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Things to do in Reading (England)

There are a lot of things to do in Reading for hikers and cyclers. It is a large town and unitary executive area in the ritual county of Berkshire in the England. It was one of the important centers in the medieval period, with the operating center at the Reading Abbey. In the 19th century, Reading grew as the manufacturing center and now it ranks one of the top economic ares in the UK. The town is perfect for those who are going with kids. Read this article to know more about exciting things to do in Reading.

Fun Things to do in Reading:

1.) Wellington Country Park

Things to do in Reading (England) wellington country park

Wellington Country Park is a lovely countryside for safe and open-air adventures for the whole family. The park facilities and attractions are best for the children as it includes adventure play areas, sand pits, a toddler’s area, slides, miniature railway, petting barn and animal farm. The story does not end here as the park also include nature trail maze, water play, enchanted forest, 9 holes of crazy golf and loads more play facilities to climb on and in. The woodlands have four nature trails to follow for more composed adventure. It will be fun seeing the array of wildlife species in their natural habitat from insight and also one of the most incredible things to do in Reading. The first trail allows you to get up close and personal to the herd of Red and Fallow deer.

2.) Beale Park

Things to do in Reading (England) Beale Park

Beale Park is one of the top rated tourist’s attractions in Reading. It is a fun and adventurous place with animals, gardens and numerous activities on the banks of the scenic River Thames. The park has the diverse collection including meerkats, ring-tailed lemurs, raccoons, prairie dogs, wallabies, yellow mongoose, monkeys, goats, river hogs, and various small mammals in our Pet’s Corner. Set against a marvelous backdrop of the River Thames in Berkshire, the Beale Park is a home to an interesting blend of animals and attractions. However, it also gives visitors the chance to enjoy and relax with nature at its best with a variety of sculptures, gardens, trails and lakes to enrich your visit. It is one of the most exciting things to do in Reading.

3.) Legoland Windsor

Things to do in Reading (England) legoland windsor

It is a resort and an inspirational theme park best for family amusement. Here, fun never stops as it has several interactive rides, building workshops, live shows, driving schools and much more. All things are accommodated in the 150-acre area of stunning parkland. The experience you will get here would be unique and one of the most fun things to do in Reading. Dive in the wet and wild water rides and join a Viking fleet where you can fight a sea monster and rough waters. The Waterworks are ideal for small ones as they can enjoy splashing in the fountains and interactive rides. It is one of the most exciting things to do in Reading.

4.) Walk along the Thames

Things to do in Reading (England) thames

One can enjoy walking along the Thames path – which on a sunny day becomes really lovely. The River Thames is the longest river flowing through London alongside other towns and cities, including Oxford, and Windsor. The Thames trail is an easy route both in terms of ground and route finding. Getting the camping sites would be difficult along some parts of the route. It becomes a must visit site for those who love wildlife. Here you will interact with a large group of swans gathering just behind the Caversham hotel. It is one of the most beautiful things to do in Reading. Note that, feeding swans are not allowed here as they get clobbered by the rower’s oars as they come in. The parking is free behind the rowing club. It is might be the possibilities that you get charged for parking if system altered.

5.) Reading Abbey

Things to do in Reading

King Henry founded the Reading Abbey in Berkshire in the 11th century. It came to an end in 1539 when King Henry VIII destroyed the entire abbey in England. Some of the buildings and the church used by the monks remain as ruins. Few other buildings have continued in use till now with the same layout of the monastery which was followed by the contemporary street pattern. Visiting this place is one of the unique things do in Reading.

6.) Mysterious Stonehenge

Things to do in Reading (England) stonehenge

Stonehenge comprised of a set of standing stones on Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire, England. Superior amongst monuments in the British Isles, it resembles an older and larger monument at Avebury. The great structure is enclosed within a circular ditch with a bank on the inner side, and can be approached by a broad roadway called the Avenue. Stonehenge previously used as an instrument to measure solar and lunar position. Hawkins appreciates the instrument accuracy when he correlates his test calculations of the solar and lunar positions. Though, some of the archeologists object to Hawkins’s prediction system. As the system proposed by him was too difficult for the Early Bronze Age society of England. Due to its scientific and historical importance, visiting this place is one of the unique things to do in Reading.

7.) Discovery Center

Things to do in Reading (England) discovery center

The main attraction here in the Discovery Center is the interactive science exhibition which has several activities. The place is for all kinds of person who want to understand science. This place also includes an adventure play area and there are plenty of things to keep kids entertained.

8.) Pub Music Nights

Things to do in Reading (England) pub music nights

Reading is a great town to enjoy some live music as the place has numerous pubs. The drinks are paid so it might not be a free night out, but the entertainment here is absolutely free. There is no charge for watching the band event. It is one of the most delightful things to do in Reading.

9.) The Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology

Things to do in Reading (England) ure museum of greek archaeology

The museum has the fourth largest collection of Greek ceramics in Britain. It offers Egyptian antiquities and Greek pottery which will take you to the ancient world. To have a look at the olden times Greek archeology is one of the most interesting things to do in Reading.

10.) Ascot Racecourse

Things to do in Reading (England) ascot racecourse

The rich history and heritage of Ascot Racecourse are due to few sporting venues. Royal Ascot created itself as a national institution of the British social calendar. Tradition, pageantry, fashion and style all meet in a glorious setting at one of the most attractive racecourses in the country which offers visitors an excellent experience.

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