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Things to do in Peru

This article is about top things to do in Peru. If you are visiting Peru for the first time then you must be looking for the most popular and fun things to do in Peru. There are many attractions and activities to do in Peru. Before knowing about the different things let’s have a glimpse at the country itself. Peru is situated in western South America. The country is surrounded by Ecuador and Colombia in the north, Brazil in the east, Bolivia in southeast and Pacific Ocean in the west. Peru is a shelter to Amazon rainforest, Machu Picchu, an ancient city and sacred valley. The country is famous for rafting, hiking and mounts biking. Also, it holds never-ending vacation destinations. The land of hidden treasures welcomes you throughout the year. Read more to know about best things to do in Peru.

            Things to do in Peru

Fun Things to do in Peru

1.) Trekking

The first in the list of things to do in Peru should be trekking. It offers a 39 km camping and trekking trail. Pirarucu on Machu Picchu gives the way to longest trekking trail. The trail goes through various ecosystems, archeological sites, flora and fauna. This vacation, takes yourself on an adventures journey explore the trekking trails of Peru.

2.) Surfing

Peru is blessed with the world’s best beaches. The central coast is open for surfing during winters and north coast offers surfing in summers. So, you can surf anytime in the country. Lobitos, Chicama, Cabo, Blanco, Los Oreganos are the name of a few beaches which are best for surfing. After trekking, the next thing to do in Peru would defiantly be surfing.

 3.) Kayak – Man Boats

If you ever wished for driving a boat then you should definitely visit Peru. Only a single person can fit into the boat. If you are willing to take the risk of falling into the water of the lagoon then you are perfect for kayaking. However, you should know swimming. Places, where you can enjoy Kayak, are Paracas, Lake Titicaca, Sandoval Lake, Blue lagoon and Lindo Lake. Do not forget to add this in your list of things to do in Peru.

4.) Mountaineering

Another amazing thing to do in Peru is mountaineering. The Cordillera Blanca is the highest mountain range in the world and Ande is the second highest mountain range after the Himalayas. Both are famous for mountaineering. The Huascaran National Park offers a perfect climate. Also, it is near to the communities provides guides and rescue services. This is one of the most adventurous things to do in Peru.

5.) Rock – Climbing

Take yourself one step higher and go for rock climbing. It gives you an opportunity to explore the greenery around. There are various departments which support mount climbing. Cajamarca provides natural cliffs suited for rock climbing. Puno is also sorted as a rock climbing destination. It not just a rock climbing but much more to experience.

6.) Mountain Biking

The narrow roads around the different sites of Peru offer you mountain biking. It is the fast growing adventure in the world. Bikes, lightweight bikes, cycles are the common medium of mountain biking. Almost every corner of the country is ideal for the adventure.

7.) Sandboarding and Buggies

Another thing which you can add in your list of things to do in Peru is sandboarding and buggies. There are many dessert zones and sand dunes in Peru, ideal for sandboarding. To name, a few are Srapampa, Campana, and Acari. This is going to be one of the most amazing things to do in Peru.

8.) Off-On Road

The exotic landscape of Peru offers off-on road adventure. The coastal deserts with natural obstacles, sand dunes formation, beaches in the valley and lagoons make the place perfect for off-on road adventure.

9.) Caving

If you are a history student or loves to have a sneak peak in bygone days then this place is surely for you. The Huagapo caves (Tears of the mighty), near Trama city, allows you to enter the inquisitive word in the caves. The Lechuzas cave unfolds the mystery at the base of the hill. It is one of the prime attractions of the Tingo National Park. The cave is also known as owl crave since the cave is the habitat of owls. The caves flourish flora and fauna.

10.) Adventure Rafting

Peru holds more than dozens of rivers which offer rafting. The rivers cover hills, jungle and varied coastal regions. Some of the rivers among them are perfect for rafting. The hurdles also known as rapids are classified according to the level of their difficult. Feel the adrenal rush and go for rafting in Peru.

11.) Kitesurfing and Windsurfing

Another adventure which you can go for is kite surfing and windsurfing. Both the adventure sports need wind as a fuel. The best wind is found in Mancora (Piura) and Paracas Bay (Ica). These places are main tourist destinations and ideal for both the sports adventure. The places are surrounded by the hotels and services which provide equipment and also train you for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

12.) Paragliding and Hand Gliding

Want to see Peru from height? If yes, then paragliding is the only option to enjoy the scenic beauty of the country. There are various companies who train you for the adventure and travel in the sky. Places suited for the paragliding are Pasamayo, costa Verde, Pachacamac, Urubamba valley and many more.

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