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Things to do in Sorrento

This article is about things to do in Sorrento. It is a coastal town in Italy. Well, the coastal city also has a Roman Name, i.e “Surrentum”. The town overlooks the Bay of Naples. The small town is known for its historical buildings, old streets, and noble houses. A major chunk of Sorrento ‘s architecture is inspired  by the Romans, French, and Byzantines. Read more to look out for things to do in Sorrento.

Things to do in Sorrento

Top Things to do in Sorrento:

1.) Piazza Tasso

Your trip to Sorrento is incomplete without a visit to this most chilled out place. The square lies in the heart of the town. The open public place, Piazza Tasso got its name from the renowned Italian poet, Torquato Tasso. The place is surrounded by  cafes, shops, fruits stands. Imagine yourself on a horse carriage ride and exploring all the stunning locations around. Or simply sitting in an Italian cafe with your partner and looking at the whole Sorrento running around you. Doesn’t it seem exciting? Indeed it is. That’s not all, the place has so much to offer. You can also visit Baroque Church Del Carmine. The church is sited in the main square. It is known for its interior, done by famous artist Onofrio Avellino.  Another attraction near Piazza Tasso that might attract you is Museum Correale. The gallery exhibits the paintings of Neapolitan painters. Do add this site to your list of things to do in Sorrento.

2.) Old Sorrento

Next on your list of things to do in Sorrento should be a quick visit to Old Sorrento. Strolling in its alleyway and  narrow street is one of the best experience that you can have. Here you will discover quaint trattorias, vibrant colorful shops and real essence of the town. After wandering around, you will realize why Sorrento is a favorite tourist destination. The old town is home to historical buildings. Complex of San Francesco and Sant Antonino are few attractions sited in the town. Here you will have a sneak peek into the rich culture and history of the Sorrento.

3.) Trip to Capri

After wandering through the streets of  Sorrento, its time to discover the island. Capri Island is situated in the  Tyrrhenian Sea around the Sorrentine Peninsula. The island overlooks Gulf of Naples. The main town of Capri shares the same name, Capri. You will get the best accommodation and leisure activities in the resort. The main attractions of the island are Marina Piccola, the Belvedere of Tragra, the town of Anacapri, sea stacks. The Belvedere of Tragara is a mesmerizing  panoramic promenade holding villas. The place is perfect for morning and evening walks. For Capri, you can catch a ferry from Marina Grande. It is the main port. Or for an explicit experience, you can book a private boat. On the way, you will come across a Blue Grotto. It is a cave that has been associated with  the historic and modern  use of humans. Do add this site to your list of things to do in Sorrento.

4.) Cathedral and Bell Tower

The two main cathedral includes the Sorrento cathedral of San Giacomo and San Flippo which have been modified numerous times. However, the main essence of the cathedral  has been intact yet. The cathedrals are mainly known for  Renaissance side door and older bell tower. There you can explore Classic- Byzantine capitals on the columns. The upper tower depicts the history of many eras. The collection includes  paintings and sculptures from the excellent marquetry and Neapolitan eras. If you are an artist or have a keen interest in the art then do not miss this site in your bucket of things to do in Sorrento.

5.) Museo- Bottega Della Tarsia Lignea

It is a  wooden marquetry shop museum. The museum is located  in the historical centre of the town. It showcases a rich collection of invalid wooden furniture and  items made by  marquetry masters in the 19th century. The exhibition also includes local and international artist. It includes the 19th century photos and paintings. The ground floor of the museum consists a bookshop. You can buy  objects and inlaid furniture and Alessandro Fiorentino Collection from the bookshop. The highlight of the museum is its frescoed halls, ceilings and hand painted wallpaper. For a wholesome information about the  modern and golden period art do visit this museum. Do not forget to add this to your list of things to do in Sorrento.

6.) Marina Grande

Marina Grande along with  another harbor i.e. Marina Piccola are located around the island Capri. The main attraction of the harbor is Villa Comunale. The villa offers a mesmerizing view of both the harbors lined up with colorful boats. You can catch a boat to Capri, Naples and other places around. The place has a decent crowd. Marina Grande and  Marina Piccola gives you a visual treat so do add both  the sites to your list of things to do in Sorrento.

7.) Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coasts stretches along the Sorrentine Peninsula. It is one of the popular tourist destinations around the Sorrento. You can visit the place through a boat ride from Marina  Grande. The coasts hold numerous beaches  and pastel colored villages where you can go for fishing. Spiaggia Grande beach is one of the most talked about beach on the coast. Amalfi Coast is home to sheer beauty and  superb hotels.  The most favorite tourist destination on the coast is Positano.Th coast also has well marked trails for hiking.

8.) Sightseeing in Sorrento

A perfect way for sightseeing Sorrento is Hop-on-Hop-off Bus. The bus starts from the Sorrento itself and covers all the major attractions and landmarks of  the town. It is a best convenient way to explore the city with hundred others whom you don’t know. But that is also a part of the fun. The best part of this bus route is that you will view all the attractions at the comfort of the bus. If you are visiting Sorrento for a short time then do take trip in  Hop-on-off bus. Do add this to your list of things to do in Sorrento.

9.) Cloister of San Francesco

Searching for a peaceful place? Try Cloister of San Francesco. The monastery is hub of a religious complex and a late-medieval church. Both the structures are an homage to St Francis of Assisi. The highlight of the monastery is its cloister. Two sides of cloister have crossed arches of tufe whereas as rest of the two have round arches. It is a wonderful place and oasis of tranquility. Do add this site to your list of things to do In Sorrento.

10.) Via Capo

It is one of the most peaceful place in Sorrento. The place has less crowd and good accommodation service. There is also a beach named Marina Puolo. You can go for boating and fishing there. A small stroll around the Via del Capo is worth since the place offer a mesmerizing view of the Bay of Naples.  To experience the tranquility do add this site to your list of things to do in Sorrento.

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