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Things to do in Savannah Georgia

Planning to visit Savannah in Georgia! A sneak peak to the list of things to do in Savannah Georgia will help you to select the best places in the country. Savannah is a coastal city in the state Georgia. It is located in southeastern, United States. It is the oldest and capital of the state Georgia. The city is best known for its manicured parks, horse-drawn carriages, and mindboggling architectures and historic places.The city was the main cotton port in ancient times. Gothic-Revival Cathedral of Saint John, the Baptist is iconic architecture. The city is also popular for its nightlife. Here you can see the artist playing the instrument and entertaining the people around them. Read more, to know things to do in Savannah Georgia.

Top Things to do in Savannah Georgia:

1.) The Cathedral of St John the Baptist

The cathedral  in Savannah was built in the 18th century. The holy place has been reconstructed many times. The monument is popular for its farfetched renaissance-style murals and the pipe organ with more than 2000 pipes. The great rose window is above the organs. The window along with the panels radiates the photographs of St. Cecilia in the middle. The interior, marble railings, altar and the floor make the place most elegant and peaceful shrine in the city.

2.) Bull Street

Savannah is best known for the historic monuments and Bull Street is the best example of it. The street begins with the city hall opposite to custom house. Moving forward you will find Johnson square, it was a the first square carved out in the city. Another main attraction of the Bull Street is Christ Episcopal Church. Few restaurants, coffee shops and outdoor tables are also there around the street. The horse drawn carriage tour is a lifetime experience to have around the city.

3.) Tybee Island Beach

Things to do in Savannah georgia

The Tybee Beach is nestled in the east of the capital city. The beach  stretches 3 miles long with the golden sand dunes that look like the cape of the land. Talking about the things to do in Savannah Georgia, you can go for swimming in the Atlantic Ocean and catch up some sunlight. The island is famous tourist attraction which also offers accommodation, fishing piers and dining.

4.) Telfair Museum

Telfair Museum is the oldest and the first public art museum which showcases the   great  paintings and work of renowned artists.  The peripheral side of the art house features a rectangular porch and a few Corinthian columns with unique code stone capitals. The monument serves as national and regional resource culture, art and history. To know the history and culture of the Savannah very closely do plan it, in your things to do in Savannah Georgia.

5.) The Oatland Island Wildlife Center of Savannah

The Oatland Island Wildlife Center of Savannah is sheltered to more than hundred animals of different species. The exotic animals are showcased in a natural habitat with a rustic trail through marshlands and forest. The wild species of animals are worth watching. Wolf, armadillos, flying squirrels and screech owls are to name few of the exotic animals found in the wildlife center. Other rearing animals such as  cows, goats and sheep can be seen in the Georgia farm. The center also holds educational classes with the motive to  spread the awareness about the  animals conservation.

6.) Savannah City Center

City center is a hub of social and commercial activities. The center was the mat main market in the city which was mostly used by the farmers and the traders to sell out their goods and products. The market has everything from old  jewellery, antics to the modern accessories,  foods and other items The contemporary market is divided into four blocks. One is for warehouse and others for shops. Whether you are shopaholic or love entertainment the place has everything to offer so do add it in your list of things to do in Savannah Georgia.

7.) Isaiah Davenport House

The monument is the best example of exemplary architecture. The structure is simple but  has an elegant exterior which makes the palace more beautiful.The lavish palace  is operated by the historic house museum. The house flourishes the rich  ancient culture  and the deeds of the affluential people.

8.) Hutchinson Island

It is a river island in the river Savannah in the downtown of a city. The island holds two  popular resorts that are Marriott and Marina. The place is a perfect combination of entertainment and relaxation  that too at the beautiful  landscape. The island is accessible by free ferry or you can reach the island through  Talmadge Bridge.The island also has a Savannah International Trade and Convention Center. Also, not to forget the Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort and spa.

9.) Savannah Victorian District

Savannah  holds the exquisite Victorian districts with other tourist attractions. The Thomas Square and Gordonston History district are to name few. Each spot has distinct flair which  makes them  distinct from each other. The district is designed in the predominant style. The homes are made up of wood with quirky gingerbread trim, stained glass window and exclusive architecture.

10.) Leopold’s Icecream

For all the  ice cream lovers, the ice cream parlour is a delight. You can find exotic types of ice cream, each has a distinct flavor which makes them delicious. Even if you do not like ice cream, do visit the parlour for its unique taste. The yummy ice cream is a retreat for your tongue. The parlour is located near the Broughton street and city market, after the much strolling in the street give yourself a break at a parlour.

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