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Things to do in Sioux Falls SD

Sioux Falls is the largest city in the state South Dakota, United States. It is most popularly known for shopping and tourism in the Great Plains. The city is the heart of America. This article will guide you with things to do in Sioux Falls SD. You will find everything from the famous falls park to the plenty of entertainment, shopping and family fun. This city is also known as the largest urban center between Denver and Minneapolis. It is a beautiful city with a welcoming environment. Sioux Falls has one of the main attraction that is ‘Falls Park’. Sioux Falls is also recognized as a home to several events such as Sculpture walk, First Fridays and more. Its nightlife is also interesting as it houses many bars, clubs, and restaurants. This city offers plenty of attractions which we will discuss below.

Things to do in Sioux Falls SD

Top Things to do in Sioux Falls SD:

1) Falls Park

Falls Park is one of the best attraction of Sioux Falls. Falls park is known for its waterfalls of the big Sioux river. These beautiful falls are the main attraction of the visitors. The falls park includes an observation tower, a cafe, and an old mill. The cafe is situated across the river which is open for lunch and dinner. There is a bridge which is used for crossing the falls. Climbing on the red rocks is the best thing to do. Beautiful lightning on the falls and on the trees looks marvelous. Enjoy the beautiful view of the falls park.

2) Great Plains Zoo

Visiting Great Plains Zoo is one of the fun things to do in Sioux Falls. The great plains zoo houses a great collection of mounted animals including various vanishing species. The zoo has a great wildlife from around the world. The Asian cat exhibit includes Pallas’s cats, snow leopards, and amur tigers. This zoo offers expansive grounds with amazing trails, a forest of trees, peaceful areas to see and serene meadows. Exploring animals would be a wonderful experience.

3) Great Bear Recreation Park

Great Bear Recreation park is referred as a great bear. This park is one of the most beautiful and fun things to do in Sioux Falls. This is the largest park in the Sioux Falls. This is a great place to explore ski or snowboard. The ski hill has 12 runs with three lifts. This park also has a Terrain Park. Visitors are also allowed to do mountain biking. Great Bear has blessed with Loess Mountain Range, snow tubing, hiking trails and relaxing nature walks. This park also offers food and beverages in the lodge where you can have lunch.

4) Lake Alvin

Visiting the Lake Alvin is one of the exciting things to do in Sioux Falls. This is an artificial lake in South Dakota. This lake has become a very popular attraction. This park is well known for its excellent fishing and beach facilities. The lake features picnic shelter, hiking trail, swimming beach, boat ramp, and handicap accessible fishing dock. Visit this lake Alvin with your family and explore each part of this lake. It is an accessible picnic shelter for families.

5) Wild Water West

Wild Water West is an amusement park. Visiting this amusement park is one of the fun things to do in Sioux Falls. This amusement park offers a family friendly environment. The park houses all water park attractions, batting cages, mini golf, go-carts and sand volleyball. This amusement park has a wave pool and lazy river. So enjoy every waterside of this park. Wild Water West offers a non-stop entertainment and lots of exciting things to do.

6) Thunder Road Family Fun Park

Thunder road is a fun park and mini golf course which offers thrill rides, go-karts, laser tag and many other kids-friendly games. This place is loaded with lots of fun for the whole family. Playing golf is the best entertainment for players. This golf course features waterfalls, colorful landscaping, fountains, rippling streams and a volcano. Experiencing the bungee jump gives you the amazing sensation. Take an exciting ride of go-karts and experience the racing fun. Visiting Thunder Road Family Fun Park is one of the fun things to do in Sioux Falls SD.

7) Sertoma Butterfly House and Marine Cove

Visiting Sertoma Butterfly and Marine Cove is one of the beautiful things to do in Sioux Falls SD. This attraction houses several of active butterflies, sea life displays, and a touch pool. Explore the nature’s beauty with marine life and tropical butterflies. The butterfly house is home to numerous free flying birds. Hundreds of butterflies welcome you to their home. It is a place of peace and wonder. Marine Cove at the Sertoma Butterfly House displays a wide range of species of corals and fishes in the aquarium. There are also tide pools which are found along the sea-shore with animals. Pacific tide pools feature sea cucumbers, leather sea stars, red and purple sea urchins and many more.

8) Sculpture Walk

Sculpture walk is one of the most exciting exhibits of outdoor sculptures which is displayed in downtown. Several artists place their sculptures in the program for a year. Visitors come and vote for their favorite sculptures. You are invited to photograph and enjoy modern, traditional and representational art. Sculpture walk is an attractive tourist point in Sioux Falls. Explore the sculpture walk and enjoy the view of the amazing sculptures.

9) Nightlife

Enjoying nightlife is one of the most fun things to do in Sioux Falls. Sioux Falls is home to comedy clubs, night clubs, pool halls, dance halls, sports bars and bands. Have a sip of your favorite drink and enjoy the nightlife scene. Most of the night clubs have amazing lighting and large dance floors to rock the party. In the sports bar, enjoy your favorite sports. So, enjoy nightlife with your friends to the fullest.

10) Sioux Empire Mall

Sioux Empire Mall is a great shopping mall in Sioux Falls SD. Shopping is one of the interesting things to do in Sioux Falls SD. The Empire Mall comprises various shops including kiosks, carts, grocery stores, hotels and many more. This mall also features fabulous fashion and accessories. It is a huge tourist attraction in Sioux Falls.

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