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Things to do in South Africa

This article is dedicated to the best things to do in South Africa. South Africa is the land of natural beauty, wild life and remarkable beaches. It has earned the prestigious reputation of being the most beautiful country in the world. Despite of being the most developed county, South Africa has successfully preserved its natural beauties. The unique blend of African, Asian and European groups can be witness here. The vibrant  culture and the out door views are the best attractions of South Africa. The untamed wildlife of South Africa is remarkable for wild life adventures. Its varied culture and landscape has been a major attraction for the tourists. South Africa is blessed with six floral kingdoms. The mountains are the heart of the country. For people who love fun and adventure, South Africa is a must place to go. Here we will discuss exciting things to do in South Africa. The best things to do in South Africa list, should have the following places to visit.

Top Things to do in South Africa:

1.) Visit Cape Town in South Africa

Cape Town is the romantic and most visited city of South Africa. The Cape Peninsula is a perfect combination of pumping metropolis and night-life. It’s pre colonial Khoi inhabitants are referred to the table mountain, the Table Mountains are considered as the solid core of Cape Town, which divides the city in to two zones.  The famous landmark of the place is Hoerikwaggo gives breathtaking views of mountains in hills. Again next to it is the national park extending over the Peninsula. Cape Town is a perfect place for outing like picnic, sun bath or even biking. Surfing is also a major attraction for the travelers.

2.) Visit Cape Wineland

Cape Wineland is called as the fertile land of wine. One can view the majestic mountains, valleys, orchard and lust green fields of South Africa.  One can also visit the Wineyard – the country’s finest wine makers. The historic town of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek along the streets of quaint boutiques. The Afrikaans language museum gives knowledge about the multicultural heritage of the region.

3.) Visit Durban

Things to do in South Africa

Durban is all about the beaches. Durban Beachfront is a gorgeous stretch of golden sand, subtropical sunshine and the warm water of the Indian Ocean. Ushaka Marine is world famous for the fifth largest aquarium. It’s the home to range of fishes including pelagic fishes, sharks. One can also go for shark dive experience. Ushaka Marine gives offers ocean walker experience. Apart from this one can visit the city hall of this historic town. An outing at the Durban beach is one of the best things to do in South Africa.

4.) Visit Johannesburg

Johannesburg is called as the – City of gold. It’s the second largest city in South Africa and is a place for fun and entertainment. Visitors looking for cultural activities can visit 40 Art Galleries, cultural institutes or studious in the city. One can visit the cultural villager and centres in the city.  The pubs and the clubs of the city brings alive the night life of people. Johannesburg is also considered as the fashion hub of South Africa. It provides an exclusive range of boutiques and fashion houses, making it a premium shopping destination. Shopping here and enjoying the night life of Johannesburg are among the best things to do in South Africa.

5.) Visit Kruger National Park

Things to do in South Africa

Kruger National Park of South Africa is the world’s most exciting safari destination. Its vast landscape and spectacular African Wildlife welcomes its visitors to explore. The sanctuary lays in the heart of the Lowveld. The Lebomho hills run from the extreme south to the farthest northern edge of the sanctuary. The wild life consists of black rhinoceros, Cheetah, Giraffe, Leopard, Elephant and lions. For wildlife adventurers and lovers a visit to Kruger National park is one of the most exciting things to do in South Africa.

6.) Visit Robben Islands

Robben Islands is a world heritage site. It is the symbol of “The triumph of human spirit over adversity, suffering and injustice”. The island Museum begins at Nelson Mandela Gateway at the V&A Waterford. It consist of multimedia exhibition, museum shop and restaurants. The Museum at present is a dynamic institute which acts as a focal point of South Africa. The view of the island is similar to the table mountains of Cape Town. The harbour which is a part and parcel of the V & A gives you the view of tug boats tow and large cruise ships. There are boat trips that are available to visit the V & A exhibition. A boat trip are here is one among the best things to do in South Africa.

7.) Visit the Wild Coast

The Wild Coast has a gorgeous natural environment which comprise of hill country’s on the south coast. The groves of the aloe and the deep tidal estuaries cloaked on either bank . The unsullied riparian forest and  is the major attraction here. This coast is a delight for bird watchers. The dense riparian forest gives an astonishing view as the grassland and the coast are equally rich in variety. For bird lovers and watchers the Wild Coast is an paradise and a visit here is one of the exciting things to do in South Africa.

8.) Visit the Garden Route, Western Cape.

The Garden Route is a must visit place for the visitors. The route is extremely scenic and the hidden destination on its road side are the secrets of this region. The garden route is actually a mix of modern golf courses and ancient forest. The community of secluded communities and craft centres draws attention of various art and craft lovers. One should not miss the view of whales and bottle-nose dolphins in the Plettenburg Bay of the Garden Route. The Garden Route is the best place for outdoor recreation activities. The hiking and biking trails here are the best in the world.

9.) Visit Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve

The Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve is situated at Mpumalanga. The stunning view of Graskop up to the Abel Erasmus Pass is refreshing. One can enjoy the rare opportunity of the viewing the escarpment from the legendary viewpoint like the God’s window. The water erosion for past millennia has carved the red and yellow rocks in cylindrical shape. This colourful rocks are in the rock pool. Towards the eastwards of canyon one can see the massive spirals of dolomite that rise from the far wall of the canyon.

10.) Visit Wonder Cave

The Wonder Cave is internationally known as the Valley Of Kromdraai. The cave is at Gauteng and is Africa’s third largest cave. This cave was discovered in the nineteenth century by Italian miners and is considered as one of the most decorated one. It is also a part of The Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site.  The single chamber has an area of 46,000 metres and the temperature in the camber is 18 degrees(approx). One can see fantastic natural flowstone sculptures  which also resemble crystal chandeliers or stone curtains out of huge single lime stone. Other major attractions of the cave is the Praying Mary.

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