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Things to do in Poconos

The Mother Nature advertises its beauty in a unique way. You can feel the harmony while visiting the places close to nature. One such place among them is Poconos. The mountain of Pocono is full of adventure and beauty of nature. Poconos is located in the northeastern Pennsylvania. It is a great place to visit where you may feel peaceful and experience a whole new world of serenity. This article will guide you regarding various things to do in Poconos. This place is a major attraction for adventure lovers. If you are looking forward to putting yourself in action go for water sports, skiing, camping, horseback riding, hiking, fishing. Other fun also includes kayaking paintball, golf and so on. If you are not into the sport you can sit in the inn’s, this is comfortable spots for reading, relaxing, dining and meditation. The romantic features of the mountains had made this place a famous honeymoon destination and a spot for destination wedding plan. So, Poconos has lots stored for you. Let’s check some of the exclusive things to do in Poconos.

Things to do in Poconos

Things to do in Poconos

1.) Bushkill Falls

This fall is also known as “The Niagara of Pennsylvania” and it was opened in 1904. The Bushkill falls expands over a large area and there are various trails, bridges, and walkways near this waterfall. You may simply walk over them and enjoy the splendorous views of Bushkill falls. This place is filled with the wonderful beauty of nature. You can enjoy the company of natural beauty of Bushkill falls in solitude. You may even go with your friends and family and can plan a picnic at the picnic area. It is one of the most incredible things to do in Poconos.

2.) Asa Packer Mansion

Asa Packer Mansion was built by Asa Packer in 1861. It is a most prominent place in Pennsylvania. You can see the gothic window arches, wooden brackets, and woodcarvings by European artisans. You can see the interior designing and highly furnished interior detailing inside this place. The main hall is made in a unique way. You will see a different world inside this mansion. It is one of the most joyful things to do in Asa Packer Mansion.

3.) Dingmans Falls

It is the second highest falls in the Poconos. You may do hiking at this wonderful place. It is a place where you will experience the divine beauty of nature. This place is full of serenity and peace. You lose yourself in the vicinity and ambiance of this place. It is one of the most delightful things to do in Poconos.

4.) Quiet Valley Farm

It is a historic farm that is constructed for preservation and education of rural farm life. It is a Pennsylvania German farm where a lot of tourists pay a visit. You can enjoy special events, workshops, and educational programs at this place. The activities are done for the people of all ages. It is a great place to gather information. It is one of the most interesting things to do in Poconos.

5.) Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

It is a protected area that is administered by the U.S Department of the Interior’s National Park Service. This place is located in the middle section of the Delaware river. You may enjoy the views of various significant archeological sites of this place. You will fall in love with the landscapes and settlements of this park. You may also perform recreational activities at this place. This place is full of natural beauty. It is one of the most wonderful things to do in Poconos.

6.) Camel Beach Mountain WaterPark

It is the biggest outdoor water park in Pennslyvania that is located on Pocono mountains. You can do unlimited fun and enjoyment in a whole new world of amusement at this water park. You will enjoy the ride of thirty-seven rides and various slides in the most beautiful ambiance of this waterpark. You may enjoy swimming in the Olympic pool, and Kahuna Lagoon wave pool. This place is made for the thrill-seekers who are desperately looking for some thrilling experience. This place is full of entertainment and fun. So, visit Camel beach mountain water park as it is one of the most entertaining things to do in Poconos.

7.) Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway

You will enjoy the thrilling rides in the wonderful environment of nature.Though most of the trains are operated by diesel but the railroad also uses steam locomotive on some special occasions. On the regular seasonal basis, the trains are operated from historic downtown Jim Thorpe Station while from the month of May to December it is operated by Lehigh Gorge State Park. You will see the majestic views of Lehigh Gorge Park while crossing the bridges over the Lehigh river. You may enjoy rides on various trains like Bike trains, Hometown high bridge trains, Pennslyvania Dutch Treat trains, and Fall Foliage trains. So, do visit Lehigh Gorge scenic railway as it is one of the fun things to do in Poconos.

8.) Pocono Environmental Education and Visitor Center

This is a place where you may learn a lot. This organization is set up to deliver environmental education to the masses. This center is a flexible building that is made for multiple purposes. This place has ample gathering space for lectures, dining, meetings, and environmental learning activities. This building is made to cater the information and inform people about environmental conservation. This center is built in a unique way and it is surrounded by the beautiful ambiance. It is one of the most wonderful things to do in Poconos.

9.) The Carbon County Jail

It is a historic jail that is located at Jim Thorpe, Cabron County of Pennsylvania. This place is very near to the Poconos. This jail was built in the period of 1869-1870. It is built in a unique design. You may even see various cells inside this prison museum. Even in one of the cell, there is the handprint of Alexander Campbell. So, be a part of jail tours and enjoy exploring this interesting museum. It is one of the fascinating things to do in Poconos.

10.) Promised Land State Park

This park is located in Poconos. It has beautiful ambiance and you will notice the two lakes within the park. You will also notice beech, oak, maple and hemlock trees in this park. This place is full of divine beauty of nature. To explore the serenity of Poconos, just visit Promised Land State park. It is one of the best things to do in Poconos.

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