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Things to do in San Jose

San Jose is a city where east meets west along the Bosphorus Straits. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with numerous tourist attraction. You will find many top things to do in San Jose weather you are going for pleasure or for business. This largest California city offers modernity of Silicon Valley with the beauty of Spanish roots.

Top Things to do in San Jose:

1.) Paramount’s Great America

Things to do in San Jose

Paramount’s Great America offers some best fun for you and your family in the South Bay area. The spot is located at just northward of San Jose. You will get the wide range of entertainment from play areas and rides to shows and games. The Park is the excellent place to spend an afternoon. It is the home to various rides like Demon, the Drop Zone, James Bond ride such as Stealth and License to Thrill. The world very first flying roller coaster and IMAX theater is also among main attraction here.

2.) Visit Santana Row

Santana Row offers the entire thing you might desire after visiting at this place. In Santana Row, you can do everything like shopping, partying and dining. You will find here quick meal to a fancy restaurant, Indian cuisine, sushi, and European restaurant. The shopping includes stocks from Urban Outfitters to Borders bookstore. There is something for both young and old. Additionally, the Santana Row strip provides everything from Irish pubs to throbbing nightclubs. To visit this place is one of the best things to do in San Jose.

3.) The Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery House has 160-room behemoth located in downtown San Jose. The oddities and antiques inspired locals to name the home “Mystery House”.  You will see here gold and silver chandeliers, Tiffany windows, 47 fireplaces and several dead ends with the stair that lead you nowhere. There is also a Winchester rifle display on the grounds that is must see attraction. Please note that children below 9 are not permitted on behind the Scenes tour and the Grand Estate tour due to safety concerns. Touring this place is one of the best things to do in San Jose. You can also reach to The Mystery House conveniently, as it is close to Santana Row and the local cinema.

4.) Mexican Heritage Plaza

Mexican Heritage Plaza is one of the largest multipurpose centers of the state. The plaza is dedicated for promoting Latino culture. It is a home to wonderful thematic gardens, a 500 seat theater, a Pavilion area, exhibition space and numerous classrooms and offices. To visit this plaza is one of the best things to do in San Jose. It hosts several presentation, concerts, and festivals annually and offers suitable infrastructure for corporate meetings.

5.) HP Pavilion at San Jose

HP Pavilion at San Jose is home to the city’s NHL privilege, the Sharks. The Pavilion also host professional and collegiate sports events. The main sports event is basketball games and arena football matches. This multipurpose system frequently schedules main programs. The past highlights of the arena are Garth Brooks, Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan.

6.) Go For Latin American Cuisine

San Jose is well known for chefs specialize in Mexican and Spanish style cuisine. Downtown is Mezcal known for improving authentic cooking style. In the menu, you will get everything from moles to cracking tasty Tlayudas. Around happy hour, you will find plenty of mezcal and tequila. For Caribbean Latin flavors, feast at Acuzar, which offers dishes packed with fresh foods of South America, Puerto Rico, and Cuba. This means you can get your ceviche and fried plantains. Spanish tapas in San Jose are excellent local hot spots like Picasso’s.

7.) Peralta Adobe

Peralta Adobe is the only trace of original El Pueblo de San Jose back in 18th century. It is one of the state’s earliest Spanish towns. The interior of Pueblo is in same fashion as it was in the 18th century. You will find outdoor fireplace outside of Pueblo. Your entry pass will also give access to the Fallon House across the street. To visit Peralta Adobe is one of the best things to do in San Jose.

8.) The Tech Museum of Innovation

The best thing about Tech Museum of Innovation is that it is not at all a museum in any sense. It offers hands-on exhibits, learning programs and IMAX Theater for tourists. The museum is beautifully divided in various themed galleries. The galleries include robotics, space exploration, and laser technology.

9.) Visit Some Top IT Companies

Although, these IT companies are not exactly located in San Jose. But it doesn’t mean that you miss the opportunity to visit world’s biggest IT companies. They are the pioneer enterprises in their respective field and possess best infrastructure compare to other companies in the same area. Apple, Google, and Intel are some big names that you should visit. These companies is located at the Bay Area of San Jose.

10.) Raging Water

Raging Waters has a special attention for more mature spectators. It is built in 23-acre of land with a variety of wild slides. Tourists can find here darkened tube slides, which are  a massive 350,000-gallon wave pool with a 10-story flume. Don’t worry, the place also has enough things for your little ones like Splash Island Adventure. It is an excellent multi-level playground with water, tunnels, cannons, slides and dozens of other fun activities.

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