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Things to do in Pittsburgh

This article is about best things to do in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is a practical city that – genuinely welcomes its tourists around the year. If you think of Pittsburgh as “Steel City” for the industry that once conquered, your observation needs to be updated. The smoke shadow of industrial dirt that once covered this town is long gone. The industrialists who profited here have gifted the city with a prosperity of world-class museums and attractions. Pittsburgh is making an influence in foodie circles with its classic dinners and sandwich shops. The blue-collar prices mean dining is casual and under budget. Here you can wander with sports fans, locals eat, sleep and breathe spots for twelve months a year. Pittsburgh’s Western Pennsylvania site is a tourism windfall, as half of the U.S. people live within 500 miles of the city. It is a five to six-hour drive from New York City, four-hours from Philadelphia. It has a great weekend go away potential for East Coast families. Read the article to know things to do in Pittsburgh.

Things to do in Pittsburgh

Best Things to do in Pittsburgh:

1.) Carnegie Science Center

Things to do in Pittsburgh Carnegie Science Center

This is the ideal place for curious minds to explore. Hundreds of hands-on exhibits with a focus on science and technology promise fun for kids of all ages. Popular attractions comprise an actual Cold War-era submarine, an Omnimax theater with a four-story arched screen and a live coral reef aquarium. The miniature train exhibit is spectacular. Exploring this place is one of the best things to do in Pittsburgh.

2.) Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Things to do in Pittsburgh Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

The number of different gardens, some indoors under a charming glass dome, are stunning. Glass statues by Dale Chihuly adorn the floral beds in a whimsical fashion. Live butterflies fly freely in warmer months. Experiencing it is one of the perfect things to do in Pittsburgh with your kids.

3.) Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium

Things to do in Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium

This respected zoo has been around for over one hundred years. It is a habitat to thousands of animals representing more than 400 species. The undersea polar bear and other experiences are good fun. Kid’s Kingdom is where you will discover a petting zoo and animals native to Pennsylvania. The Aquarium is full of sea creatures from every type of watery habitat. A short visit to this zoo is one of the fun things to do in Pittsburgh with kids. The zoo offers facilities for the birthday celebration.

4.) Andy Warhol Museum

Things to do in Pittsburgh Andy Warhol Museum

This is the largest museum devoted to a single artist in the country. Warhol’s merging of art and pop culture is attractive to kids as well as adults. Head down to the basement studio, where each Sunday you can create your own pop art plan. This place is a must visit in Pittsburgh.

5.) Professional Sporting Event

Things to do in Pittsburgh Professional Sporting Event

Sports lover must visit this place in Pittsburgh. Watching a professional sporting occasion in this sports-obsessed city is a dream come true. Residents have a deep affection for their teams. All of the teams share team colours, so whatever sport you decide to view, you will be encircled by a sea of black and gold. Going to this event is one of the greatest things to do in Pittsburgh.

6.) Museum of Natural History

Things to do in Pittsburgh Museum of Natural History

A great dinosaur anthology with eleven species on exhibit, including the first T. Rex ever discovered, anchors this museum. The dinosaurs are set in their extraordinarily complete respective ecosystems.  The gemstone compilation is dazzling, and there are hands-on activities dispersed throughout the museum. There are many things to do in Pittsburgh, but this is one of the best.

7.) Kennywood Amusement Park

Things to do in Pittsburgh Kennywood Amusement Park

Kennywood is one of the oldest amusement parks in America and a preferred by roller coaster fans. There are six major roller coasters from the typical Thunderbolt to the ultra modern Phantom. There’s also a kiddie park, shows, water rides and classic rides. This is one of the perfect things to do in Pittsburgh with your kids. In summers, the water rides are full of locals and tourist from all over the world.

8.) Pittsburgh International Children’s Theater & Festival

Things to do in Pittsburgh Pittsburgh International Children’s Theater & Festival

This annual Children’s Festival takes place each May, showcasing group from around the world. Expect to see puppetry, acrobatics, dance, musicals and more, with reasonable ticket prices. The theater has a regular family series from October-April.

9.) Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival

Things to do in Pittsburgh Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival

The Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival, a creation of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, is a carnival of the arts in down-town Pittsburgh different to any other in the nation. Each of its world-class, multi-disciplinary drama and visual arts attractions is free to be there and open to the public. The Festival starts on the first Friday in June and takes place at the confluence of Pittsburgh’s famed three rivers in Point State Park, all through the picturesque Gateway Center, and in the city’s world-renowned Cultural region.

10.) Tech Shop

Things to do in Pittsburgh Tech Shop

If you are a technology lover then this place is a must visit in Pittsburgh. If you’re looking to mess with new technology, learn new skills or change an idea into a new creation, Tech Shop is all of those things and more. It’s a community-based maker area featuring 16,000 square feet of cutting-edge tools. Exploring this tech shop is pone of the perfect things to do in Pittsburgh.

11.) Row House

Things to do in Pittsburgh Row House

This small, 83-seat, single screen, community-based movie theater has a throwback vibe going with the throwback movies they show. This isn’t the place to see new releases. Row House is the place to go for cult classics and back-to-back epic screening of multi-part movies. You can see famous directors like Alfred Hitchcock and David Lynch movies. Complete your movie-going experience with some fresh-made popcorn, the aroma of which flood the building, and a six-pack you can catch from the adjoining Atlas Bottle Works. Watching movie is one of the coolest things to do in Pittsburgh.

12.) City of Asylum

Things to do in Pittsburgh City of Asylum

Take a tour of this writer’s residence and sanctuary for scribes in Pittsburgh who were mistreated in their home countries. Or stop by the House Poem, another home purchased and changed into an artists asylum on Sampsonia Way, on Pittsburgh’s North Side. It’s all part of City of Asylum, a non-profit that provides a wide variety of free literary and arts programs to the community, including nationality for exiled writers and Sampsonia Way online magazine, all of which encourage cross-cultural exchange.

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