more than 5000 animals each with different species. Each corner of the zoo will give you a unique experience. It will take you close to the animals and their life since you will able to capture each moment of the animals life and what’s satisfying then seeing these animals living together and welcoming their new ones. The entry is totally free. however, a few attractions such as children’s zoo and zoo line railroad have an admission fee.

7.) The Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis

Looking for a place, filled with peace, far from the hussle – bussle and chaos of the city life then you should go to this cathedral. It offers you a peaceful environment where you can relax your soul and give your mind a break. It is a cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Church nestled in the  central west end area of St Louis, Missouri.

8.) The World Bird Century

A short trip to world bird century will give you a chance  to get close with the exotic species of the birds such as  bald eagles, owl, vultures, falcons and many others. It is a learning place since you will get to know about the birds which are endangered extinct and threatened. The seasonal shows educational programs  are must to watch as they take you in the different world of birds.

9.) Busch Stadium

For all the baseball lovers visit the stadium is must thing to do in St. Louis Mo. It is baseball park situated in the St. Louis, Missouri and home to  the city’s major league baseball i.e Louis Cardinals. It is a huge stadium with more than 50, 000 seats. Visit the stadium and get a chance to meet your favorite baseball player and cheer for his team.

10.) The Muny

Another thing to do in St Louis mo is watching live performances at the minicipal opera. It is the nation’s largest and one of the oldest outdoor theater. Leave shows are an epitome of the place specially in the summers. Every year, The Muny has a seven musicals which starts in the June and ends in the August month. Some of the seats are paid and some  are totally free. So go and enjoy the life.

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