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Things to do in Roanoke VA

This article is about things to do in Roanoke VA. Roanoke is located in Southwest Virginia in the United States. It is cuddled between the Allegheny and the Blue Ridge Mountains. The city Roanoke has garnered the name, star city of the South. The city is a hub of cultural and recreational activities. The Roanoke Valley is known for its natural beauty. Imagine green forest around, birds chirping and sound of the river, isn’t it amazing? So is the aura of the valley. That’s not it! The valley has some amazing monuments and recreational sites as well. To feel the nature closely, plan a trip to Roanoke VA. Read more, about various things to do in Roanoke VA.

Things to do in Roanoke VA

Things to do in Roanoke VA

1.) Taubman Museum of Art

Taubman Museum of Art is also known as Virginia Museum of Fine arts. The gallery is located in the Roanoke downtown. The sticking feature of the museum is its explicit architecture and the sculptures as a part of its interior. It showcases hundreds of years old American artworks. Renowned artist such as Childe Hassam, Thomas Eakins, and Winslow Homer have graced the galleries with their world famous paintings. For an artist in you, it is one of the must things to do in Roanoke VA.

2.) Mill Mountain Park

The park holds many attractions. Walking trails, zoo and discovery center are to name a few attractions. The zoo is home to exotic animals. Moreover, the park also offers recreational activities which include hiking, biking, and tracking. The park has garnered a few accolades from the tourist since it overlooks the scenic beauty around. Also, it is a wonderful place for a family trip. The trip would be entertaining and knowledgeable as well. So add this site to your bucket of things to do in Roanoke VA.

3.) Harrison Museum of African American Culture

The museum is a cultural and educational institution. It promotes and preserves the history and art of African American. The permanent collection of the gallery includes contemporary art, photographs, memorabilia and objects related to African-American. The museum also sponsors Henry Street Heritage Festival annually. The festival is organized to celebrate and sanitize the mass about the culture and heritage of Roanoke.

4.)  Roanoke Star

It is also known as  the Mill Mountain Star. The Roanoke star is one of the largest stars. It was made by a man. It is free a standing illuminating star built at the mouth of Mill Mountain. Due to this star, the city got its name star city. The huge star illuminates the entire city. The site looks enticing in the evening. It is a perfect picturesque spot. Do add it to your list of things to do in Roanoke VA.

5.) Mill Mountain Zoo

The zoo is situated on the top of the Mill Mountain. The zoo is home to exotic animals, which are  Frum frump(African elephant), Ruby(Siberian tiger) and Oops( Japanese Macaque). It hosts 35 different species of animals and birds, including the ones which are endangered. It is one of the best things to do in Roanoke VA with kids. Your kid will get to know about different animals and birds. Moreover, it is a great place for a family trip.

6.) Valley View Mall

Looking for a shopping venue? Here we have a perfect place where you can shop and have a great time. Valley View Mall is a huge shopping center, located in the Roundhill around Roanoke. The huge mall comprises of a wide array of shops, restaurants, shops and ice-cream parlor. Tired of the touring around the city? Then it’s the best place to spend your evening. It is a great place for shopping buffs and one of the fun things to do in Roanoke VA.

7.) Mill Mountain Theatre

Mill Mountain Theater is the only regional theater that the city has. The theater offers live shows and musical concerts. It is one of the entertainment hubs in the Downtown. Moreover, it also imparts  acting classes, technical theater classes and etc. Let the magic of theater cast its spell on you. Do visit the theater once to experience the grandeur of the site.

8.) Roanoke Downtown Food and Cultural Tour

Apart from visiting the above-listed attractions, you can also try hands on different tours. It is one of the fun things to do in Roanoke VA. Well, if you are into foods and love to try different flavors then Roanoke Downtown Food and Cultural Tour will defiantly work for you. Give your taste buds a reality check! Whether it’s a street food or specified cuisine each one has different taste. Do take your family and friends on food and cultural tour.

9.) Roanoke Craft Beer Tours

Doesn’t the tour sound exciting? Well, the tour is all about participating in the process of beer making. The tour takes you on three breweries where you can see how your favorite beer is made. Also, you can buy some of them as well. So what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Roanoke and do not forget to add this site to your chart of things to do in Roanoke VA.

10.) Hiking in Virginia’s Blue Ridge

Looking for an adventure activity? Well, the Blue Ridge Mountain has something to offer. The Roanoke valley in Blue Bridge offers a vast hiking trail. You can stroll around or can climb the mountains. It is rated as one of the best trail towns in recent years. Enthusiast can  climb the top of the Mill Mountain star trail. Moreover, they can also go for hiking at Claytor Lake State Park, Smith Mountain Lake State Park, and Fairy Stone Park. Hiking will  not only add some adventure to your trip, but it will be a retreat for eyes as well. You will get to view the city skyline, stunning mountain vistas and what else do you want. So what are waiting for? Plan a trip to Roanoke VA.  And do add the site to your list of fun things to do in Roanoke VA.

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