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Things to do in Port Douglas

This article is about things to do in Port Douglas. Port Douglas is a town set on the Coral Sea in North Queensland, Australia. It is one of the favourite tourist destinations. All thanks to its beach resorts and the planets largest reef system i.e.Great Barrier Reef Marina which helped the town to earn accolades from the tourist. The picturesque Port Douglas offers a spectacular coastal scenic view. It is a perfect place for water adventures such as scuba-diving and snorkelling. Plan a trip to Port Douglas to explore the life under water. Read more, best things to do in Port Douglas.

Things to do in Port Douglas

1.) Four Mile Beach

Things to do in Port Douglas

Four Mile Beach is one of the premier beaches in the town. The beach is at a walking distance from the main Port Douglas. It is an ideal attraction for families, couple and friends. The highlight of the beach is its turquoise blue colour. You can swim in it or just relax at the beachside, enjoying the beautiful view. The beach is backed by the palms with sand stretching as far as your eyes can see. Do add this beach in your list of things to do in Port Douglas.

2.) The Wildlife Habitat

The wildlife habitat is a home to a huge range of flora- fauna. It is one of the leading environmental wildlife experiences in Australia. The award-winning wildlife gives you an opportunity to explore the life of exotic animals and plants. The highlight of the habitat are the native animals of Australia which include Kangaroo, Koalas, crocodiles and cassowaries. Imagine yourself, having lunch or breakfast and birds chirping in the background. Doesn’t it seem incredible! Well, you will get to do this and much more at wildlife habitat. The sticking feature of the wildlife habitat is that all the birds are set free. You can feed them and even interact with them. Do not forget to add this site in your list of things to do in Port Douglas.

3.) St Mary’s by The Sea chapel

St Mary’s by The Sea chapel is one of the peaceful attractions that the city boast. The small  church has mesmerising stained glass windows. The church overlooks the mesmerising bay. It offers a dive into the history of the country. Each corner of this holy place depicts a story from the past. The chapel is also a wedding venue. The gardens and rear grounds of the church offers a serenity and tranquillity in a wonderful setting. Now you know why it is one of the incredible things to do in Port Douglas.

4.) Opal Reef

Opal Reef is one of the favourite hotspots for cruising. It is a large, shallow and crescent-shaped reef around the edge of the continental shelf. It is a perfect place for water activities such as snorkelling. It is also the best place to explore the marine life. The vibrant reef offers you a whole another world under the water. Imagine yourself and marine creatures such as turtles, sea fishes and other creatures roaming around you. Doesn’t it seem breathtaking! Indeed, it is one of the incredible experiences. Must add this site in your list of things to do in Port Douglas.

5.) Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef  is the largest coral in the world. It consists of approximately 3000 individual reefs, more than 800 islands, the vast range of birds, plants and marine life. The tourist gets an opportunity to swim along with the fish and observe the mesmerising colours of the reefs. Not only this, the place also offers scuba diving, island day trips and scenic flights. It is one of the must-see destination in the list of things to do in Port Douglas.

6.) Kuranda Scenic Railway Day Trip from Port Douglas

Ride the historic Kuranda Scenic railway to experience the rainforest beauty of North Queensland. The train journey offers you a pioneering history of the village in the rainforest, i.e. Kuranda. Relax and enjoy the scenic beauty. The train halts for a couple of minutes at Barron Gorge. The picturesque site perfect for sightseeing. Don’t forget to carry  your camera, to capture the scenic beauty. Kurunda holds heritage markets where you can go for shopping. You can also go for a wildlife encounter at Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, Bird worlds or at Kuranda Koala Gardens. What else do you ask for? For a unique journey, do add this site to your list of best things to do in Port Douglas.

7.)  Art Galleries of Port Douglas

Port Douglas holds numerous art galleries. The Marina Gallery, Architect Tropical, Mowbray Gallery and Candlenut Gallery are to name a few art galleries in the town. Each gallery has its uniqueness. The collections include artwork of renowned artist and local artist.

8.) Port Douglas Carnivale

The 10 days long event makes the street of Port Douglass colourful. The entire town celebrates the festivity. Dance, food, wine, shopping, entertainment, comedy, arts and lots more make the event dazzling. The magnificent festival is a highlight of the town. Do visit the town during the annual Carnival celebrations. Do not forget to add this to your list of things to do in Port Douglas.

9.) Sunset Sailing Cruise from Port Douglas

Experience a tranquil and peaceful sunset on a sailing cruise. What can be more wonderful than experiencing the nature so closely? Relaxing and enjoying the ambience around is one of the best things to do in Port Douglas. And, the icing on the cake is watching the sun set over the Low Isles coral sea and the mountains around. The view is mesmerising. The sunset sailing cruise begins at the Port Douglas Meridian Marina. The 1.5-hour journey along the beautiful Coral Sea is quite worth.

10.) Daintree Rainforest

Daintree Rainforest is a largest tropical reinforces on the Australian continent. It boasts a wide collection of flora and wildlife. Apart from strolling around the rainforest, you can opt for a zip line. That’s not only an adventure but a lifetime experience. The zip line offers you a wide view of rainforest below. After looking around the rainforest, you can go for a cruising along the river Daintree.

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