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Things to do in Phoenix

Phoenix city is the capital of the United State of Arizona. This metropolitan city is also known as the “Valley of the Sun”. The area is known for multiple beautiful resorts, golf courses and vibrant nightlife in some of the happening clubs. This city has subtropical desert climate and hence, you get to experience the sunshine for almost every time in the year. There are many other places to visit in Phoenix, for example, South Mountain Park, Camelback Mountain, etc. Apart from that, don’t forget to visit the most beautiful Desert Botanical Garden. If you are planning a trip to this city then this article will surely help you to know the best things to do in Phoenix.

things to do in phoenix

Things to do in Phoenix

1.) Deer Valley Art Rock Center

It is situated at the north of Phoenix and covers an area of 47-acres. It was established in ancient time somewhere between 500-5000. The pictograph found here does not have any definite meaning, but we can relate it to religion, hunting, astronomy and Trible communications. It has been opened for the tourists to have a look at its beauty and the preserved culture of Phoenix. You can also appoint a guide for this tour who will help you to know this place better. There are also some amazing and reasonable gift shops where you can buy few good things for your loved ones. This is the best amongst all the things to do in Phoenix.

2.) Arizona Science Center

It is built near to the historic Heritage Square. It itself is a wonderful structure which is also a landmark of the city. This Science Center has more than 300 exhibits and a big screen IMAX theater that shows educational films. The museum is decorated with the beautiful dome, which the largest in the West. The exhibitions organized in the galleries showcase the human physiology, physical forces, computers, geology, and science. Almost all the exhibits are very interactive and hand-on. This is the best amongst all the things to do in Phoenix with kids as they will learn a bit more about science.

3.) Zoo

A zoo is a perfect place where you can take your kids and enjoy a lot. It is also a best tourist attraction of Phoenix. You will find that you almost have spent a day with animals, after visiting this place. There are 1200 of species found here which also include a large number of endangered animals. This expansive park is very big in the area. You can also enjoy tropical rainforest exhibits and train rides. Try to visit early during summer time as you will find those animals more active at this time. It also arranges seasonal events. ZooLights event is organized during the summer season.

4.) Stockyards Restaurants

This place is known for the best grilled food found in Phoenix since 1947. The restaurant is renovated, very recently in 2004, and the dedicated work team has taken it to the next best level. It has no comparison in the city. You can try anything at this place. They assure you about the good quality and tasty food. This is amongst the best things to do in Phoenix. They also serve wine and beer. Do pay a visit, it is very reasonable as well.

5.) Camelback Mountain

This is one of the best tourist attractions. It is famous for the hiking activity in the valley, which is known as Echo Canyon, situated at the Camelback Mountain. This recreational area is built using the sandstone layer at the peak of Camelback Mountain. You will find the glimpse of amazing animals like rabbits, snakes, squirrels and many varieties of birds. This valley is recently upgraded with new wash-rooms and drinking fountains. Visiting this mountain is amongst the top things to do in Phoenix.

6.) South Mountain Park

The South Mountain Park is one of the largest municipal parks in the world. You will find the amazing view at the Dobbins Lookout Point. From here you will be able to gaze at this beautiful city from around 1200 feet above the ground level. After this adventurous activity you just need to trek to the “Happy Valley” which is a fun thing to do in Phoenix. This place is known for its beauty during springtime when it gets covered with wonderful wildflowers. Reach this place before 9 pm if you want to drive to the top. Take plenty of drinking water during the summer time. Certainly, one of the amazing things to do in Phoenix.

7.) Desert Botanical Garden

The Desert Botanical Garden is located at the “Papago Park”. It is known for the largest gathering of desert flora. There are a wide variety of colorful wildflowers, which has been used to create a wonderful area that makes the tourists feel delighted during springtime. One of the important highlight is an informative ethnobotanical walking path, through the grounds. This path demonstrates many important reasons by which plants were incorporated into Native American tribal life. It also illustrates the importance of plants for its natural beauty. Visiting this place will make you feel like you are far away in the woods, although the garden is just a few miles away from Phoenix city.

8.) Phoenix’s ATL Wings

This restaurant serves mouth-watering hot wings, which is also the star of the show. This eatery hub serves exclusively all types of tasty hot wings. You must try their food at least once, as it may make you fall for it. This is amongst the best things to do in Phoenix. The boneless, juicy chicken wings at this restaurant are available in 18 amazing flavors, right from the sweet honey barbecue to the “Toxic” hot sauce. The flavors are made up of dry spices and sauces. It is also popular for serving some of the special flavors that include Cajun barbecue, citrus chipotle, garlic pepper, teriyaki and lemon pepper.

9.) Side Bar

It is located at the downtown Phoenix and serves amazing cocktails. This lounge is very perfect venue to celebrate the nightlife in the city. The menu includes more than 45 varieties of beers and 40 varieties of wines. It also serves amazing handcrafted cocktails. Side Bar is popular for it’s high quality drinks. If you don’t drink this place will not prove boring for you because it squeezes fresh juice everyday and serves more than 100 varieties of mocktails. Visiting this bar is amongst the best things to do in Phoenix.

10.) Shop at City Scape

This is the best amongst all the things to do in Phoenix if you are a shopping lover. City Scape Phoenix is situated in the heart of downtown Phoenix which is also an entertainment center. It is famous for its major attractions like shopping, nightlife, clubs, bars, special events and gift shops. You can get some amazing gifts for your loved ones. It is very much known for its clothing shops.

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