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Things to do in Skegness

The article features things to do in Skegness. The seaside town, Skegness is located on the North Sea, England. It is a huge resort town on the coast of Lincolnshire. The wide array of attractions such as beaches with clean sand, museums, seafront, shopping centres and beautifully landscaped foreshore have made the town a premier holiday destination. Plan a trip to Skegness and enjoy the beauty of the place. Read more, to know about various things to do in Skegness.

Things to do in Skegness

1.) Natureland Seal Sanctuary

Natureland Seal Sanctuary is a zoo and an animal century. The zoo is home to exotic animals, which include African Penguin, crocodiles, seals, sheep, Tarantulas, mice, and scorpion. The century also houses  tropical butterflies and birds such as Flamingo. It is one the best things to do in Skegness with kids. Take your kids to this exotic zoo where they can learn about different types of animal.  They can also participate in activities such as brass rubbing. The place also has a seal hospital where orphaned seal pups are treated. After, caressing the wildness around you can relax at the restaurant or cafe-lined within the century.

2.) Fantasy Island

Things to do in Skegness

Travelling with kids? If yes then you must be searching for a place where kids can enjoy. The fantasy island, an amusement park is a great hotspot for a family trip. The family park boasts some of the amazing rides. Jubilee Odyssey, millennium roller coaster, the volcano and amazing confusion are to name a few explicit rides. And do not forget the beast ride. Your kid will definitely love this place. Why only kids! In fact, it is a perfect  fun attraction for adults as well.

3.) Skegness Stadium

For all the adventure lovers, this one is a must  in your list of things to do in Skegness. The stadium holds car racing, truck racing, caravan racing and firework displays. You get to see a live action. The stadium is generally crowded so make sure you book your tickets in advance.

4.) Skegness Pier

It is one of the largest family entertainment centres on the east coast. It is  a perfect hub of entertainment. The place holds many recreational activities, especially for kids. One of the highlights of the place is  broadway shows. Moreover, it has various eatery giants where you can relax and try your hands on street foods and drinks. A visit to  Skegness Pier is  one of the must things to do Skegness with kids.

5.) Skegness Beach

Far from all the hustle bustle, the Skegness beach offers you a peaceful environment. The beach looks more mesmerising during the sun rise and sun set. You can sit here for hours and relax. Whether its sunbath, swimming or any other water activity you can do here. A visit to Skegness Beach is one of the must things to do in Skegness especially for couples. Since the atmosphere is quite so they can spend ample of time with each other. The chirping of birds, echo of waves and greenery elevates the whole scenario. It is one of the best things to do in Skegness.

6.) Golf Course

For all the golf player, this one is a hit in the city. It’s time to show your golf skills on the real ground.  The playground is vast with all the amenities that a player requires. You can become a member or can randomly visit here. Do not forget to add the site to your list of fun things to do in Skegness. However, if you are an avid learner or has a keen interest in the game then you can also, learn golf here.

7.) Village Church Farm

Village church farm was initially known as church farm museum. It is an open air museum. It displays the agricultural history of the Skegness. It does not matter if you have a keen interest in agriculture or not, it’s worth a visit to explore the new side of farming life.  The gallery also boasts the  exhibitions from 19th to 20th century. On display are the traditional breeds such as Longwool sheep and Red Poll cattle. The entry of the museum is free so you can add the site to your list of free things to do in Skegness.

8.) Butlin Skegness

It is a family holiday camp. The resort offers superb dining, recreational facilities, a huge swimming pool and many more services. It is a perfect place for a family trip. From your food to entertainment everything is taken great care of. The spectacular resort is a must visit. Do not forget to add the resort to your list of things to do in Skegness.

9.) Skegness Festival

You cannot afford to miss  this grand event in Skegness. The entire town is decked up. The festival commences with a parade and followed by the stage shows, musical concerts and dance shows. This is one of the  main events of the town. If you want to  observe the town from close then do attend the event. Definitely, the event is going to prove worthy since you will get an opportunity to experience the vast culture of the place.

10.) Nightlife of Skegness

The fun capital boasts a fun and lively nightlife. From pubs, discos to clubs the town has everything to offer. For a family party, Skegness has “Skegness Bowl”. Whereas for youth the place has JD Wetherspoons in the Red Lion, the Marine and Wolfe to name a couple and many more. The clock tower is a hub of all the entertainment. There are many bars and restaurants with good dining and a lively crowd. Do add this to your list of things to do in Skegness.

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