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Things to do in Spokane

Spokane is a lovely city in Washington. It is a nice place to explore with lots of fun things to do. In addition to constant outdoor leisure options, Spokane has exclusive amusement parks and shopping centers. Spokane is honored with many days of dry and sunny weather all through the year. The perfect blend of the charming climate and the region’s stunning scenery will enhance you with lots of open-air fun. The Spokane River is sometimes calm, sometimes wild that runs through the city. The river offers numerous occasion for a day’s pleasure. Spokane has numerous large and small parks. Each park has its own exclusive attractions. Read this article for lovely things to do in Spokane.

Things to do in Spokane

Things to do in Spokane

1.) Manito Park

A trip to the amazing and diverse gardens of Manito Park should be at the top things to do in Spokane  list. It is situated on Spokane’s South Hill and is a 90-acre park. It is surrounded by beautiful historic monuments. In addition, to the playgrounds, trails and recreation facilities it offers various attractions. Manito Park has several beautiful gardens. The Parks management has collaborated with Spokane Rose Society to offer visitors different varieties of Rose. A leisurely walk in this park is one of the best things to do in Spokane.

2.) Spokane River Trail

The Spokane River trail is a popular tourist attraction. As it has miles of smooth pathways. The 35-mile trail goes approximately along the Spokane River from the Idaho State line to city center Spokane. Much of the trail is accessible by wheelchair and baby carriage. Walking, biking and jogging are favorite things along this riverside trail. A trail around the river is one of the free things to do in Spokane.

3.) Riverside State Park

Riverside State Park is a camping park spread along the narrow Spokane rivers. The park is situated just north of the Spokane and has miles of tracks for biking and cycling. Riverside State Park includes a recreation area, offers space for picnicking, camping, swimming and snowmobiling. The Spokane River Centennial trail is popular for hiking and biking, which passes all the way through Riverside State Park. A leisurely walk in this park is one of the nicest things to do in Spokane with family.

4.) River Rafting

The Spokane River is slow and fast offering the rafting facility. Whether you’re hoping for a beautiful float or a little rapids adventure, you’ll find it in Spokane river. Here are some guides and experts that provide rafting trips, as well as an open-air recreation outing, in and around the Spokane river. Rafting is one of the fun things to do in Spokane. Rafting is one of the adventurous things to do in Spokane.

5.) Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park lies at the center of the Lilac City. This 50-acre park spreads along the river in the city center. Spokane is honored for its 1974 fair. At its heart is the Great Northern Clock tower and the United States steel-cable structure. The exhibition area is now the home of a fun park and regular ice skating rink. Roaming along the park’s trail, tourist will find fountains, amphitheater and a Spokane’s INB Performing Arts Center.

6.) Northwest Museum of Art

This exceptional museum is situated in Spokane’s historic area. It features both local history and artwork. The exhibits of the museum have an exclusive collection of tourist from all over the world. You can experience the changing and special exhibitions displaying Northwest history. A visit to Campbell House is also a major tourist attraction that’s located adjacent to the Northwest Museum of Arts.

7.) The Davenport Hotel

The Davenport hotel is famous for its unique architecture. Things to check out during your trip include the mezzanine, the lobby, the event spaces and the candy shop. You can also take pleasure in a drink in one of the Davenport’s bars. Accompany your drink with a meal in the stunning Peacock Room. If you want to complete your things to do in Spokane then you must visit this hotel.

8.) Northern Quest Resort and Casino

The Northern Quest Resort and Casino are loaded with facilities for fun. Northern Quest visitors will find a long list of lounges and restaurants along with the machine games and usual table. A fantastic sports club is an awesome space to get together with friends and enjoy the game. For any special event, the Masselow’s provides exclusive dining featuring Northwest foods. Northern Quest Resort and Casino is situated on the west side of town close to the Spokane International Airport. Just arrived in Spokane! Then, visit into this lovely resort. Exploring this resort is one of the exclusive things to do in Spokane.

9.) Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge

Turnbull refuge offers outstanding wildlife viewing occasions. It has a numerous path that passes through pine forest habitats and wetlands. There is a 5-mile route that you  can bike, drive or walk to access beautiful views of the refuge surroundings. There are also short tracks and a bike walkway that loops to the border of the stunning Blackhorse Lake.

10.) Spokane Falls

Spokane Falls is the name of a dam and waterfall on the Spokane River. It is located in the downtown Spokane. The city of Spokane was earlier known as “Spokane Falls”. Spokane Falls is very ferrous in the spring when the Spokane River splash a million gallons of water in the heart of the city. The city setting at the top of the falls enhances the artistic look of the falls. When you reach there you are at Riverside Park and you will be at the Upper Spokane Falls. The lower one is a bit down river from here. There are plenty of observing points to see the lower falls. Find the power building in red bricks, and go behind the building. There you will find a path leading down to the roaring Spokane Falls. Exploring these falls is one of the coolest things to do in Spokane.

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