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Things to do in Phoenix AZ

In this article, we are discussing the best things to do in Phoenix AZ. Phoenix AZ is the capital and the largest city of Arizona. It is the most popular state in U.S. this city is also known as the “Valley of the Sun”. Dry climate attracts most of the Sun lovers in winter months. Phoenix is an extensive city with a mix of Spanish Colonial influences and Modern high-rise buildings. This city has a lot to offer you such as Historic monuments, Cultural attractions and diverse art community. Let’s explore more fun things to do in Phoenix AZ.

things to do in phoenix az

Best Things to do in Phoenix AZ:

1.) Dessert Botanical Garden

things to do in phoenix az Dessert Botanical Garden

This is one of the best things to do in Phoenix AZ. This garden is located in Papago Park. This garden features world’s largest collection of desert flora. It is delightful to watch the colorful wildflowers that create a picturesque view. This garden is a bliss and a retreat for the eyes. If you are looking for a relaxing and calm place, then this place is best for you. Get along with your family and friends to enjoy the importance of the plants beyond the natural beauty. This place makes you feel out of the city.

2.) Phoenix Art Museum

The Phoenix Art Museum is one of the famous museums featuring the art of the European Renaissance and Baroque. The museum also exhibits some contemporary and modern works, films and live performances. Visit this place with your family and friends. Explore the history and the past of this Museum. It displays the best art and architecture. With southwestern Landscape and extensive interior spaces. This one of the great things to do in Phoenix az.

3.) Heard Museum

things to do in phoenix az Heard Museum

This is a renowned museum situated in Phoenix. It is devoted to the art and culture of the Indian peoples. It displays the best Pottery, Basketwork, Jewellery and other collection of kachina Dolls. The museum also displays galleries and outdoor features the contemporary art of North America. This is the best place to learn about the history of the city. People often visit this place for its outdoor sculpture garden tour. This is one of the best things to do in Phoenix AZ.

4.) Hall of Flame Fire Museum

This hall of Flame Fire Museum is devoted in the name of firefighters who have been noted for their heroism. It exhibits earlier fire-engines and old types of the fire extinguisher at the time of 1725. Visit this place with your family and friends. Explore more about the history of these heroes and the past of their honour. This is one of the best things to do in Phoenix AZ.

5.) Arizona Science Centre

This is one of the interactive things to do in Phoenix AZ. This museum offers a number of interactive exhibits in five galleries. Each of the display with the different and unique theme. It also features IMAX theatre with two hundred seats planetarium. This museum also encourages global awareness regarding Global Warming and Climate Change. So must visit this place to discover more about the science and the environment. This is the best place to make your kids understand the environment through an interactive and entertaining way.

6.) Crescent Ballroom

It is a bar, part concert venue and gourmet kitchen. It is one of the downtown Phoenix’s latest hot spots. This Crescent Lounge hosts free night music. It has become one of the most Famous avenues  in downtown Phoenix’s. It’s a retreat for national touring artists and providing a stage for local up-and-new comers. On the other hand,  enjoy the best food and music, the lounge at Crescent Ballroom is a superb place to mingle with the downtown crowd. It is one of the best things to do in Phoenix AZ.

7.) Papago Park

This is one of the best things to do in Phoenix AZ. This park is one of the gorgeous parks in the country. This 1,200-acre park includes fishing lagoons, nature trails, cycling paths and a golf course. There are two beautiful attractions located in Papago Park are the Desert Botanical Garden and the Phoenix Zoo. This is a good place to come for a stroll, mostly in the morning before the sun arises. You can sometimes enjoy watching wildlife and mainly rabbits. But rarely you get to see some bighorn sheep up on the hill. Visit this place with your friends and family.

8.) Patagonia Lake State Park

Patagonia Lake State Park was recognized in 1975 as a state park. It is a perfect place to find great blue herons strolling on the beach and whitetail deer roaming on the hills. The park offers an artificial beach, tables & grills, picnic area, boat ramps, and the Lakeside Market. The lake draws a multitude of water sports fans during summer months. Hikers can leisurely walk along the beautiful bay trail and enjoy a variety of birds. This is one of the exciting things to do in Phoenix AZ.

9.) The Cottage Garden

The Cottage Garden is a Glendale speciality shop. It is featuring a diverse mix of used items and new. Here you will find home décor, garden accessories, jewelry, women’s apparel, paper gifts and other personal items. Must visit “The Cottage Garden”, located in Glendale’s remarkable Caitlin Court. The owner of this Cottage Garden, Carol Migray has a sixth sense for discovering unusual products that are not accessible at chain stores or shopping malls. It’s a  good place to visit when you’re seeking for gifts with a touch of fancy. This is one of the coolest things to do in Phoenix AZ.

10.) Dick’s Hideaway

It is one of the best things to do in Phoenix AZ. Dick’s Hideaway is a top dining at Phoenix az. With Rustic yet casual look. It is the kind of where you can get an authentic taste of traditional Southwest nuance. Lunch, breakfast and dinner are served to its best. But the stink of slow-roasted pork addresses its visitors to come again and again. Try the baked garlic plate, dished up with roasted peppers and green chillies sparkling over with flavour. Whenever you visit Phoenix AZ, not to forget this place for a true taste of the southwest.

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