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Things to do in San Juan (Puerto Rico)

This article is about best things to do in San Juan. It is the capital of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico’s attractions range from the adventures of Rio Camuy Cave Park to the historic El Morro fort. Between these two extreme there are plenty of things to do in San Juan. The list of sightseeing in San Juan is endless. The Old San Juan is the place where you will see the most popular attractions of the city. Its top spots are the ancient fortress, a tropical rainforest, a natural underground cave system, a bio-luminescent bay and a tiny islet with fantastic beaches. Read more, to know best things to do in San Juan.

Top Things to do in San Juan:

1.) Castillo de San Felipe Del Morro

Things to do in San Juan castillo de san felipe del morro

The Castillo de San Felipe del Morro is commonly known as El Morro. It is ancient San Juan’s most recognizable milestone. For over four hundred years, it has been protecting San Juan. Also known to be the freighting route from the New World to the Old. Today, a summer vacation to this 6 level castle is like walking through a martial history of Puerto Rico from the 15th to the 20th Century. Step in the protector box, and see how the fighter used to survive and work in hard times. And check out the enhancements created by the U.S.A during World War II.

2.) CulebritaThings to do in San Juan culebrita

On the small Culebra Island, off Puerto Rico’s east shore, the star attraction is usually considered to be the most beautiful Flamenco Beach. If you want privacy then do visit this place with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Its beauty lies in its lighthouse and even in beaches. Westward Beach is a long range of sand holding the coastline with waters. The beach water displays many shades of terrific and blue snorkeling. The Culebrita Reef is on the southern face of the island.

3.) Camuy Caves

Things to do in San Juan, Puerto Rico

The Rio Camuy Cave Park is similar to the Museum of Art in Ponce. The two major difference among these places. Firstly, you can relate it to a visit to the awesome Arecibo radio telescope. Secondly, you can enjoy some seriously adventurous trips out here. The Camuy cave arrangement is the 3rd largest on this planet. The trip over the caves brings you through subterranean canyons to the corner of caves above 600 feet deep.

4.) EL Yunque National Forest

Things to do in San Juan El Yunque National Forest

El Yunque is home to the only tropic rainforest in the United States. It is two-hour road drive from San Juan. This mountainous region is separated from the city’s shore and retreats you with the spectacular serene. Walk among the rainforest’s plentiful flora. Here you can tour along one of the numerous trails extending from simple steps for difficult slopes. You can also enjoy a jump under the waterfall. It is one of the most adventurous things to do in San Juan.

5.) The Vieques Bioluminescent Bay

Things to do in San Juan the vieques

If you haven’t planned what to do tonight then go to the Vieques. It is popularly known as Biobay. Try to go on a no moon night. Explore it on a full moon  night by kayaking through mangrove trees on Vieques Island. You might wonder what all the fuss is about. And then you’ll get a notification that your ears are shining green in the water. It is one of the most amazing things to do in San Juan. Fish flares away from you like underwater lightning. And then you would realize why the Vieques Biobay of Puerto Rico has to offer. Thanks to its geology, climate, and local preservation efforts. The Vieques Biobay is also the most bioluminescent bays in the world.

6.) Old San Juan

Things to do in San Juan old san juan

Old San Juan is a great place to walk around with your boyfriend or girlfriend. exhibits almost 500 years of archives. The path of Old San Juan is a shutter to the past. The town is lined up with famous forts and Spanish colonial structure setting the view. This world Social Heritage Site is the 2nd beloved city in the America. And also a former city under the US flag. The seven park block section contains restaurants, museums, shops, hotels, and other public construction. The  real masterpiece of Old San Juan is the Fuertes San Felipe del Morro. It is recognized more commonly as El Morro. The set up is  located on a tip of land facing the sea. A visit this spot is one of the best things to do in San Juan.

7.) San Jose Catholic Church

Things to do in San Juan san jose catholic church

Dominican established the Iglesias de San Jose in 1500. It sets the prime example of Spanish Gothic design in the Americas. Contrary to other church this cathedral is small, with a simple façade. But the arched interior gives it an atmospheric feel. For nearly 300 years, the Spanish navigator Ponce de Leon was concealed here until his body was transferred to the San Juan Cathedral in 1900. In the 1800 Puerto Rican artist, Jose Campeche was buried here.

 8.) Condado and Ocean Park Beach

Things to do in San Juan condado

You must visit the Condado and Ocean Park Beach otherwise you would miss some of the fun things to do in San Juan. The region lies on a section of land between the Laguna Condado and the Atlantic Ocean. The area was formerly developed as San Juan’s primary tourist zone in the late 1950s. It was built as a “Mini Miami Beach” facing the town. The major pivot of the town is Avenida Ashford. Along the line stands plenty of luxury resorts and hotels. Condado gives a wide variety of facilities in all ranges. Condado is also a house to huge Convention Center, with theaters, restaurants, shopping. Many exhibitions and festivals are also held here.

9.) Catedral de San Juan

Things to do in San Juan catedral de san juan

The San Juan Cathedral is known as Catedral de San Juan. It was established in 1540. It is remembered for signifying one of the medieval cathedrals in the Americas. And one of the traditional churches in San Juan. Its interior is done in the black-and-white patterned tiling floor with the yellow decor. It is surprisingly bright and pleasant. The great Spanish traveler, Ponce de Leon, was buried  here in a marble grave since 1913. And San Pio, a Roman rational martyr, was also  buried here. The cathedral still endures daily services, and trips are available.

10.) Old San Juan Cemetery

things to do in san juan Old San Juan cemetery

The magnificent San Juan Cemetery is known as Cementerio Santa Maria Magdalena de Pazzis. It lies along the coast and adjacent to El Morro and raised above the ocean. Noted for detailed statues, tombstones. A circular red-domed neoclassical church was devoted to Mary Magdalene. It is a cemetery on a quiet place. It is one of the most delightful things to do in San Juan. The location is set on a hillside above the sea. It also has beautiful a scene spread out to the ocean towards El Morro. The tombs are all above ground resembles those found in New Orleans.

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