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Things to do in St. Augustine FL

This article is about things to do in St. Augustine. St. Augustine is the oldest city in Florida, United States. This city is well known for its Spanish-style architecture. Also remarkable for it’s historic streets and panoramic bay. St. Augustine boasts attractions like stately castles, gilded age hotels, and military forts. Visitors can explore tranquil beaches, spiraling lighthouse and scenic nature trails. There are so many activities which fill your time by watching art galleries, surfing, fishing, shopping and many more. This city offers excellent restaurants that serve a variety of cuisines. Its historic building and beautiful beaches have served for the wedding for centuries. If you are planning a trip, then visit St. Augustine, which offers all the resources you need for a trip. You will find so many fun things to do in St. Augustine Fl.

Best Things to do in St. Augustine Fl:

St. Augustine Fl has a variety of historic sites and attractions which are mentioned below.

1) Marineland

things to do in st augustine fl marineland

Visiting Marineland is one of the most amazing things to do in St. Augustine Fl. It is designed by Hollywood filmmakers for the underwater scenes in movies. It was the first ocean park, which trains and breed marine mammals. In Marineland visitors can touch, feed, swim, train and paint with the dolphins. Marineland also offers shows, summer camps, and animal training seminars. Private events such as corporate functions, neighborhood meetings, and weddings are held at Marineland.

2) Anastasia State Park

Visiting Anastasia State Park is one of the amazing and fun things to do in St. Augustine Fl. This park is blessed with a variety of birds, wildlife, and plants. Explore the four miles of white sand beach, tidal salt marsh, upland hammock and marine. This park includes various activities such as camping, running, bird watching, fishing, surfing, sunbathing, swimming, sail boarding, hiking, kayaking and picnicking. So this park gives you an opportunity to enjoy these activities.

3) St Augustine Lighthouse and Museum

Are you interested to know about the nation’s oldest port? This place presents the story of the nation’s oldest port. It offers educational opportunities, maritime archeological research, priceless artifacts, many local and national preservation efforts. A tower of this lighthouse stands 165 feet above the sea level overlooking the Atlantic Ocean from Anastasia Island. Visitors can climb to the top of the lighthouse for an amazing view of the city and ocean. Walk through and experience the history of the lighthouse.

4) St Augustine Zoological Park

Visiting the zoological park is one of the fabulous things to do in St. Augustine Fl. This is the only place where you will find every living species of crocodile. Also, a wide range of animals, birds, fossils, reptiles and many more are seen. It is one of the oldest attractions which exhibits, educational demonstrations and animal performances. There are a number of interesting activities and facts that keep the kids interested. This place is worth to visit.

5) Castilo De San Marcos

The beautiful old architecture of this masonry fort makes it worth to visit. It is one of the most photographed buildings in St. Augustine. This fort is not only made up of stone and mortar but of human endurance and determination. The original walls of this fort provide tangible evidence of America’s remarkable history. It is a national monument which is built to protect Spain’s claim in the New World. There are a plenty of things to explore in this fort. That includes rooms for soldiers and prisoners, large interior courtyard and gun deck which offers a spectacular view of the city.

6) St Augustine Beach

St. Augustine beach is fabulous as it is located on Anastasia Island. Visiting this white sand beach is one of the amazing things to do in St. Augustine Fl. Its warm water and rolling waves make the beach worth  to visit. You will find here some fine restaurants, shopping centers, and a playground. This beach comes in one of the most scenic and unspoiled beaches. It offers various activities such as volleyball courts, bait shops, fishing pier, cabin camping areas and many more.

7) Casa Monica Hotel

Admiring Casa Monica Hotel is one of the best things to do in St. Augustine Fl. The Casa Monica hotel is one of the oldest and historic hotels in St. Augustine. This hotel is a member of the “ Historic Hotels of America”. Visit this historic hotel to enjoy the contemporary comfort and old-fashioned elegance. This is a fantastic place to enjoy award-winning cuisine in the restaurant. Its lobby is designed with original artwork. Every part of this hotel has been considered a sense of refined luxury. Social events are also held at this hotel. On a special occasion, the stage is set by boutique services and awe-inspiring venues. This Hotel is worth to visit. So don’t miss this historic hotel.

8) Potter’s Wax Museum

Visiting Potter’s Wax Museum is one of the fascinating things to do in St. Augustine Fl. This is one of the best family friendly attractions. The museum offers a 160 wax sculptures of horror characters, sports stars, historical personalities, famous politicians, and entertainers. These wax sculptures make it one of the best wax figure collections in the world.

9) Nightlife

After sunset, there is a chance to enjoy a vibrant nightlife. The night is filled with entertainment according to your mood and personality. Enjoy your night with your partner or friends at beaches or in pubs and clubs. You will find a number of best pubs and clubs in St Augustine. One of the most popular bars is “The Mardi Gras sports bar” which offers a variety of sports and entertainment. The bar offers ping-pong, pool, live bands, karaoke and many more. Have some best food in town and a wide variety of beer.

10) Aviles Street

If you are a shopaholic, then visiting Aviles Street is one of the best things to do in St. Augustine Fl. It is one of the oldest platted streets in St. Augustine Fl. Aviles street features art galleries, entertainment, culture, and restaurants with outdoor dining. Visitors can explore ghost tours, clothing boutique, and historic museums.

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