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Things to do in Puerto Rico

There are numerous things to do in Puerto Rico. To cover all the places in Puerto Rico is impossible in one article. It has numerous tourist attraction, and it totally depends upon the visitor, which they chose to travel. Puerto Rico has some marvellous beaches for those who want to catch the sun and relax. Adventure lovers can trip to cave, zip line or rainforests. If you like culture and history then it also has numerous historical and cultural sites. Want more things to do in Puerto Rico, refer our article best things to do in San Juan on our website.

Best Things to do in Puerto Rico:

1.) Camuy Caves

Things to do in Puerto Rico camuy caves

The Rio Camuy Cave Park is similar to the Museum of Art in Ponce for two reasons: One, you can combine it with a visit to the awesome Arecibo radio telescope (most tour companies offer a package trip). And the second one, you can enjoy some seriously adventurous trips out here. The Camuy cave arrangement is the 3rd largest on this planet. The trip over the caves brings you through subterranean canyons to the corner of caves above 600 feet deep.

2.) Isla Verde Beach

Things to do in Puerto Rico isla verde beach

Isla Verde is great for those looking for a decent beach and nice resort with an easy to reach the airport. Whatever you are looking for fun can be found right here at Isla Verde. The area is at outskirts of San Juan such that to get off the resort, you don’t have to tour too far. The ancient streets of Old san Juan are just at a short taxi ride away. To escape from the beach, you can trip to nearby EI Yunque National Rainforest.

3.) Water Surfing

Things to do in Puerto Rico water surfing

Looking for fun things to do in Puerto Rico, then just visit its beautiful beaches that attract numerous visitors every year. If you don’t want to do water surfing then just put on a chair and relax under the bright sun. There are so many water activities you can do on the water in Ocean Park, Condado, and Isla Verde. Try a whole new adventure on the water on Puerto Rico top beaches. Make some unforgettable memories by getting some adrenaline pumping, and have some laughs and yells of excitement.

4.) Luquillo Beach

Things to do in Puerto Rico luquillo beach

Luquillo is a terrific option for an easy escape from the bustling city of Puerto Rico. Luquillo Beach is just a short drive from the San Juan. The water is ideal for swimming and the beach spread on for almost two kilometers such that you can easily walk on it. Grounds are crowded with coconut palms, modern restrooms, changing rooms and shower including lockers. Outside the main entrance is food sellers. Combine your trip to Luquillo beach to a day trip to El Yunque National Forest.

5.) Arecibo Observatory Radio Telescope

Things to do in Puerto Rico

The Arecibo Radio Telescope contains a 20-acre dish set in a sinkhole. Here, astronomers have proved the constellation of the stars (pulsars and quasars) and examined the moon. This telescope also has witnessed the analysis of earth’s ionosphere, and other planets. Currently, there is an ongoing search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence program at this site as well. Amazing scenes from the Jodie Foster film and others have been filmed at this center. The setting is marvellous and the complexity of the Observatorio de Arecibo is awesome. The place well deserves a place on your list of things to do in Puerto Rico.

6.) Visit Cabo Rojo

Things to do in Puerto Rico cabo rojo

To visit this place is one of the best things to do in Puerto Rico due to its wonderful sunsets and marvellous scenes. The place is perfect for those who love photography, the spot carries brilliant panorama to capture. Get your camera ready to take awesome photos during sunset. It is located at the west coastline, which makes it perfect to view the sunset at its core. To complete your day, Cabo Rojo Lighthouse is waiting for you.

 7.) EL Yunque National Forest

Things to do in Puerto Rico El Yunque National Forest

EL Yunque is home to the only tropic rainforest in the United States NFS (National Forest System). A 2-hour road drive from San Juan, this mountainous region is about as far separated from the city’s shore and retreats as you can get. What fun things to do in Puerto Rico when people come here? They walk among the rainforest’s plentiful flora, to tour along one of the numerous trails extending from simple steps for difficult slopes, and to jump under a waterfall. This is a section of Puerto Rico that hasn’t evolved in centuries.

8.) Windsurfing

Things to do in Puerto Rico windsufing

Windsurfing is one of the best things to do in Puerto Rico. We all probably well aware of Puerto Rico’s fantastic beaches in the world. This island has some of the most exciting windsurfing center in the world with brilliant spots all over the island to experience the renowned sport. From here The Tres Palmas Inn is located at few steps away. People who want to get close to associate windsurfers they can stay at Tres Palmas Inn. Get mix with the exciting people who come here to enjoy this sport.

 9.) Old San Juan

Things to do in Puerto Rico old san juan

Exhibiting almost 500 years of archives, the path of Old San Juan are shutter to the past, with famous forts and Spanish colonial structure setting the view. This world Social Heritage Site is the 2nd beloved city in the America and the former city under the US flag. The seven park block section contains restaurants, museums, shops, hotels, and other public construction. The most exciting feature and the real masterpiece of Old San Juan are the Fuertes San Felipe del Morro, recognized more commonly as El Morro, set out on a tip of land facing the sea.

10.) The Vieques

Things to do in Puerto Rico vieques

Try to go on a no moon night. When there is a little light and you’re kayaking through mangrove trees on Vieques Island. You might wonder what all the fuss is about. And then you’ll get the notification that your ears are shining green in the water. Fish flare away from you like underwater lightning. Thanks to its geology, climate, and local preservation efforts, the Vieques Biobay is also the most bioluminescent bays in the world.

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