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Things to do in Penang

Penang is one of the South East Asian paradises. This place is worth visiting after a lot many tours in Europe or America. The charm of this place displays its traditions and the modern lifestyle into a perfect blend of unique flavors. Penang is located on the north-west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The state shares a boundary with Kedah in the east and north while Perak in the south. The present name “Penang” has been derived from the word “Pulau Pinang”. It means the “island of the Areca nut palm”. Penang has some similarities in its flavors from its neighboring states. Penang offers some of the best tourist attractions of Asia. The state pleases every kind of traveller visiting the popular state of Malaysia. Penang is an ideal place for honeymooners, the adventure trip planners and for a simple family vacation. Read the article further to know more about the things to do in Penang.

things to do in Penang

Things to do in Penang

1.) Nightlife in Penang

things to do in penang nightlife

Penang has more than what you have thought when it comes to nightlife. Penang’s nightlife ranges from an after-dark shopping to upper Penang bars and nightclubs, beach bars to rooftop bars, cocktail lounges to live music. You can even watch the sunset over the horizon through Penang Sunset Cruise. You have lot many options in your hand to decide where to spend the night. The beach nightlife has an amazing vibe to spend a romantic gateway evening. Else you can even opt for the best dance nightclubs or rooftop bars. So, without any delay get the experience of nightlife tonight. These are among the best things to do in Penang.

2.) Penang Hill

things to do in penang penang hill

Also popularly known as the Flagstaff Hill. You will find a breathtaking view of this island, due to which it’s a famous tourist attraction of Penang. There is a funicular train available to reach this wonderful place. The journey takes only half an hour to reach the peak. You will find a beautiful Hindu Temple, Church, Mosque during the journey. This is the perfect place to click some beautiful picture of Penang’s scenic beauty. This is amongst the best things to do in Penang so don’t miss this place.

3.) Kek Lok Si Temple

things to do in penang kek lok si temple

Penang houses are the South Asia’s biggest Buddha temple complex in the world. It is located at the top of the hill in the small town of Air Itam. Kek Lok Si temple was established more than 100 years ago. This includes a beautifully landscaped garden and a large temple. The Pagoda of Buddha’s is a combination of Thai, Chinese and Burmese Style. This temple also includes some of the stunning statues of Buddha which are made of precious stones. There are also the statues of Four Heavenly Kings with a laughing Buddha in between for guarding this place against all the four directions.

4.) Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

things to do in penang mansion

The mansion was a residence of a Chinese industrialist in the year 1890s. It is awarded for the best representation of 18th  and 19th-century Chinese architecture. This was totally based upon “Feng Shui” design. It took seven years by the master team to build the mansion. This includes a 5 granite courtyard, 7 staircases, 22 glass windows and 38 rooms. This place is also known as the Blue Mansion  by the locals.

5.) Escape Adventure Land

things to do in penang adventure land

It is one of the major attractions of the Penang. The time spent at this Escape Adventure land is the most thrilling activity you will experience in Penang. This park is known for its special zip lining or flying foxes, and there are many other activities that include 20m jump flat forms, tree rope swings and inner tube slides. You can spend a day time here and enjoy with family and friends. This is the best among the list of things to do in Penang with kids.

6.) Made Penang Interactive Museum

things to do in penang museum

“The Penang Interactive Museum” will help you to get rid of pre-existing boring and outdated ideas of museums. This place will not let you feel bored. It offers a great, fun and exciting way to experience the antiquities. It also exhibits clever 3D imagery features. This museum will definitely give you a unique experience. You will find further information about the museum over the internet. This is also one of the best tourist attractions among the list of top things to do in Penang.

7.) Adventure Zone Theme Park

things to do in penang adventure zone

This place includes something for everyone. This Adventure Zone Theme Park spreads over an area of 10,300 sq ft. The place is open from 10 am to 7 pm. And another information is available on the internet.The theme park offers plenty of  fun  rides to people of all ages. It is divided into three zones. It includes thrilling rides for adult and many simple ones for the kids. This place is the best amongst all things to do in Penang with kids. Do pay your visit with family and friends. The fees are very reasonable.

8.) George Town

things to do in penang georgre town

This tour is incomplete if you miss visiting the capital city of Penang. This is the best tourist attraction of Penang. The George Town has many attractive spots like Second World War Houses, Churches, Temples, Mosque and many beautiful Colonial Buildings. It is ranked as a world heritage Site by the UNESCO. This city has its serene nature and calmness in its atmosphere. Every coffee shop serves an amazing drink so don’t miss it even if you have it in your backpack. It is a beautiful city to hang out. There are numerous pubs and club available that are famous for its nightlife. This is amongst the best things to do in Penang.

9.) Jazz Festival

things to do in penang jazz festival

The jazz festival is celebrated from last 11 years. The Penang Island Jazz Festival happens at the end of the year. There are numbers of regional and international known musician who performs on this festival night. The festival is filled with creative and beautiful stages. The main highlight of the festival is musical shows like instrumental music along with best food joints. Do visit this festival with your boyfriend or girlfriend. This is one of the best amongst the list of things to do in Penang.

10.) Fort Cornwallis

things to do in penang fort cornwalis

It is one of the known landmarks of Penang, it has a 10-foot high wall which was built in the shape of stars. It is the best tourist attraction and things to do in Penang. It will let you see the 17th-century chapel, storage area and many more. It also showcases some of the beautiful cannons made up of old bronze and the Dutch one about which the locals says has a positive effect on women’s fertility. It was named after the Governor General of India, it was initially made up of wood, but very recently rebuild with concrete.

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